The idea to create a crossover for The A-Team and MacGyver came from the proboards A-Team forum.

I do not own The A-Team or MacGyver and all rights go to Stephen J. Cannel and Lee David Zlotoff. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the story!

Chapter One: The Stowaway

MacGyver waltzed into Peter Thornton's office with his thumbs in his pockets like he normally would and announced, "Hiya, Pete, do you have another mission for me? I'd prefer if it was a calmer one than last time," he asked, nearly shaking at the memory of Murdoc unexpectedly crashing his mission. He'd almost killed him this time by almost throwing him off a mountain.

"Let me see, I'll check my files," Pete offered, leaning over to reach the stack of folders on the side of his desk. Pete was the director of operations at The Phoenix Foundation, which was a think tank that often indulged in other affairs such as secret missions for the government. Pete was also MacGyver's employer, but most importantly his friend. "I hope Murdoc didn't cause too much trouble this time," he said emphatically.

"Well he did, like always," MacGyver sighed.

Murdoc was MacGyver's most evil enemy he had encountered over his many years of being a secret agent. The man had absolutely no morals and to top it off he was a master of disguise and downright psychopathic. Mac was personally done with that lunatic dropping in at any time, trying to finally finish his hit, only to always fail in the end. But MacGyver had to give the man credit, he was the trickiest foe he had ever taken on and probably ever would.

"I have one thing ... however it isn't exactly like the other missions you do," Pete said hesitantly.

"I'll take it!" MacGyver answered with a confident flair and his signature smile, just happy he'd get some sort of break with a less complicated mission.

Pete smiled at his enthusiasm. He had known the man for many years and he was always the optimist. "Great, I'll brief you on it now."

MacGyver sat down on the chair in front of Pete's desk and listened to the older man's words.

"There's this small town in Virginia called Chincoteague that has been reporting many acts of burglary, racketeering, assault, and one count of arson. However, it seems that the police are too frightened of the men committing these crimes to do anything. I'll book a private jet for you tomorrow if you're still interested."

MacGyver felt his stomach lurch when he heard the words, "private jet." He absolutely despised heights. But, since he was a true humanitarian at heart and knew these people were suffering, he did his best to push the feeling aside like he always did. "I'm still interested," he said confidently.

"Good, I'll see you when you come back," Pete said.

"See you then," MacGyver replied and walked out of Pete's office, leaving him to wonder about the things his friend would encounter in Virginia.

Jack Dalton had one reason for soliciting on the landing pad that the private jet MacGyver would be riding was on. It was simply because he was bored. His friend got to go on all of these top-secret missions and come home to tell about it. But he was stuck in his home left to sulk and occasionally come up with a bright idea, which MacGyver usually rejected tagging along in, but would finally cave in with enough persuasion. All he wanted was to go on one of MacGyver's missions. The perfect way to do so was to disguise himself as the pilot of the aircraft.

MacGyver checked his bag to see if he had all the things he needed and walked on the plane. He had always preferred to pack light. To him, his surroundings have always provided ample supplies for a journey far from home. But he forgot to notice one thing, and it was that his rambunctious friend, Jack Dalton, had snuck into the pilot's seat and was preparing to stowaway on MacGyver's mission. Mac just sat in his chair, unaware of his friend in the cockpit.

Jack knew he had to do everything to hide his presence on the aircraft until she landed or his friend would have a fit and practically turn the plane around. 'All I have to do is stay unseen for four hours. It should be easy!' Jack thought confidently as he successfully launched the jet off the runway. He knew once the jet landed MacGyver wouldn't have the heart to send him away. 'After all, I've known him for years. He's never had the strength to say no to me or my schemes,' he thought cockily, remembering the times Pete had gotten on MacGyver about being a pushover when it came to him, and there had been a lot of times.

Four long hours passed and the plane finally landed. MacGyver walked off of the plane, glad to see land again. That feeling was pushed aside when he saw Jack jump out of the cockpit and exclaim, "Hi, buddy!"

"Jack! What are you doing here?" MacGyver shouted. All he had asked for was an easy mission but Jack just had to come along and screw things up.

"I would stop screaming, Mac, the locals are staring," Jack teased.

"What. Are. You. Doing. Here?" MacGyver asked with a clenched jaw. He walked up to him and looked directly into his eyes.

Jack's eye twitched, MacGyver knew that was always his tell for when he was about to lie. "Your eye is twitching, Jack," he pointed out the obvious. "Why are you here? Did you get in trouble again?" he asked worriedly. Jack had an annoying habit of coming to him when he would get into trouble with some group of thugs or something like that.

"I was just bored," he said nonchalantly.

"You hijacked a government plane because you were bored! Do you even know how much trouble this could get you into?"

"I guess I didn't think about that part," he said solemnly, thinking for a moment. "But you and your buddy Thornton can help me get out of it!" He said with a new found energy.

"You're the most irresponsible man I've ever met! How are you not in jail yet?"

"Simple, because you helped me escape. Wow, kemosabe, your memory is really fading. You're the one who got us out of that small town prison with the corrupt warden."

"Ah, yes I remember. You were the one who got us in that mess, too. I should've left you in there," He sneered and began to walk away.

"Where are you going?" Jack asked, worrying if he'd gone too far.

"I'm calling Pete to see that you won't be charged with a government offense," He shouted back.

Walking always had the ability to clear MacGyver's head when he was distraught. He finally came upon a pay phone and dialed the number to Pete's office. It only had to ring once before Pete picked up, "Hello, Thornton here."

"Hi, Pete, it's MacGyver."

"Is everything going well with the mission?"

"Not really. Jack decided to pretend to be the pilot on my plane."

"He didn't!" Pete exclaimed in disbelief. "Mac, I told you that Jack is nothing but trouble. Have him fly back immediately so we can try to cover this up," he said the last part in a whisper.

"Come on, Pete, you know I can't do that. He's one of my closest friends."

Pete knew there was no more arguing on the matter when he heard the tone of MacGyver's voice, "Fine, just don't let him get too involved in your mission. I'll talk to you later."

"Thanks, Pete. I'll talk to you soon," MacGyver placed the phone back on the cradle and walked back to where he hoped Jack was still waiting.

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