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To Tame the Beast CH6: Flight of the Beast

"Gah! Inu-yasha I'm so sorry!"

Inu-yasha got up, muttering something about a wench. Kagome looked around them. Night had settled upon them, covering everything in its blanket of darkness. They were camping out in the open in a small clearing. A fire flicked its flames around merrily, bathing the girl in front of it in its warmth.

"How long have we traveled?" Kagome asked.

"About twelve miles."


"I didn't want to wake you" Inu-yasha stated simply. In truth he really couldn't go anymore, tonight, they would be next to defenseless. If youkai decided to attack, they were dead.

"Is he actually being considerate? Is he being. nice?" Kagome thought to herself.

"What are you staring at?" The harsh voice of the dog demon snapped her back to reality.

"Obviously not" Kagome corrected herself as she glared daggers at the inu- youkai who only returned her glares.

Finally the more human of the two looked away leaving the hanyou to stare at her back. He decided to sleep on the ground for tonight, no point wasting energy jumping into a tree.

Inu-yasha was still adjusting his body to the concept of sleeping on the ground for once when he heard soft snores coming from the girl before him. She was so peaceful when she slept, not like when she was awake.

"When she's awake she's either yelling at me or staring at me with those eyes." Inu-yasha thought to himself.

"I love you"

Inu-yasha was knocked out of his own thoughts by those words. In fact, he almost face faulted. Was Kagome really asleep? Or was she just feigning it to piss him off. His ears registered the sound of her breathing, slow and even. Inu-yasha got up and walked around her, watching her. Kagome's lips were curled up in a small mischievous little smile.

"How can she still smile, after all this?" He thought.


She breathed his name in. Inu-yasha felt a rise of heat begin to stir in his cheeks, Kagome was dreaming about him, and dreams couldn't lie. Hearing those words coming from her was unexpected, not exactly unpleasant, but just strange. Inu-yasha knew he had feelings for her, feelings that he had yet to identify, but obviously something within him knew what it was.

"You love her too, baka!" A small voice piped up.

"." for once no retort was made. No come back. No complaint. No request to "shut up". No nothing.

A small breeze passed the pair, causing the young girl to shiver. Inu- yasha lay down next to her, resting her head lightly against his chest. Kagome sighed, as if something wonderfully blissful was taking place, as if she were getting high off his scent. She latched onto his pink fire rat haori, snuggling closer to him, causing him to stiffen. This close proximity was new territory for the inu-youkai. He hadn't even let Kikyou get that close to him. Inu-yasha sighed, there was nothing he could do about it now without waking the girl, and waking her was probably a bad idea.

If she awoke now, there was no telling how many times she would yell that damned subduing spell.

Small insect kept a silent vigil over the pair sleeping in the grass. The fire that was flickering so happily only an hour before was slowly dying down. The last of its fuel burning away as it consumed it greedily.


Kagome woke up first, completely refreshed except for one thing. She couldn't move. Her eyes popped open and she found she couldn't see either, everything was lost in a cloud of. pink!?

"Inu-yasha!" Kagome screamed at the top of her lungs as she jumped up. "What are you doing!?" The poor inu-youkai's ears pushed down against his head, trying desperately to block out the high-pitched scream.


Inu-yasha flipped and face planted into the ground, the soft dirt gave way as his body dug deeper and deeper. The spell finally let up as he neared the twelve inch point.

Kagome got herself under control thinking about the puzzling situation that she had awoken to. She was still in her clothes, so nothing had really happened. The more that the girl thought about it the sillier it seemed. Inu-yasha just wanted to sleep with her, as wrong as that sounded. Kagome blushed a deep shade of red, embarrassed that she had reacted in such a way to something so innocent.

Inu-yasha stared at this strange human as if she had just sprouted another head. Though it was partially his fault. He had never over slept in his life and this was a first. He must have really been dead tired for this weak human to wake up before him. He estimated it was probably an hour before lunchtime.

"What the hell was I thinking? Leaving that damned yellow pack with all the chow behind." Inu-yasha silently berated himself.

"Sorry, Inu-yasha, it's just." Kagome's voice trailed away. The last part of her sentence faded into nothingness. It didn't take much imagination to fill in the blanks, the inu-youkai felt a wave of guilt wash over him. This was his fault.

Inu-yasha lowered his head, letting his bangs hide his eyes. He turned his back on Kagome and walked towards a tree that could support him. The guilt wouldn't go away, he could recall vividly everything that he had done to her body. Every single detail was etched into his mind.

Kagome watched as the hanyou turned away from her. His last expression one of deep pain and guilt.

"Inu-yasha." The inu-youkai stiffened at the sound of his name, "it wasn't your fault. If you could, you would have stopped yourself."

"How do you know?"

The last question left her speechless, would he have really continued even if he could stop himself? Kagome walked over to the hunched over form of the dog demon. He stiffened again when her arms went around him, pulling him into a hug. She muttered some words that he couldn't pick up, even with his ears, but the sound was reassuring. For a moment, he almost believed that it wasn't his fault, almost.

Inu-yasha started pushing her away, slowly at first, but then more insistently. Kagome let go and backed off, a hurt expression on her face.

"This is what I get for helping him!?" she thought furiously to himself.

"Don't come near me. I. I don't want to hurt you." Inu-yasha said, the sadness and fear evident in his voice.

"I told you it's not your fault!"

No response was made to that. The dog demon just kept silent. Kagome was suddenly extremely worried, he never kept silent. This is how they usually got into an argument, and out of experience, he never pulled out. Kagome took this as a sign that she had some how won this particular face-off. She walked closer to him and wrapped her arms around him again, this time, he didn't fight back.



Kagome took a deep breath, the next sentence she says has to be carefully planned out. Not just another sentence pulled out of her ass.

"You know," she gave the inu youkai a second to get interested in what she was about to say, she didn't want to repeat herself. "If that had happened. If it had taken place under different circumstances." The pause was shorter this time, but still noticeable, "it wouldn't have been as bad." Kagome finished the last sentence quickly, her face was already hot and probably as red as an apple by now.

Inu-yasha finally put his arms around her and sat down, bringing her down with him.

"Kagome, I. I'm so sorry."

"I know," She said comfortingly as she closed her eyes and added more incoherent words of reassurance. The light mumbling that came rolling out of her mouth this time fully made him, forced him, to believe her. It truly wasn't his fault.

A light, moist touch on her cheek made her eyes fly open. Inu-yasha had leaned over and placed a soft kiss against her cheek. Kagome blushed a light pink and leaned against him. He was so warm, but comfortably so. Just as she was getting cozy, lying there against him, he dropped her. He just let go and let her fall face first into the ground.

"Inu-yasha is this-"

"Shut up." His tone was commanding, leaving no room for argument. The girl just sat and stared, waiting for him to say something else.

A loud crash to their right caused the hanyou to grab the girl and leap to safety as the floor beneath crumbled to dust. Inu-yasha landed lightly on his feet and set Kagome down before shoving her roughly away. Another thunderous crash turned the floor beneath into another pile of nothingness; Inu-yasha was safely in the air as the ground erupted again.

"It's fast," he thought, his eyes could see a silver blur rushing back and forth. The demon was obviously just toying with him.

"Inu-yasha I sense shards nearby!"

The inu-youkai drew tetsusaiga from its sheath, the blade roared to life as it transformed into its true and more threatening form. Inu-yasha scanned around for the unknown, his eyes, ears, and nose working hard to find the intruder.

All was too quiet, there was something wrong in the air, the inu youkai could feel it. The deep, cold feeling that you're alone.

"Kagome." he said under his breath. She was no longer there.

"How was whatever it was so fast? The shards can increase speed by only so much. No, the youkai must have some speed on its own, not like Kouga." Inu- yasha chuckled to himself on that last thought, Kouga was nothing without his shards.

Inu-yasha took another deep breath, forcing himself to calm down. Then he caught it. The scent. The stink of a kitsune. Inu-yasha took off in the direction, he wouldn't catch up if the other youkai could keep up that speed, but he would damn well try.

Inu-yasha ran off, as fast as he possibly could. If he had even the smallest wings, he would be flying. The hanyou jumped and leapt, ducked and dodged through the undergrowth. His bangs lifted from his forehead and tried in vain to return to its natural position. The hanyou was off, his instincts guiding him to the girl, no one would stop him.


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