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To Tame the Beast Ch1: The Beast is Born

Inu-yasha jumped from one tree to the next with speed rivaling even the fastest dog-youkai, working off his anger and trying to restore his pride. Every time he tried to even talk to Kagome nicely she used it against him, not that he wasn't used to it by now but this time she had actually said it. She had called him a mongrel. No wait, a conceited street mongrel.

All those other times they had shouted, called each other names but none hurt his pride more than being called some common street animal that would normally get chased away by some farmer. The time-perfected tradition and order of the names were as follows.




"Sit sit sit!!"

But nope, she twisted the order and changed it to add insult to injury.


"You damn conceited street mongrel!! I wish I never met you! I should have left you on that tree to rot!" Shouted a very angry Kagome and with that she added three very painful "SIT!"s.

She knew she had hit home with her insults this time, Inu-yasha got up very slowly and his expression changed from furious to a cross between that and hurt mixed in with a little bit of sadness. His ears lay flat against his head as if she had actually physically attacked him. Without another word the half-youkai dashed out of the room no one daring to stop him.

So here he was, dashing through the woods, his wood. He was traveling on all fours, regulating between the ground and jumping around the trees, it didn't matter, he was still incredibly fast either way. He finally started tiring after about an hour and a half of running and as fate had it his hands got tangled with his legs and he went down. He was not about to be set free from ill fate though, he rolled to an abrupt stop against a rather large oak sending a huge shudder through the tree at the point of impact.

He lay there for a while, reminiscing on his insult swapping with Kagome along with a few curses at his ill fate fit neatly in between.

"fuck" he thought, "why do I even bother keeping her around? Humans are nothing but trouble."

"because you." began a part of his mind.

"Shutup" he thought back

He got up, brushed himself off and started walking back, he was hoping by now the others would have a lead on the shikon shards. This idea cheered him up right away and he quickened his pace to a trot.


"He's been gone for a while, do you suppose he would return before nightfall?" asked a concerned Miroku

"Ofcourse he'll be back, he always comes back, he needs Kagome to find the shikon jewel shards" answered an overly cheerful kitsune

Miroku sighed and said "I suppose your right" before dropping the subject of Inu-yasha completely and staring at the fair maidens in the town.

Looking up and snapping out of his hentai ways Miroku wondered aloud "Where's Sango and Kagome I wonder."

"They're taking a bath" was his response, plunging his mind right back into the gutter it tried to crawl out of.


It was a perfect day for bathing, the air was warm and the water was just warm enough to take the biting sensation out when first getting in. The two young women used the soap and shampoo from Kagome's pack which Sango found all very interesting and convenient.

She imagined life in Kagome's cities, with all the conveniences that she would never know. She always asked Kagome lots of questions about her home and her time.

Suddenly a shiver ran down her back as she sensed another presence, one that she knew all too well. Covering herself quickly she called out.

"Miroku come out!" She called angrily

The monk stayed where he was and didn't move, hoping that she would just think she was being paranoid. Unfortunately when he ducked his head out from behind the tree from which he was hiding a rather large rock knocked him over.

"You damn lecher! Can't we take a bath in peace?"

"Umm, Sango. I think you knocked him out."

The two women quickly got out of the river and dressed before the corrupt monk could regain consciousness. They finished putting their shirts on right before the monk came to and they both took off back toward Kaede- sama's village.

Miroku was left there to wash blood off his face.

"Damn she's beautiful when she's mad," he thought "Too bad she just happened to have good aim as well."

After cleaning himself off he started walking back to the village as well, not noticing that he was being watched.

The shadow hopped from his tree and dashed on foot after the unsuspecting monk, this one was easy, human and alone. He stalked the monk to the edge of the forest and just stopped to wait for him to return. Miroku still had not paid attention to the demon, for he was still too busy thinking about Sango.


Inu-yasha got back at night, the moon was high in the sky as he walked toward the god-tree and jumped up onto the second limb from the bottom. His youkai eyes scanning around for any sign of danger. He knew he would go back to her, but that was going to take time. He didn't want to be away from her, but at the moment he didn't want to be close to her either.

He stayed on the tree and kept a silent vigil over the building in which Kagome was sleeping.

His ears and eyes staying alert, but his mind and heart wandering other places thinking about the one that was his to protect.

A loud crash brought him back to reality, he had been staring at a large youkai for some time now, but his body without his mind did not act. Sango and Miroku were already out and trying to fend off the demon, its long arms swept Sango away and Miroku ran up to her unconscious body. Making sure she was still alive he took the prayer beads off of his hand and unleashed his air rip, the large creature transformed in front of Inu-yasha's eyes and became smaller, quicker. It jumped up and over the surprised monk and knocked him unconscious. He took the monk and the demon slayer and dashed off into the forest but not before looking strait at Inu-yasha to make sure that the dog demon knew he knew he was being watched (does that make sense to you people?).

Inu-yasha took off after his scent five minutes after the demon had gone. His youkai eyes pictured the creature, he still wasn't sure what the hell it was, but it had his friends and he was not going to let them be taken without a fight.

He dashed through the woods, quickly closing the gap between him and the other demon. He took off into the sky and scanned the area, he knew the demon was around somewhere, probably in hiding.

"damnit" Inu-yasha mumbled, he couldn't get an exact spot where the two humans were.

He landed in a small clearing, looking around. The shadow appeared behind him, no sound was made, but his aura was enough to warn Inu-yasha of his presence. Inu-yasha turned and drew the tetsusaiga out of its sheath. He leapt at the attacker and swung suddenly stopping his attack right before it collided with flesh, the demon turned into the exact image of Kagome. Inu-yasha drew back and the demon took advantage of his hesitation. He struck a blow with his left hand to inu-youkai's abdomen with his claws extended, then bringing his right hand up to catch him under the jaw, knocked him back atleast 7 yards.

"I knew that woman would make me weak." Inu-yasha thought before he landed on the ground.

He lay on the ground for a few seconds before getting up on one knee, using the tetsusaiga for support, he massaged his stomach while his opponent patiently waited for him. He stared at the demon who only stared back. Inu- yasha's internal injuries were healing already and he pulled himself up to his feet again, the scent of his opponent reached his nose and he finally noticed that it was a kitsune.

"So," he thought, "a kitsune thinks he can take out the son of the great western lord."

Inu-yasha brought the tetsusaiga up in an offensive stance, then charged, swinging the sword behind him he brought it upward, catching the kitsune by surprise, using the flat of the blade to knock the kitsune up. Inu-yasha followed with a huge velocity and when the sword came up it had an immense power behind it, but the kitsune turned himself around, catching the blade between his two hands by the flat side.

They went down then, a power struggle between the two youkais; Inu-yasha was on top trying to force more power into the blade. The kitsune struggled with all the power held within his body and threw himself out of the way in time to miss being completely screwed.

Inu-yasha plunged into the earth, tetsusaiga first, the power and speed of the impact creating a crater, knocking the kitsune even farther away. Inu- yasha lost his grip on the sword at the point of impact, and it flew into a tree back in its normal state.

The kitsune got up slowly, carefully to make sure nothing was broken. "Damn he's good" muttered the fox demon under his breath.

"Hah! Can't argue with that!" called Inu-yasha

"Damn conceited too."

"What did you just say!?" Inu-yasha's fur bristled with anger as he snarled menacingly at the other demon.

The kitsune flinched a little, he could see death in the other youkai's eyes, he had made a mistake, one that he would never have time to regret. The dog demon's eyes glowed red in the darkness, his pupils turned smaller, fangs grew out no longer fitting inside the human mouth, dark stripes appeared on his face. Inu-yasha had become a true demon, but with the human blood coursing within him he could not control what he did next, but his first instinct was to kill the kitsune. He rushed past the petrified demon that was left in five pieces blood quickly covering the dirt and grass around his mutilated body.

Inu-yasha dashed towards the village, leaving a path of fallen trees in his wake. He dived through the first house he came upon, leaving a hole the size of his body from the entrance to where he departed. The house blew up, a dazzling fire display. It would have been nice to watch if it were not caused by such a horrifying source.


Inu-yasha awoke, clawing at the creature that held him. Kagome flinched at the pain, claw marks left on her arm by the sudden assault. Inu-yasha had become a different person last night, after Sango and Miroku and the villagers that were still alive put out the fire, they went immediately to go look for the dog youkai. The tetsusaiga was also found, ironically pinned against the God-tree, a good mile away from where the battle between inu-youkai and kitsune commenced.

Inu-yasha calmed when a familiar scent caught his nose, he opened his eyes and saw Kagome holding him against her. She had tears in her eyes, and that's when he caught the scent of blood. Her blood. He got up and looker her over, and his eyes rested on her left arm. Fresh claw marks left on the girl's skin. He looked away and muttered "sorry", not knowing what else to do, he ran into the forest after noting that everything in sight was heavily burned and there were bodies strewn about.


Once again Inu-yasha was dashing through his forest, not in any specific direction, just trying to remember what happened.

"I lost tetsusaiga in the battle with the kitsune and he called me something. what was it?" He thought. "Damnit Inu-yasha what the hell did you do!? Did you kill all those people?"

He skidded to a halt and leaped high into the air, landing on a high tree branch and for the very first time since his child-hood, he cursed his demon side. He cursed it with everything he was, he hated being a youkai. If he was a normal human, he would have been able to just forget about the shikon no tama and go with Kagome to her time and.

"and what?" a little voice in his head said. "mate with her?"

"shutup damnit!" he called out into the darkness. "SHUTUP!"

He screamed then, a chilling scream that froze the blood in any youkai and weakens the heart, spirit, and body of any human. He started running back to the village, back to his friends, back to Kagome. His one comfort in the world.

"since when did I need her so much" he asked himself as he skidded to a halt at the forest's edge. The thought never occurred to him, but at that moment he thought about the mark he had left on her arm and that was when he didn't know whether or not he should go back.


Two days have past since Inu-yasha's departure, Kagome was getting extremely worried. The smile that she had plastered onto her face did not fool her friends, though it worked for a while for Shippou. Miroku and Sango had tried their best to cheer her up, Miroku made a valiant attempt to stop his lechery and Sango spent more time with her just for some girl talk. None of this cheered her up much, she missed Inu-yasha, she wanted to hold him again like she did for almost a whole day when he was asleep, exhausted by his transformation.


She remembered coming out of Kaede's hut and seeing the village ablaze and then seeing the half youkai right in front of her, a mere twelve yards away. He had jumped high into the air then dove down at her, claws extended but then something clicked inside of him. His whole expression changed and she saw it, the anger in his eyes, the same one that she saw when she called him that. that name.

"Kagome, what did you do to him?" she thought to herself.

He managed to land on his feet, infront of her, the anger gone. His expression was replaced by a sort of helplessness, and in his delirium he said only one thing, "Sorry".

And for the rest of the night, they were outside of the village, everyone helping to put out fires while Kagome stayed with the inu-youkai. She put his head on her lap and massaged his ears, she knew he would never admit it but he liked it.

She sighed and silently cried, wondering why he would do something like this, to destroy a whole village and coming close to killing her. Had she really hurt him so much? It came out of her mouth at the last moment, uncontrolled. She was so shocked that he was actually going to go through with killing her that she completely forgot her hold on him.

"the only thing keeping him from killing me is. the rosary." She thought out loud. Letting tears run freely out of her eyes.

*end flashback*

And that was the problem now, he did not return after his flight from the make shift camp. No one in the village had seen him, and they were honestly glad he wasn't around. They were still afraid of what he did and feared he would return and finish his job.

Kagome went to go take a bath, alone, not wanting any real company. The sun was high in the sky, about noon, she removed her outer garments and placed them in a neat little pile and stepped into the hot, steamy waters. Unaware that she was being watched.

After getting settled in she looked around, hoping that Miroku wasn't around then sighed in relief when she was sure he wasn't there. A shadow detached itself from the edge of the forest and into plain sight. Kagome sensed a presence behind her, a demon aura, one that she hadn't noticed earlier. She turned around and stood up out of the water, not caring that she had just exposed herself for the world to see.

"I-Inu. yasha?" she began and then stopped as she noticed it wasn't him. She felt embarrassed and dropped back into the water.

"Are you the one they call Kagome?" asked a cold, hard voice. She was instantly afraid and wary.

"D-don't come a-any closer!" she called "I'm warning you!"

"Don't worry, I'm a friend of Inu-yasha's" he said coolly, and gave a wicked grin

Kagome looked around for a weapon, anything, a stick! She couldn't find anything near the hot spring and that's when she realized she wasn't going to get away, and there was no use putting up a fight.

"Come with me little girl" called the demon as he took a step forward. Then another. Then another, he had closed the gap between them to a mere foot away, Kagome coward to the far side of the spring but before she could get out of arms length the demon grabbed her painfully by the arm and lifted her up.

Kagome screamed and covered herself from the demon's eyes. He took in the full view of her naked body and licked his lips in anticipation.

"Hmm, very beautiful and delicate, I like the way you look" the demon said as he let out an evil laugh. He stuck out his overly long tongue and wrapped it about her left breast.

Kagome let out a loud moan in spite of her frustration at the situation. The demon was beautiful, sure, but. he didn't want her out of love. She let tears fall out of her eyes, she was so powerless in the demon's grasp.

"So you like it, good. You'll be getting a lot more before I'm through with you. That damn mongrel didn't know what he had." The demon said before he let out another evil laugh and carried her off swiftly into the forest.


"Hey anyone seen Kagome?" asked a very worried demon hunter during dinner.

"I believe I saw young Kagome walk towards the hot springs. Ye should go look for her there." Answered Kaede.

Sango looked at a dozing monk across the table and slapped him one across the head.

"Get up, we're going to go look for Kagome" she said.

Miroku got up a little too excitedly and followed in her wake, Shippou right at his heels.

The little company arrived at the hot springs, looking around and seeing a familiar pink backpack. The clothes next to the pack were Kagome's as well. This definitely got a reaction from Miroku.

"Where do you suppose our fair priestess got to without her clothes?" He asked.

"This place reeks of demon. do you think it was Inu-yasha?"

"Hah! Dog boy doesn't have the nerve to take Kagome like that! She would sit him right away!" piped Shippou, tossing his two cents in as well.

Shippou took a sniff, much like Inu-yasha would and went in the direction his nose told him to go.

"I smell Kagome" He said and then took off. The two humans followed close behind the small kitsune, noting the small trace of blood on the ground they ran off ever deeper in the woods.

The kitsune was far ahead of the two humans within five minutes time and they were losing the race. They ran out as fast as their tiring bodies would allow them and they finally gave out.

"Shippou! Slow down!" Sango called out.

"I don't think he's going to let Kagome go." said a weary monk as he lay on the ground.

"you're right. I guess he can take care of himself for a while until he notices that we aren't behind him."


Shippou ran as fast as his four limbs could carry him, deeper and deeper into Inu-yasha's Forest. The young kitsune didn't notice that his companions were no longer behind him, all he could think about was finding Kagome.

He stopped next to a tree, exhausted from running for so long, leaning on the thick trunk for support. He looked around. No sign of his friends.

"Had I really left them that far behind?" he thought.

A noise to his left startled him. The animals of the night were coming to life and the lone kitsune was afraid of being alone in the dark woods. No moonlight spread around, the canopy of the trees blocked out any light attempting to get through.

"Great," he thought, "now I'm stuck out here. I don't even know my way out."


Inu-yasha sat in a tree, close to the center of the forest. His forest. He rested his eyes, letting his ears swirl around trying to pick up sounds of danger. His nose also working while he dozed. He was back to his old self at least. He'd been in the same place for almost the third day straight, going down only for water and food. He did want to go back to the village, to see Kagome again, to come so close to hurting her again.

The images he had came in his dreams when he slept. He would vaguely recall them when he woke from his slumber, but he knew they were real, they had to be. The dreams were far too vivid to be a dream out of his imagination, he could feel what was going on, smell it, taste it.

A noise to his right brought him back from his daydream. He sensed another presence around him, a demon aura. He let out a low growl, one that sounded dangerous even to himself. He quickly stifled it, he was not going to change again. he didn't want to kill anymore innocents and most of all, he didn't want to slay his friends.

A kitsune materialized out of the trees, Inu-yasha looked at him, obviously annoyed. Three other fox demons materialized around him, one infront, to the left, and one above him.

"What do you want?" the inu youkai asked, venom dripping from his voice.

The kitsune all cringed, except for the one standing in front of him, the one that's directly in his line of sight, the one that he wanted to tear up first. He was obviously the leader, battle scars ran across his body. Obvious the fox demon thought it made him look tough to keep battle scars. Demons didn't leave scars unless they were dead or they willed their bodies not to heal, usually the only scars were the ones left on mates.

"We have come to bargain with you for the life of someone who would be of much interest to you little puppy. In return for her safe release, you must except death in her place. Our boss has had his eye on her, pretty thing really-"

"Get to the point" snarled Inu-yasha, worry and anger evident in his eyes.

"Yes well. Our leader doesn't expect you to remember him. an old friend I suppose, he wouldn't say. As I was saying, he's had his eye on her for quite some time now, but he also wants you to die at his hands. We'll talk again on the morrow, prepare yourself, mutt, for you wont live for longer than half a week."

The four shadows disappeared, leaving a furious inu youkai to ponder on what he had just heard.

"How dare they take Kagome, MY Kagome," though Inu-yasha, "I'll kill him. slowly. I'll tear their 'boss' apart limb from limb!"

Inu-yasha couldn't do anything about it though, not yet. His keen sense of smell couldn't pick up the trace of the kitsune that had come to enlighten him on the situation.


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