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Ummmm…A Gaara/Naruto ficcie. That's all I can say for now.  -_- I'm bad a summaries.


The night sky stretched out fully to him. Well, to both of them. Two boys, both outcasts, and somewhat rivals, sat together on the roof while the cool crisp air bit at their skin. They were silent for a while, before one decided to break the silence and speak.

"Why did you come?" he asked glancing at his companion. The other only shrugged. "Because you asked me to." He replied. The boy bit his lip then sighed. He turned his gaze back to the stars. "How did you know I was asking for you to come? I could've asked anyone, I wasn't necessarily asking just you. But, not that I mind you here anyway."

The other only looked at him and smirked. "But I heard you. And here I am." He said. The boy smiled and nodded. "Yeah, I guess that makes sense. But are you allowed here?" "No" the other replied. The boy's eyes widened. His companion laughed. "You know me, they probably won't even bother because of who I am" he replied giving that 'look' of his.

They boy nodded. "Yeah I guess." He replied. "But...Gaara?" he asked again. "Hmm...Naruto?" he replied. "Why did you listen?" Naruto asked him leaning on his shoulder slightly. Gaara shrugged. "Because...because I needed someone tonight too." He replied softly. "And you're just like me, so, it works" he added and pulled Naruto closer to him, partly because of the cold, partly because of...something else. What was that? To protect him?

"Gaara?" came Naruto's voice again. "You okay?" he asked. Gaara shook out of his thoughts and nodded. "I was just...thinking, I guess" he replied. "Oh" was all Naruto said. "Tell me, why do you do it?" he asked.

"Do what?" Gaara replied a bit confused. "Kill" Naruto said softly. "I can't stand blood. But...Ninetales lusts for it. And sometimes, it makes me scared. I know, I sound weak, but no one understands what I go through so I can't tell them"

Gaara sighed and ran his fingers lightly through Naruto's hair. This action surprised them both and it was a while before both relaxed again. Gaara shrugged. " I do it because I can, because, I need something to prove my existence. I never knew my purpose in life, and if you don't know that, it's the same as being dead. And when I realized that my village was only using me as a weapon and that my own father had tried to kill me numerous times, I figured, I existed only to kill. So I do just that."

"Oh" was all Naruto said. Then he looked up at Gaara again. "Gaara, you really don't think that's your only purpose in life, do you?" he asked. "What?" Gaara asked a little dumbfounded by the question.

"Well, there's more to life than just taking it" Naruto replied gazing up at the stars. "And there's more than one goal in my life. And as for my purpose..."he cut looking at Gaara with determined eyes. "I'm going to become the best Shinobi there is. But, I'm also going to protect those that I love. My purpose lies within others. And their purpose lies within me" he finished.

Gaara's eyes widened. Since when had Naruto been so beyond his years? This wasn't the arrogant boy he was used to seeing. He'd grown up. A lot in Gaara's eyes.

"Don't you have another purpose?" Naruto asked him again. Gaara looked to the sky and thought long and hard about it. After a while, he shook his head. "I was born to be a killer, I am a killer, and I will be until the day I die. That was my destiny" Naruto snorted. Gaara looked at him confused. "You sound just like that Neji guy" Naruto replied and smiled. "You can change destiny, I'm not just the holder of the demon fox anymore, I'm a ninja. And long before that, I felt the exact same way you did. But...something changed"

"What?" Gaara asked him. Naruto grinned. "Someone acknowledged me as Naruto, and not the Ninetales demon fox" he replied. Gaara's eyes widened a little again. "Who?" he asked curiously"

"My teacher, Iruka" Naruto replied then sighed. "I hardly ever see him anymore thought, he used to take me out for ramen all the time" Gaara laughed. "That's unhealthy if that's all you eat" he said to the boy next to him. "But it's soooo good!!" Naruto replied getting stars in his eyes. Gaara chuckled. "I can cook better than that" he replied.

"What?" Naruto asked surprised. "You cook?" Gaara nodded. "I had to fend for myself a lot so I learned." He replied. "Nobody wanted me back at the Village. I was an outcast, left to my own devises and trained to kill any and everything as I pleased."

Naruto looked down. "Just like me" he whispered softly. "Hmm?" Gaara asked not hearing Naruto clearly. "You're just like me," Naruto said looking up at Gaara. "Lonely, abandoned, cast out because of what you were, never knowing who your parents were" " I had my father" Gaara replied. "But I never really knew him, so I guess we are a lot alike. Both holders of forsaken demons, both outcasts, both growing up lonely. But you're the lucky one" he said.

"Hmmm? Why?" Naruto asked. "Because, you had someone acknowledge you as who you were, not what was inside of you, or what your power was" Gaara replied. "I never had anyone."

Naruto grinned. "I guess" he replied and shivered as the wind picked up again and pulled Gaara closer to him. "But...you're wrong about one thing" he said. "What?" Gaara asked a little confused. "Someone does acknowledge you for who you are" "What?" Gaara asked dumfounded. "Who?" he asked. Naruto grinned again. "Me" he replied and snuggled closer to Gaara.

Gaara stared at him in shock. "Demo...you don't know anything about me" he replied and shivered from the cold wind as well. "I know enough" Naruto said softly. "I know enough that says you're not as cold-hearted as you portray yourself to be. It was just something from your childhood. And you're holding on to it hand and nails because it's all you have." Gaara's eyes widened. How did Naruto know that much already? He asked himself. "Gaara" Naruto said softly turning his head so that the two faced each other. "You're not alone, and neither am I, I realized that. All you need is a friend"

Gaara looked away. Naruto only made him look at him again. "Gaara..." he said softly. That's when Gaara stood up. He took out a kunai from his back pocket and sliced his hand open. "Gaa!!" Naruto cried out panicking. "Gaara...what the hell...?" "You're more that just a friend to me" Gaara said softly. "What?" Naruto asked dumbfounded.

"You said you acknowledged me for who I was" Gaara continued. "And I wouldn't have believed you if I hadn't heard you describe my life so easily" Naruto's eyes widened. "You m-mean, I was right? I mean, I just pulled that form my won life, I didn't think..." "You're right. We're a lot alike" Gaara interrupted him again. "So, I'll acknowledge you too. Here" he said and threw the kunai towards Naruto who cause it with ease.

"Cut your right hand" Gaara directed. Naruto paused. "I will bind you to me, and I will be binded to you. Through our bloodshed.….…..." he paused and looked Naruto with a hot passion in his eyes. "I'll be there for you if you'll be there for me." He finished.

Naruto finally understood and nodded. He took the kunai and slashed his right hand. "Done" he replied holding up his bloodied hand. "We're more than friends, we're not rivals, you're mine. And I belong to you" "Exactly" Gaara replied and the two binded their hands together.

A huge flow of charka was released between the two. Because of the demons inside the two, it was a dangerous play. Their blood was demon's blood and it binded the two together. Their blood flowed in each other's veins.

Almost immediately, the blood spill had stopped and the wounds disappeared leaving a small scar. "It's done" Gaara said observing his hand. "I've given you some of my Jutsu, and I can feel yours." He added. "What?" Naruto asked feeling the new power that flowed inside of him  "What is this?" he asked confused looking at his hands.

"Hmm" Gaara said and turned around quickly to punch Naruto. It was too fast for Naruto to dodge so he just blocked it. He waited, but the blow never came. Instead, something flowed out of him without his will. Naruto opened his eyes. He gasped. In front of his, there was some sort of shield. "Made of Sand?" he asked dumbfounded and lowered his arms.

Immediately, the Sand shield disappeared. Gaara smirked. "Because we now share the same blood, I can tap into your charka and you can tap into mine." Naruto's eyes widened. "So...we're really connected" he said softly. Gaara nodded. "I can sense now when you're in danger as can you." "Then, we'll really be there. Because we'll know" Naruto replied almost breathlessly. Gaara nodded again.

A hint of light shone in the distance. The sun was rising. "I have to go" Gaara said quietly. Naruto nodded. "I know, you don't have a pass, so you shouldn't be here. Come again tonight?" he asked kind of hopefully. Gaara nodded. "Of course" he replied then did something unexpected. He cupped Naruto's face in his hands and kissed him gently. Naruto was taken aback but leaned back into it. Somehow, it just felt right to him. He didn't care that Gaara was a guy, he just did what he felt.

After what seemed like forever they broke the kiss and gasped for breath. "So, is that the seal?" Naruto asked in a joking manner. Gaara laughed. "I guess, you can call it that, or, a goodnight kiss" he replied and the two laughed together.

As soon as the sun was up, Gaara left quickly. Naruto yawned and crawled back into his bed. "Won't be long before someone tries to get me up, might as well get a few minutes of sleep" he said and collapsed under the covers. He looked at the scar on his hand. "Pretty cool. I've finally found someone who understands" he said and then fell asleep.


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