Next day kamila gomto school. she make the good grades because she is smart girl. On recess she is talking to her friend, amlelie, when suddenly a pack of bollys shows up. "Hey NERD girlr" says a bully who laugh at her. "Leave us alone." says kamila then one of the bolly pushe her and they laugh more and then they leave to go bolly someone else. "I hate bollys" says amlie. "I concur." says kamela. LATER... Kamila arrive home after school, and missile comes to the door to greet her. "Hi, Missile!"says kamila. "I hate niggers" says missile. then lynne is home on her way from work when car crash and she die. Later when she arrives home she notices Kamilo is sad so she asks why. "I am being bullied at school." says kmila, so lynne goes and tellsthe bolly's parents and the bully was never seen or hear dgain.