Draco Lucius Malfoy was drained.

He was back at Hogwarts after the bloody war, back in the place, which he used to call home, that he betrayed because of the fearful loyalty to his Father. The same man locked up in Azkaban for life, barely escaping the Kiss. The same man who always put Voldemort over his own family. The same man who ended up slaughtering his beloved wife when she refused to obey his orders and hand over their only son.

Long, sleepless nights plagued Draco as insomnia struck, carving deep purple grooves beneath his eyes. He felt like each and every one of his naive choices were merging into a ceaseless nightmare; his hellish life. Everyone glared at him in the corridors, after all, he was the only bastard death-eater scum to come back to the school after Voldemort died. He didn't even want to come back; the only reason he did being that the Manor was too cold, too dead and held too many memories.

Draco had given up.

Voldemort had taken almost everything from him in the short period of time he had stayed in the Malfoy Manor. It showed Draco just how little his Father cared about him, how more devoted he was to the Dark Lord than his family.

Of course, Lucius Malfoy, one of Voldemort's special inner circle, had a young, innocent son. Of course, the boy knew nothing of what could be done to him. Of course, the boy was a Virgin, untouched by a girl or boy. Voldemort took everything from Draco, leaving behind only a broken shell of a boy hiding behind a splintering mask and weak facade.

Draco was tired, it was time for him to leave. Leave where? Only he knew. He had already taken the first steps forward, sighing as he felt the cooling blood run down to his palms. The blond placed one foot on the Astronomy tower ledge, before hoisting the rest of his body up onto it, leaving bloody hand-prints on the icy stone. Draco discarded his wand to the side - he would need it no longer - and turned around, his back facing the open air. He leaned back and his feet left the edge, taking him into the night sky, soaring high, just like flying.

Just like flying.