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---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- *BLAM*BLAM*BLAM*

Deep Voice: Get out of here! Leave me!

Young Voice: Papi! No!

Father: Jose! GET OUT!!!

Jose: NOOOO!


---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------

A figure in the shadows jumps out of bed with sweat pouring down his face. He walks to the bathroom and stares in mirror. As he wipes away the sweat he speaks to himself.

Figure: Damn....Papi...

The figure walks over to his dresser and pulls out a clean muscleshirt and some baggy blue jeans. He quickly gets dressed and grabs his badge from his kitchen. He stares at it for a moment.

"Officer Jose Crespo, Police Department 001, Portland Island, Liberty City,"

Jose looks at the time and it reads 4:43 AM. He grab his keys and his black leather jacket and walks out the door. His street is one of the decent ones in his area. The Red Light District. Full of pimps, hookers, and Gangs. Not too many cops are seen around this area. Most of them are crooked anyway. Jose is one of the only upstanding ones. But he's an undercover cop. He doesn't keep the city streets from being too violent. He is usally part of the violence. It comes with the territory. Jose walks down the street and gets in his car. He takes off the club on the steering wheel and loads his .45 Colt.

Jose: Where the hell should I go?

Jose sits in his car thinking. Things have been complicated for him recently.He keeps having nightmares from his childhood and his relationship with his girlfriend is on the rocks. Him being undercover a lot doesn't leave much time for him to be with his girl. She has been giving him the cold shoulder for 2 weeks.

Jose: Maybe I should visit Alexa. She is kinda pissed at me.

He starts up his car and drives toward the Callahan Bridge. She lives on Staunton Island so it makes a twenty minute drive. Along the way, he turn on his radio to Chatterbox FM.

Lazlow: So, You think that I don't really exist.

Matrix Fanatic: Exactly. This is an artificial reality created by Robots who rule the earth. It isn't even 2002! It's like 5007!

Lazlow: Right! Have you ever heard of a film called, "The Matrix"?

Matrix Fanatic: No...Why?

Lazlow: Just asking....heh...Anyway...Thanks for calling. Next Caller!

Junkie: heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh

Lazlow: Hello Caller!

Junkie: Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh

Lazlow: Dear god!!!


Jose laughed to himself as he crossed the bridge.

Jose: There is some wacked out people in this city.

He was about two blocks away from Alexa's place when he saw a McDonalds open.

Jose: Ohhhhh! Lemme get something to eat first.

Jose parked his Red Kuruma in the parking lot and ran inside McDonalds.

He ordered a Number 2 Hamburger Supersized and took his time eating. When he finished, he looked at the time and realized it was 5:32, he knew she was gonna get pissed at him for being so early.He decided he would kill some time by reading so he got back in his car and drove to the nearest Video Game Shop. He found a GameStop that was open and purchased a Gamepro Magazine and an Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine. He went back to his car and read until 6:30 AM. He Drove to Alexa's house and rang her doorbell. He had his .45 holstered at his hip given the fact that Liberty City was a dangerous place. He grew impatient after waiting a couple of minutes and rang the doorbell again. A man who was about 25 answered the door wearing only a musle shirt and some boxers.

Jose: Danny?!

Danny: Oh shit!

Danny shut the door and locked it. Jose was heated. He unholstered his gun and shot the lock but stepped aside as not to be hit my the recoil. He kicked open the door and stepped inside. He turned and saw Danny running upstairs. Jose ran upstairs just in time to see Danny close the Bedroom door. Jose walked up to the door and kicked it open. Danny was in a corner with a gun pointed at Jose and Alexa was in bed covering herself with her sheets.

Alexa: Jose...Let me explain!

Jose: Explain what? That you're sleeping with one of my friends.

Jose turned his head to Danny.

Danny: Don't come any closer! I'll shoot!

Jose: You won't shoot me.

Jose stepped toward Danny and spoke again.

Jose: Put the gun down. If anyone should be pointing a gun...It should be me!

Danny: I'm serious, Don't come any closer.

Jose made another step and Danny pulled the trigger three times. Two bullets went into Jose's shoulder and one into his arm.Jose turned his head to his wounds and then back at Danny.

Jose: You....bastard...

Alexa: JOSE!

Danny: Oh my god.....

Jose fell to the ground and Alexa ran to him.

Alexa: Don't die..Don't die...Don't Die...

Danny: We've gotta get out of here! We can't stay!

Alexa turned to Danny and stared at him hard.

Alexa: You coward! We have to stay and tell the police!

Danny: The police?! The police! No! I'll go to prison!

Alexa: As long as there is justice! You shot my boyfriend! If you leave...I'll call the cops and turn you in!

Danny pointed the gun at Her head.

Danny: I guess You can't leave here alive then.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------
Jose awoke in a bed with the sunlight shining on his face. He stood up and winced in pain. He turned his head and saw that his wounds were bandaged.

Jose: Where...Where am I?

Voice: Liberty City Hospital, Staunton Island.

Jose: Huh?

Jose looked at the door and saw a nurse standing there. She smiled at him and walked to his bedside.

Nurse: You're lucky to be alive.

Jose: Where's Alexa?

Nurse: The girl...she didn't make it....

Jose: Urgh!

Jose jumped out of his bed and grabbed some clothes off of one of the visitor's seats. The Nurse looked at him confused.

Nurse: Where are you going?

Jose: To find Danny. Then Kill him.

Nurse: He's dead.

Jose: What?

Nurse: He shot himself after he killed the girl.

Jose: You've gotta be kidding me! They're both dead?

Nurse: Yes, The police found you after some neighbors reported gunshots.

Jose finished getting dressed walked to the bathroom to look at himself. A white T-shirt, with some Black Air Force 1's, Baggy Black Jeans, And his Black Leather. He then walked out and looked at the Nurse.

Jose: Where is my gun?

Nurse: With your badge.

Jose: And that would be?

Nurse: At the Police Station.

Jose: Alright Then, I'm gonna pay a visit there.

Nurse: You can't leave yet, We still have to do some checkups.

Jose: I'm Fine.

Nurse: Still, it's procedure.

Jose: F*** Procedure!

With that, Jose walked out of his hospital room and right out of the hospital. He looked up and down the street until he caught a cab. The cabbie took him to the Police Station and charged him five bucks.

Jose: My bad, I ain't got money.

Cabbie: If you don't pay, I'm gonna take you right back.

Jose: Damnit!

Jose then opened the door and stepped out of the cab. The cabbie stepped out as well.

Cabbie: Hey! You gotta pay!

Jose: No, not really.

Jose jabbed the cabbie in the face and then he kneed him as he was hunched over.

Jose: F*** off!

Jose ran inside the Police Station quickly before the Cabbie got up.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------
Jose walked into the police station and went straight to the armory. He quickly re-armed himself with a 9mm handgun and some body armor. He spoke to the guard for the armory.

Jose: Where's the chief?

Guard: I dunno...You got a mission or something?

Jose: I'm about to...

Guard: Ok...Check his office...He's probably there.

Jose: Thanks.

Jose quickly went to the second floor and within seconds he was in the Chief's office.

*door slams*

Jose: I want to go undercover in the Cartel.

Chief Zapata: Why the Cartel?

Jose: One of their men killed my girl and I want revenge!

Chief Zapata: Jose...Danny is dead. Let it go!

Jose: NO! Too many people important to me have been lost because of the Cartel. I'm not gonna stand by and lose anyone else. I'm bringing the Cartel in Liberty down.

Chief Zapata: Most of the Cartel was brought down by that guy last month at the Cochrane Dam. There is no point. Just a few dealers left and some small remnants.

Jose: Then I'll finish off what is left.

Chief Zapata: You need to relax. Listen. Turn in your badge and your gun and go take a vacation. Go to Florida and visit your brother.

Jose: {sigh} I guess you're right. I'll go to visit him at Vice.

Chief Zapata: Excellent. Give me your badge and take off a few weeks.

Jose put the badge on the table and walked to the door. Before leaving, he turned his head to The chief and spoke.

Jose: Thanks, Benjy.

Chief Zapata: No problem, You're a good cop and a good friend.

Jose: You too.

Jose then left the office and continued outside. Meanwhile, back in the chief's office, Benjy sat down in his chair and dialed a number.

Benjy: He's heading to Vice City. Send some people to take care of him. Make this his last vacation.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------
Vice City-

Escobar International Airport-

{Next Day}:
Jose had just gotten off his flight and was waiting in the baggage line when a beautiful young woman was standing next to him awaiting her belongings. He couldn't stop staring at her so he decided he might as well try to get over Alexa and try to get this girl's number.

Jose: I noticed you standing there.

She looked around then looked back at Jose.

Woman: Are you speaking to me?

Jose: Are there any other pretty women around here?

The woman laughed a bit then responded.

Woman: Cute...that was cute....{laughs again}....Are you trying to hit on me?

Jose: {blushes from embarassment}...I'm sorry...kinda rusty.

Woman: I noticed. The name is Vivian.

Jose: Crespo, Jose Crespo.

Woman: {laughs} You are so un-original! {laughs again}

Jose: Can you cut me some slack?

Vivian: I'm sorry, you're so funny.

Vivian grabbed the last of her belongings and turned to Jose before leaving.

Vivian: There's going to be a party on Starfish Island at the Vercetti Estate. You should go.

Jose: I'll see what I can do.

Vivian: Okay, It's tommorow if you decide to go. Round noon.

Jose: Alright, Thanks.

With that, she walked away leaving Jose to ponder on what he should do. He then grabbed his stuff and went outside to his brother who was waitring at his car.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------


Jose walked outside and saw his brother sitting in his Yellow Stinger.

Jason: Whaddup Brother!

Jose: Hey Jason! Long time no see!

Jason got out of the car and hugged his brother.

Jason: So how long you gonna be here? You kinda called me short notice.

Jose: I dunno, a few weeks, maybe a month or two.

Jason: I see, Well, You can stay at my place as long as you want.

Jose: Thanks. Do you know where The Vercetti Estate is?

Jason: Yeah. Tommy Vercetti. Runs this town. The Vercetti family has been around for almost 20 years. Mafia. You know what I mean.

Jose: Kinda like the Forrellis and the Leones back in Liberty.

Jason: I guess. Lets go back to my place and we can talk there.

Jose: Ok.

Jason then helped Jose pack his things into the trunk and back seats and then they took off for Washington Beach.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------

Jose felt really relaxed next to his brother in the convertable. The wind blew threw his hair and the sun beamed down from above. It truly was a paradise compared to the streets of Liberty.

Jose: I've been up north way too long. Forgot how nice places are.

Jason: It ain't that peachy, bro. Looks can be deceiving.

Jose looked at his brother for a moment and then laid back into his seat once more.

Jose: There's a party I want to go to.

Jason: What? The one at the Vercetti Mansion? Is that why you wanted to know where that place is?

Jose: Yeah.

Jason: Aight. I'll take you there after you rest. It was a short flight but it can really take it's toll on a guy.

Jose: Thanks.

The two remained silent and just enjoyed the sights as they made their way to Washington beach. Jason slowed down and came to a stop two blocks away from the beach. He got out and began to unload the luggage.

Jose: You live here now?

Jason: Yeah, I got tired of my condo.

Jose: Oh, Big change.

Jason: Penthouses are more to the likings of a man of such high calibur, such as myself.

Jose laughed and looked at his brother who wasn't laughing for some reason.

Jose: Oh, You're serious?

Jason picked up most of the bags and opened the door. Jose followed from behind. The Place was really nice. It was a little overwhelming to be exact. They proceded to put Jose's belongings away. While Jose got comfortable in his brother's Den, He began to reflect on how quickly everything had changed. It was odd. Jose then became too comfortable and dozed off.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------

A young Jose at the age of 14 stands in a dark alley watching a bank robbery taking place. He stares as he watches one fo the robbers exit the building with C-4 in his hand. The Robber yells about how the building is rigged to blow. The SWAT and police have him surrounded. They call it a bluff and a trigger happy cop opens fire. The Robber falls to the ground and his disguise falls off. Jose stares at the face of his father, bleeding on the pavement of the sidewalk. Explosions shake the building as one by one, from top to bottom, the 15 floors of the bank are blown away. A chain reaction. In all the chaos, as the police flee and the crowd runs in all directions, Jose Runs to his Father's side.

Jose: Papi!!!!

Jose Sr. : Pito.....What..what....are you doing here?

Jose: We have got to get out of here!

Jose Sr. : There's no time......Save yourself...

Jose: I won't leave you..

Jose Sr. : Get out of here! Leave me!

Jose: Papi! No!

Jose Sr. : Jose! GET OUT!!!

Jose: NOOOO!!!


---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------

Jose jumped up from couch where he was laying. He looked around confused about where he was then realized he was at his brother's house.

Jose: Jason?

Jason quickly appeared from the kitchen with two Corolas in his hands.

Jason: Huh? What is it?

Jose: I had a nightmare about the day when Papi.....

Jason: Oh....It was tough on us all Bro...

Jose: But I saw him....I saw the fire engulf him...

Jason: Here man, relax. I just got a phonecall from a friend up north.

Jose: Really? About what?

Jason: Nothing Important...Don't worry about it. You do realize you slept all night, right?

Jose quickly jerked his head towards the clock and realized it was 10:30 in the morning.

Jose: Damn....I must've fell out...

Jason finished up his drink and placed it on his coffee table.

Jose: Want to go get something to eat? Alchohol isn't too filling.

Jason laughed for a moment then responded.

Jason: Don't sweat it, i'll hook you up, then We'll go to that party. Ok?

Jose: Sounds good to me.

They went for breakfast at a diner and were exiting the small establishment when gunfire erupted from down the street. Bullets were flying in all directions at a police chase ensued. Aparently, There was a drug bust going down and some dealers were attempting to escape. Small-Bursts came from and AK-47 and wizzed by Jose's head. He ducked to the ground and reached at his side for his side-arm in a natural reaction but was shocked at dismay to realize it was gone.

Jose: Damn..I forgot.I'm a civilian now.

Jason helped Jose up from the ground as SWAT enforcers sped down the road after the dealers. They dusted eachother off and both leaned against the wall, outside the diner.

Jason: Damn.That was a close call. Damn Cartel is trying to move in on Vercetti's Territory.

Jose: The Cartel..

After recollecxting themselves, they returned to Jason's car and went off to The Vercetti Estate.

To be Continued...

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