Ok, Chapter 3. I had to re-upload this story. Under a different name. For.Personal Reasons. So.Lets do this.

Jose and Vivian rushed down the stairs and found the main lobby area where the party was taking place had been crashed. All the patrons had run away and there were only a few people remaining. Mainly the Vercetti Family. Vivian ran up to her father and spoke.

Vivian: Father! Why have all the people left?

Tommy: Maybe I should ask you that? They heard gunfire and chaos erupted.

Vivian: There was a helicopter and it was trying to kill us. So Jose killed their gunner.

Tommy: They tried to hurt you?! (he turned towards some of his men) David, Tony, Robert! Go check the roof and clean up the mess.

The three men hurried off towards the way Jose and Vivian had just come and disappeared. Jose had a bad feeling about those guys. He quickly shrugged off his uneasiness and turned back to Tommy.

Tommy: Are you two okau?

Jose: I'm fine.

Vivian: I'm ok.

Jose realized that his brother was nowhere to be found and looked to Tommy for answers.

Jose: Uh, Tommy? Have you seen a guy that look somewhat like me but lighter and with less hair?

Tommy: Not that I recall.

Jose: I'll be back.

Jose ran outside and spotted his brother standing near a wall vomiting. Apparently, he had a little too much to drink.

Jose: Jason! You Alright?

Jason looked up at his brother and wiped away some drool from his mouth.

Jason: Yeah, Where'd you run off to?

Jose: Into some trouble. Lets go inside really quick.

They made their way indoors and saw that Tommy and Vivian were speaking to some people. As they approached, the small talk broke up and the other people scurried off. Tommy looked at Jose.

Tommy: Did you find who you were searching for?

Jose: Yes.Yes I did.

Tommy: Excellent. Now, We have to find out who ordered that hit.

Jason's head jolted up when the word "hit" was spoken. Jose noticed and looked at his brother with his head tilted slightly and spoke.

Jose: Jay? Do you know something that you're not saying? If you know something, Speak up!

Jason stepped back slowly and turned around quickly for a quick retreat out the door but his path was blocked by Tommy's men David and Robert. They aimed their MP5s at Jason and opened fire. Jason turned his back to them and began to run back to Jose. The bullets ripped through his body fiercely and mercilessly. His body Jerked and he flung himelf at Jose . Jose pushed his arms out and grabbed his older brother. While Jose gripped his brother tightly, Jason Spoke.

Jason: I'm sorry.I'm So..So..Sorry. They offered me so much money. I owed.I owed money. I..I really needed the.the money.I'm sorry.

Jason looked at the two grunts that worked for Tommy. His face was full of fear and he quickly turned back to Jose.

Jason: They're Cartel! Run!

Jose dropped his brother and took off towards the roof. They quickly opened fire on Jose again and he barely missed the shots. They made their way after him and he picked up his pace. When he reached the roof, He ran towards the shotgun he had used earlier on the Chopper. He picked it up and got ready for the two hitmen to enter through the way he came. The tall, Red-Haired, Bulky Man came up first with his sub-machine gun slung over his shoulder. Jose ducked out of site behind the Helicopter that belonged to Vercetti. The Man slowly walked around, aiming a 9mm Uzi. When he turned to look over the side of the roof, Jose hit him upside the head with the shotgun. Before Toppling over the side, Jose grabbed the Uzi and left the man to fall to his death. 50 feet below. Jose tossed aside the empty shotgun and readied his Weapon. The Shorter, Black-Haired, Hitman entered the parapet with his MP5 aimed. He cautiously scanned the area while Jose moved slowly around the opposite end of the roof, using the ramps and helicopter as cover. Jose tripped while moving and the male noticed it. The enemy quickly ran over to where Jose layed and stood above him with his gone aimed. Jose lifted up his weapon to fire in retalliation but The Gunman kicked the weapon out of his hands and over the rooftop. Jose had no weapon to defend himslef. He pulled on the Gunman's legs, causing him to lose balance and land on his back. He dropped his gun and it fell a few feet away from where he lay. He reacted quickly and attempted to get back on his feet but Jose was two steps ahead of him and tackled him to the ground. Jose jawed his three times, spit in his face, then punched him 4 more times. The Cartel Grunt threw Jose off of him and ran towards the gun. Jose got up and kicked the guy in the back sending him flying a few feet away from the gun and almost over the edge. Jose ran to the gun, lifted it up and aimed. The Black-Haired Male stood up and raised his hands in defeat.

Jose: Oh, So not you wanna give up? You think I'm gonna show you mercy?

Cartel Hit-Man: I have lost.Let me go. I can't do anything now.

Jose: And I won't give you a chnace to.

Jose opened fire on the man sending him flying over the edge into Vercetti"s Pool. His body layed limp and the water slowly turned into a crimson red around the body., Jose tossed aside the gun and walked back downstairs. He hated rooftops.

Well? I tried to put more action than story in that chapter. I was the black-Hiared Assasin. My friend Dave was the other. Too bad I died. Oh well, Life goes on and so does my story. So.Now the deceit and lies go even further. His own brother. WOW. Who's next? Who can out Protagonist believe in this cruel, Unjust, Deceitful, World. Well See next-time. On, Misconceptions.