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In one of the hospital rooms was Inko Midoriya resting after giving a painful birth to her child holding the hand of her husband and cursing him in a colorful language which she was sure that he would have nightmares about since the tone she used...anyway before she came here she was at home cooking and waiting for her husband to come home and at the same moment when she was about to wash the dirty plates, she felt it, she felt that the water broke and was gasping for air and Hiashi immediately called the hospital.

And now she was here resting as the doctrine and nurse checked her baby if he or she was in a healthy condition but she heard soft breathing as the nurse and doctrine came to her to reveal the gender of her child. "Congratulations! Mrs. Midoriya! It is a healthy baby boy! And as early bloomer as well!" said the Doctrine as she gave Inko the bundle of joy, Inko looked inside and the first thing she saw was 2 fluffy orange fox ears with a tint it white on the top, along with a small mop of orange-colored hair with also a dash of white on the edges, and the face of her son was absolutely adorable as it was a bit chubby and pale white skin and no freckles or anything on his face except for 3 whisker marks on each side of his cheek.

"He's so c-cute!" squealed Inko softly while Hiashi came closer and looked at his son and admitted that his son looked adorable but one thing flabbergasted him and that was that their son already manifested his Quirk when he was inside the womb of Inko? Normally Quirks manifest at the age of 4 and sometimes earlier but one having at birth was quite rare and manifesting a Quirk that wasn't related to the father or mother's Quirk was rarer.

"What shall we name him?" asked Inko her husband.

"Hmm? What about Izuku? Izuku Kyuubi Midoriya!" said Hiashi and then saw the confusion of the face of his wife and then held his arms out signaling he wanted to carry his son, which Inko hesitantly complied to and gave the bundle to her husband who first petted the head of his son and then uncovered the back part of the cloth he was wrapped in and showed 9 small fluffy orange-colored tails with white on the edges all of them swirling a little bit like that one of a cat.

Inko, the doctrine, and all the nurses in the room squealed at how cute that was and all that noise woke up Izuku who's face was frowning a little bit before carefully opening his big blue cute innocent eyes into that of his dad. "Kon~?" said Izuku like a human fox would say in one of those anime and it only intensified the squealing in the room and his Hiashi almost joined them but refrained himself since a man squealing was just awkward.

3 Years later.

"Say cheese Izuku!" said Inko to her son who was now 2 years old and was able to stand on his own 2 feet, they were currently at a shrine and he was wearing a Miko outfit and didn't know why the women around him squealed and he didn't know what those golden things in his hands were and merely looked confused while Inko took the picture wanting to embarrass him when he gets older.

"Chweese-kon~?" said Izuku who has made a habit of saying 'kon' at every end of his sentence and he still had a bit of trouble with talking some words out showing just ordinary problems that a child shows, but for some reason he could speak perfectly Japanese no matter how tough the word was. "Fwireworks-kon~!" said Izuku cheerfully as he saw the fireworks go off into the air and his tails were straight up pointed into the air and then blue/white orbs appeared above his tails and flared a little and Inko dropped the camera.

"Izu?" asked Inko and then the orbs were shot into the air and exploded into many stars, looks like Inko had to visit the doctrine again about that Izuku's Quirk wasn't just a Fox Quirk, since an ordinary fox couldn't just spawn flame orbs from its tails and the 9 tails should've made it obvious in the beginning. "Kon~! Kon~!" said Izuku trying to catch the little stars on all fours. But first, take a picture of this.

So Inko went back to the doctrine and it was to be revealed that Izuku's Quirk wasn't an ordinary fox mutation but an Mythological Quirk which should've been obvious from the 9 tails he possessed, a Mutant-type Quirk that gives the user the form of a Mythological being like the heroine Ryuuko and the possibilities of his abilities were pretty much broken and it wasn't known if he could do most of them and if he could he could easily become a hero.

Mythological and Ancient were 2 different types and not to be confused with each other at all, Mythological types were referred to beings that have never been truly known to have existed or that it was a made-up fairy tale like his Gashadokuro or dragons like that of Ryuuko, and Ancient types were known for beings that truly did exist like dinosaurs and mammoths and such.

But there was a certain incident that Izuku wasn't allowed to go to the kindergarten mainly for safety reasons since it wasn't that he did anything bad but it was due to a certain person that tried attacking him and only got himself hurt, and it was the son of Inko's best friend Mitsuki, Bakugou Katsuki was vicious and easy to agitate like his mom and Inko could deal with it but both mothers were worried since Katsuki tends to get very jealous if he doesn't get too much attention, and Izuku was his main reason to hate since he attracted all the attention that he usually got due to his talent in almost everything.

It was supposed to change at one point but for some reason, the universe didn't give Katsuki his chance to shine through and when Katsuki awoke his Quirk and was given amazed stares he thought that the attention he got finally returned to him...but at the same time with Izuku who was napping outside on a tree branch and unconsciously formed the [Spirit Orbs.] as they were called like that above all his tails that swirled in a circle which made it look like he was creating a circle made of fire.

And the attention got back to Izuku who was still resting at that time, and a child pointed this out and all the attention was aimed at Izuku and everyone went outside to know that his Quirk wasn't an ordinary one and Katsuki was mad, very mad, that not only Izuku got all the attention back but that his Quirk was also stronger then his and awoken earlier than his. It was the final snap for Katsuki and he charged at Izuku trying to attack him.

But Izuku woke up at the warcry that Katsuki shouted and threw the circle of fire at him which circled around him not allowing him to move not that he couldn't since for a strange reason he couldn't move as some kind of weird circle appeared under him, and Izuku opened his mouth and one of his [Tailed Fox Bomb.] was shot at Katsuki and he ended up unconscious due to the attack.

Playing grounds.

"Kon~! Kon~! Why do I have to fight you-kon~?" asked Izuku to Katsuki who looked menacingly at him with Izuku not understanding why Katsuki wanted to fight him since he couldn't remember anything that he could've done to anger him, pretty much with the intent to...what was that word again? Kill? Well, anyways Izuku didn't know why Katsuki wanted to fight and he never interacted with Katsuki. He pretty much avoided him since he was always glaring 24/7 and that Aura he emitted disturbed his nap times in the trees.

"To prove to you that I'm the strongest of us 2! And that I will be the one to defeat you and surpass All Might!" shouted Katsuki murderously that was so intense that his lackeys backed down from it, they wished they had the calmness of Izuku who looked like a chibi and stared at Katsuki unimpressed with dotted eyes with a visible question mark floating above his head.

"All Might-kon~?" said Izuku with a question mark signaling he didn't know about him since he didn't go on the internet and didn't admire him like many children on his age should be, sure he had a phone but he barely used it except for making contact with his mom or some girls that gave him for a strange reason their numbers to him and they were older then him, so what had they to gain from a child like him?

Katsuki's goons faceplanted on the ground that Izuku didn't know who All Might was and Katsuki only got angrier from it that his idol got insulted and charged at Izuku with his hands emitting explosions, Izuku didn't tense or do anything to defend himself suddenly his tails shot out and wrapped themselves around Katsuki's wrists and threw him back to where he stood. "Guah!"

Izuku had a little trick with his tails and that was that he could make them longer and retract them to their original state and it was part of his training to do this as many times as possible, his training with magic, ki, or jutsus he went to his grandmother for help as she was a Miko and knows everything about Kitsune's and any other Japanese Mythical beings. (A/N: This is also a hint to another MHA Fanfiction that I want to write.)

Izuku was always told never to get revenge and always keep calm and that his own emotions could be a danger to himself, luckily for him he was always calm and didn't get really startled by anyone since his senses allowed him to tell who was sneaking up behind him, but back to Katsuki who charged at Izuku again and managed to evade the first 2 tails but the other 7 pushed him back again, and this action repeated itself many, MANY times over and Izuku was honestly not fooled by this since he saw that Katsuki was trying to read his movements. "Kon~! Kon~! I'm bored so I'm going home-kon~!" said Izuku who turned around while Katsuki got back up again.

"Are you running you coward!?" shouted Katsuki trying to agitate Izuku which failed as Izuku waved his hand and sarcastically said that he was running away from him, to put it more mockingly he walked back home wanting to sleep or do something that could take his interest and make him spend his time on it, but he wasn't mocking him at all since he was too tired to put anything into his sentence to make it not sound mockingly. "Don't you dare run away from me! Deku!"

Izuku raised his eyebrows at that why he used that nickname again and he wasn't defenseless at all, maybe it was because Katsuki thought he only relied on his tails only? It could be that but he learns martial arts from his grandmother but his instincts told him not to say that and keep it to himself. "Go to sleep Kacchan-kon~!" said Izuku aiming his hand at Katsuki as underneath him appeared a magic circle and glowed, Katsuki tried to dodge it but he felt groggy and sleepy and eventually fell down on the ground snoring. "Time to go home-kon~!"

The goons of Katsuki tried to wake Katsuki up with no success as the vicious kid continued to sleep soundly and Izuku walked back home while swirling his tails a little bit and walked past a few kids, they were a brother and sister chatting happily together making Izuku feel strange for some reason and he didn't know what it was but it was not that he was hungry since his tummy would make a sound...maybe he wanted a sibling since he got plenty of attention and it annoyed him a little bit and from that point it evolved to annoyed to no end!

It was a nice idea and maybe he could ask his mom for a younger sibling!

Midoriya Household.

"Hiashi! I don't know how to tell this to our son!" said Inko crying a little bit as she felt conflicted about what to tell her son about the news she recently got and Hiashi was also not knowing what he had to do, he didn't know how his son would react to the news that Inko was pregnant again and that Izuku would get siblings and since children demand a lot of attention and could react quite angry at having the attention not aimed at them anymore, he was like that with his younger sister but warmed up to her after 2 hours.

"...I don't know either, but we should tell it to him as soon as possible, I just hope that he doesn't get jealous like most boys do when they get a younger sibling." and at that moment the door opened and Izuku entered but used a little fox trick since he didn't have a key to enter the house and ran up to his parents who enveloped him in a hug. "Izuku, we've got to tell you something important-!" but Hiashi didn't finish as Izuku's tail covered his mouth.

"Later dad! Mommy! Can I have siblings-kon~!" asked Izuku excited at the idea and both the adults went wide-eyed that their fear was unneeded and that Izuku wanted to have siblings.

"Um? Izu-chan? Do you h-honestly not mind having siblings?" asked Inko carefully hoping that her ears weren't deceiving her and Izuku nodded his head and said again that he wanted siblings. "W-Well, you're going to be a big brother!" said Inko in a not so exciting voice as the fragments of her nervousness and Izuku merely chanted happily and suddenly crouched and bounced off the walls so fast that he was only visible as a fluffy orange ball.

"I-I didn't know he could do that?" said Hiashi who tried to catch his son who bounced off the walls as he doesn't know if Izuku can stop.

"Neither did I." replied Inko as she followed the bouncing ball form of her son bouncing off the walls not making any dents and finally went out of its original path and landed next to Inko and Izuku began to ask questions.

A few months later Inko's belly was getting bigger and bigger and it brought joy to the whole family but it also brought a bit of bad luck since Inko was pregnant she couldn't work at all and was forced to rest and Hiashi already worked his ass off, and Izuku was needed to do the everyday cleaning of the house not that he minded it but, he noticed how often his parents talked late in the night and used the word finances, and he asked his grandmother what it meant and he figured it out that it meant money.

Did he ask too much when he wanted a sibling?

How could he actually help them and now he was walking on the road thinking while walking about how to earn money to help his parents not knowing that he would be world famous within a few minutes. "Hello there!" said a woman looking with stars in her eyes at Izuku who lifted his head up tilting it a bit to the left making him look cuter then he was adding the confused face of him.

"Hello-kon~?" replied Izuku looking at the woman who handed him a card.

"This is a card from our company and we're searching for some models for our new commercial of pillows and we would like to have you there!" said the woman excited hoping that Izuku would say yes and take the card with him, Izuku himself thought this was the way to get money for his family and quickly accepted the card and put it in his Miko outfit.

"Okay! First asking my mommy-kon~!" said Izuku making the woman clap her hands happily and walk away while Izuku quickly went home to show his parents that he found a job for the family to get more money. And when he came home he explained everything to his parents who were in joy with the news and immediately went to the photoshop and Izuku did the commercials and became a bit of a superstar.

Another few years later.

"Kon~! Kon~! Going to UA-kon~?" asked a 10-year-old Izuku wondering why his grandmother recommended him and he was accepted and preferably he wanted to go away since he never thought of the idea of becoming a hero, he was too lazy to be one and it never interested him despite having a very strong Quirk that was in the league of All Might and it also meant that it would take time away from his siblings. Izuku had 2 little sisters and both of them were the same as him, Shirone and Yukino were a twin and both of them were little foxes or silver foxes and had 5 tails instead of 9 tails.

"Yes little Izuku, you're going to UA to become a hero, a friend of mine owes me a favor and I'm using it now despite that he still has many that he owes me," said Yumiko Midoriya the last part with an evil smile that made Izuku's tails stiffen a bit and his instinct shouting at him to run very far away from his grandmother. "But I do know that you don't want to be a hero, but it is the best for you as you have an Ancient Quirk and you can't defend yourself if you don't train or protect your little sister."

And again his tails stiffened at that and his twin sisters were just 1-year-old and both of them were still infants and he had to protect them as the elder sibling and his fox side was also telling him to do that. "Then what are we waiting for! Let's go-kon~!"

"Also you need to train a lot and your naps will be lessened," added Yumiko and Izuku paled at the thought and fell down on his side crying comedic tears knowing that it would be exceptionally hard to do that, oh well, some sacrifices were necessary to give up on and his naps certainly but it was all for his little sisters and it was worth it and they were little angels that liked to sleep on his that was worse since he would also have to give up on that seeing his little sisters sleeping on his tails and sometimes nibble on it.

Inko and Hiashi made plenty of photos when they saw that and Hiashi literally almost squealed and Inko almost got a heart attack...and the nurses when she got one.

"Come on Izuku! Your parents may not be able to live with you or your little sisters..." bad move since Izuku's tails dropped especially on that one and Yumiko slightly regretted saying that. "But it doesn't mean that they aren't able to visit you!"

"Still doesn't help-kon~!" said Izuku still a little bit depressed.

UA High.

Yumiko and Izuku Midoriya arrived at UA Gates in a limousine and Yumiko looked composed as always but Izuku looked gloomy as he knew once he entered this school his whole life would change...and his nap times would be gone and he wouldn't see his little sisters every day and it made him too sad and wish that villains didn't exist at all but that was just a wish that could never be granted.

"Come on Izu~! It will be fun I guarantee you that!" said Yumiko trying to cheer her grandson up which she failed at as the rainclouds above his head never disappeared and just sadly munches on an apple he got out of nowhere in the limousine. "Uhm? We've arrived! So let's get out and meet Principal Nedzu, so please give them a chance Izuku to interact with you!"

"They probably want to pet my ears or my tails, and I'm pretty much well-known, already," replied Izuku very dryly back at his grandmother who sweatdropped as she knew that he was mostly right when people saw him for the first time and he didn't mind people petting his tails at all but sometimes the people did get annoying when they went to pet it for hours that Izuku snarled at them to let go.

His tails were a gift and a curse to himself that he wished he wasn't born a kitsune.

"Your probably right, but Nedzu owes me a favor and we will be enrolling you in the school once you're old enough and in the meantime you will be trained by some pro heroes here, I still need to count the money I received when we put you in a Miko outfit by the shrine and so many people wanted to take a photo with you," said Yumiko who still hasn't finished counting the money she got and that was a week ago, she planned to use the money to make the shrine a bit bigger as it almost looked run down and she for her age couldn't always take care of it so she had to rely on the money Izuku made, while he was here his little sisters would fill his job in and she was sure she would make a killing with them not that she would use her family for money but it was just the public's demand and she was sure they wouldn't mind.

"Okay, this is my stop-kon~!" said Izuku as he exited the limousine and when he looked up he was immediately hoisted up into someone's chest, Izuku didn't even have to use his senses to know that it was a woman holding him due to...2 objects pressing against his cheeks and the sweet scent of flowers and it was the Tiger Lillie he smelled on the woman and not to mention she was very soft.

"Finally! I've been waiting days for the arrival of the Orange Kitsune!" squealed Nemuri Kayama as she swung the body of Izuku around her making him a little dizzy and already regret coming to UA at his grandmother's suggestion, no doubt this woman would pet him and not let go of him that easily.

"Well, at least I won't be bored with playing cat and mouse?" tried Izuku thinking of what could be fun but later on he would discover that the innocent game he thought off was also going to be a bit different from what he's used to.

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