Harry's letter from Hermione came two days after it was sent at lunch, James swooping down to the table to drop it in his lap. He finished his final mouthful before running back to his dorm room as his next lesson was a free period, so if she had information for him, he could research it at the Library. Enclosed, she included a small brown-wrapped parcel, which Harry opened to find an amulet within. The amulet was fairly heavy and had silver runes carved into it, the base being a smooth emerald green, slightly reminding Harry of Slytherin.


The symbol you sent - which you 'desperately' needed me to figure out - comes from Japan. It is Kanji. Somewhere in the Library, there is a book on translation spells in both speech and writing as well as reading. The most help I can give you without being there myself is that it is on the shelf at the back left just before the restricted section. If you are able to find that without anymore of my help, then you will be able to translate it by yourself. If you can't, owl me back and I will help you translate it for now.

I enclosed an amulet which I've made - one of five at the moment - with the runes for healing, protection and fire engraved. I suppose that you will keep it on you, if only to quell my fears about you being alone (and the fact that you're researching things). The amulet itself is made out of holly which I believe is a nice fit, due to your wand being made of the same wood.

Stay out of trouble if you can and please don't go looking for fights with Malfoy.


The dark-haired boy quickly scanned the letter, picking out the important parts and disregarding the rest, before slipping the wooden amulet over his neck and tucking it into his shirt. Pushing the letter under his pillow, he checked the time; half of his free period was left.

He strolled into the Library again, Madam Pince staring, and made his way towards the back left. The first shelf he looked at was full of ancient myths and legends, the next gods and finally languages. Scanning the books, he quickly found the translation spell which would help him learn the language and discover what the scroll ment.

Yet again, he did not bother taking the book out, instead slipping it into his satchel and leaving with five minutes to spare until his charms lesson. Impatiently, he tapped his foot throughout the lesson, quite uncaring about the spell they were taught due to it being the second lesson for it.

He sped out of the classroom and ran to the Great Hall, barely stopping to grab a couple of rolls and skidded back to his private dormitory. Harry could finally find out what the scroll was! Sitting down on his bed, Harry opened the precious book, flipping to the 'Introduction' page, and scanning downwards.

Translation spells are fairly easy to master. They only need to applied once and the effect stays for the rest of the wizard/witch 's life.

"Down, down." Harry murmured under his breath, eyes flicking across the page, barely taking in the details until he finally found the two paragraphs that mattered in learning the root of the spell.

The spell changes for each language, so the caster must memorize many if they want to be able to speak, read and write multiple languages. The phrase 'interpretari me' is the root of the spell. Then added onwards is the latin word for which language you would like.

The wand movement is swish, flick, point, swish, flick, point (In-ter-pre-ta-ri me) for the root, with differences with the stems due to length and vowels.

The dark-haired boy then flicked to the page on Japanese.

Japanese: 'Interpretari me Iaponica.' [In-ter-pre-ta-ri me I-a-po-ni-ca]

A wand movement will be combined with every vowel, so for Japanese, this gives a total of eleven wand movements to remember in the right order. If one is wrong, then either the spell will not work, or harm will come to the caster and castee.

In - Swish Ter - Flick Pre - Point Ta - Swish Ri - Flick Me - Point I - Circle A - Whirl Po - Flick Ni - Whirl Ca - Point

The spell should be cast towards the recipient's own right hand side for optimum precision.

WARNING: This spell cannot be undone will a counterspell, so if the language is only temporarily wanted, this spell is not the right choice.

Harry knew that it was all down to this now, if he did it, he would discover whatever that scroll he was attracted to actually meant. Which in turn meant that his quest to help Draco was succeeding.

Draco once again woke up in confusion with a loud beeping echoing throughout the room. This time, he noticed that he had been moved to another place, the covers being different and the curtain around him new.

The plump woman - 'Madam Pomfrey,' he recalled - came through the curtains again, this time holding a tray laden with food. She began fussing around him as she spoke about her other patients. "Matthew and Katie are back in here again after another potions accident, and yet they're still allowed to work alone together without more supervision? How could the Professor allow something like that? Well, of course, he's worried about you Mr. Malfoy, but no more than Mr. Potter. Speaking of the boy, I'm quite pleasantly surprised that he hasn't come to visit you yet, after bringing you here and all." She paused, sighing a little as suddenly all the fire from her fast talking seemed to drain out of her body.

Suddenly, she was back to normal and began to fuss around the blonde, checking his temperature, blood pressure and wounds, rebandaging them as she went. "Right, it seems that you'll be able to walk around the grounds today rather than sit and sleep in bed! I'm sure you will thoroughly enjoy yourself. Now, I've left a shirt, robe, underpants, trousers and socks on the table beside you," Here she gestured to the small pile of black and purple clothing. "But to get shoes, you need to come with me to my office to measure you up properly. Now,

get changed whilst I grab your potions and began to eat."

With her final command, the stern lady left and Draco pushed himself out of his bed. His ribs and back still ached but the pain was barely there, only slightly nagging on his haggard nerves. As he pulled off his hospital gown, he noticed something strange. On his left forearm, there was a skull carved out of back with a snake looping around it. What was stranger was the collection of lines across it, his other arm and his stomach.

The marks were an array of colours, from a tan, brown colour to a silvery white. Draco pulled on his shirt, buttoning up the small black buttons with little difficulty, before he looked down to his legs. Once again, his upper thighs were covered in the marks, some thick and ropy with other so skinny and small that they were barely visible.

Once Draco finished changing, he pulled the curtains away before the question always nagging at the back of his mind pushed itself back to the front. Where actually was he?