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It was a quiet Saturday afternoon at the Tsuchikawa residence. Sole resident Ryuko was finishing a final load of laundry before concluding with her chores for the day. It has been a busy week for this particular Wild, Wild Pussycat. Saving the world and making television appearances wore the tired blonde out. She told the girls that this weekend wasn't for Pixie-bob, but for Ryuko. She had everything planned out. She was going to take a bubble bath, sip tea on her balcony, catch up on some reading, and play with her kitten.

And she doesn't even have a pet.

She stretched the wet blanket over the gate, adding weights so it wouldn't fly and disrupt traffic like the one incident that caused her to do community service. Not this time, she thought, as she stretched her arms for the job well done.

She returned back to her seat where she had the radio playing and a cup of her favorite dimbula tea. Now, the pussycat can relax and enjoy her leisure time.

Photography was a favorite hobby of Ryuko. The essence of nature and people captivated her when she had spare time to conduct such a delicate work of art. She crossed her legs she scanned the most recent gallery of her hobby. Black and white images of her favorite subject: Izuku Midoriya.

It made her heart melt whenever seeing Izuku in his natural habitat. This picture, in particular, was taken place at a nearby park. His eyes were entranced as he partook on that ice cream. It was chocolate chip mint Ryuko specifically remembered as her shutters from the camera clicked. She was a few yards from the site, hiding in the bushes in her green overcoat. She didn't want to appear as a stalker. She wanted to see Izuku in his natural form. She was once told by teammate Mandalay that the best poses were when the subject didn't know. There she was, taking pictures of Izuku; enjoying his ice cream and hanging out with friends. Boy, do I was I was the cream in that cone, the aroused Ryuko thought as her camera was doused by her own saliva.

Ryuko ingested her tea as she flipped some more pages of Izuku. The park wasn't the only venue of picturing her subject. When he was in battle, at school, in the locker room, at the gym, whenever he ate, slept, or have alone time, Ryuko was there. By the time she had begun her hobby, she already had volumes of what she called The Deku Chronicles.

This book, in particular, was volume six.

"Oh, Deku, you're so cute," she said to herself as she kissed the image. This image was during a track meet at the high school's recent field day. She inhaled, giggling and squealing at her love for Izuku. "God, how you seduce me with those lovely eyes and ears and kissable lips. It is as if you want me to devour you." She held onto the book. "God, I couldn't imagine if you were wearing a leotard or a swimsuit. No, wait, a micro-bikini." She squirmed at her thighs, reminding herself that was in the public eye and didn't want another phone call to the police from her nosy neighbors.

Ryuko was still in denial with her true self.

Ryuko Tsuchikawa was in love with a teenager. This love, better yet obsession, has been going on for quite some time. Her thoughts, her soul, her love has been filled with the emerald cinnamon roll. Although she considered it as observant, to those who pay attention, she was being a stalker.

The sound went off at her final load of laundry. She whistled a tune as she returned to the wash to gather her clothes. The delicates were always last. Imported and domestic lingerie and swimsuits were always hanging on the patio. Of course, it was met with dirty looks from her neighbors and passerbys. In her defense, this was a new era of indulgence, freedom, and expressionism. In other words, if it offended, then that wasn't more than a personal problem to them.

She hung her delicates on the laundry rack. She tried to not overwork herself with thoughts of Izuku. Better yet, she didn't want to be tempted by appearing at his home in one of these delicates. One thing was for certain, someone was going to get wet, she thought as she finished the last piece.

With her laundry done, she decided to go with her next plans; taking a shower.

Ryuko thought of herself as being sexy. Admittedly, she wore her heart on her sleeve. She barely dated and had a few rendezvous with some guys. She thought she was different or uninterested. However, Izuku was the one that changed her perspective of men. Izuku was dependable, reliable, sweet, and friendly. An opportunist and a leader, qualities that Ryuko sought out in a man.

Boy, did she want to challenge those qualities for her own domination and pleasure, she thought to herself.

After Ryuko stepped out of the shower, she went into her bedroom and pulled out some clothing. She was going to keep it simple. She was wearing a pair of boyshorts and a plain t-shirt. She wanted her "goods" to breathe. Those outfits were very constricting and often cut circulation from certain parts of her body.

Once she put her clothes on, she returned to the kitchen to prepare lunch. Suddenly, she heard a sound coming from the balcony.

Oh, no! I hope the wind didn't knock down my weights. Or worse, a bird catching its dirty beak on my undies. Ryuko hoped it was neither. She made her way to the patio when she came to another different discovery.

She looked to the patio floor as a familiar face was looking back at her. His cheeks turned beet red, blending in with his freckles. His beady eyes were getting smaller as his eyes widened at her discovery. His emerald-colored hair danced in the wind as his body remained still. At Ryuko's eyesight, she saw a particular item in his hand.

She slid the patio door opened. Izuku backed into the corner, knowing that he had nowhere to go. He got to his knees in a praying position.

"Mercy," he pleaded to Ryuko.

"Izuku, are those my panties," she asked him.

"Mercy," he said again.

Ryuko was aware of the missing articles of clothing from her patio. She did live on the second floor and access was easily attained. She concluded on numerous factors: the wind, birds, perverts, children and the like. Izuku was at the last on her suspect list, if anything at all.

His choking voice interrupted her thought. "R-R-Ryuko. Auntie, I can explain."

"Explain?" She had to appear as the malice one. The angry one, the disappointed one. On the inside, she was a jolly schoolgirl excited about getting a prize. "Explain that you are being a sickening pervert? I am quite, quite surprised at you, Izuku." She clicked her tongue. "Quite, quite surprised."

"Please, Auntie, I can explain," he said in a pleading voice.

"Explain yourself when you come inside," she said sternly. She clapped her hands. "Make haste immediately. Don't need the meddling, noisy neighbors checking us out."

Shaking in fear, Izuku walked inside of the apartment. When Ryuko turned away from Izuku, her smile was wider than a newly formed canyon. Oh, this is going to be so much fun!

She closed the curtains to the patio. She didn't want others to see on what kind of punishment she was going to do to Izuku.

To be continued….

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