Kitsune here with a story! I've been posting this one on my AO3 Account, and realized a bunch of you don't follow me there! (I'm Bedlamwolf there) So I'm posting here as well?

Question of the story: Which platform do you prefer? I actually Like AO3 a bit more, mostly because of the tags.

Luffy kicked out again at the bastard behind him trying to choke him into submission, grinning wickedly when he was rewarded with a pained grunt. He'd show these jerks not to mess with him! He wasn't some weak little kid anymore, in fact he'd gotten a lot stronger since Ace had left. No way he'd lose to some stupid bastards just because they managed to sneak up on him!

Or so he thought until he felt the press of something cold against his body. Something that had Luffy's legs give out on him as he choked for air. Eyes widened in sudden panic he tried to thrash as whatever the cold thing was got attached to his wrist but he could barely move. He coughed and choked as the cord around his neck tightened panic filling him as black spots crowded his vision. Luffy felt like he was drowning, drowning on dry land. This, he realized, was what being really choked felt like, and he didn't like it. Not one bit. But unlike the last time he nearly drowned, Ace wasn't there to help, and for the first time in six months, Luffy was scared.