This is a Sam and Donna fic about what happens after the 1st movie. If you (like me) have already watched the 2nd movie then know that that is not the way that I am going to progress this story. P.S REVIEWS WELCOME!


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Chapter 1

Staring at the ocean, watching Sophie and Sky sail away, Donna contemplated on how she had got here. Less than 48 hours ago, Donna had met Sam for the first time in 21 years. As crazy as it seemed, it felt right. Neither of them had ever been whole after their big fight. Both had never given their heart to anyone else afterwards. It was almost as if fate had led them to this point.

Slowly, Donna felt a pair of strong arms slide around her waist from behind. Turning around to stare into her new husbands eyes she finally felt complete. Nothing could tear them apart now. Feeling a little blue?ˋ Sam asked. He was worried, hoping she wasn't having second thoughts about their marriage. Only a little bitˋ replied Donna, tilting her head towards him. I have never been away from Sophie for long so like any other mother I am worried but I know she will be alright. And In any case, I have you to keep me company!ˋ giggled Donna softly. Ah, yes! I suppose you are stuck with me now.ˋ chuckled Sam. As there laughter subsided they started to walk along the beach.

Before we start our new life together, I just want to make a few things clear...ˋ Sam said. When I left this island 21 years ago to go back to New York, I did it because I felt that I had to. Eventhough I had fallen head over heels in love with you, I knew that I would not be able to just drop everything in New York to come and live here. So I thought I would go back, cancel my marriage and move here with you. Then you found out about the engagement and... well... things spiraled from there. I went home and told everyone that i had fallen in love and was not coming back. Lorraine was mad, to say the least, but could do nothing to stop me. I booked my flight back and was at the dock of the island waiting for you. When I asked around, they said you were off with some other guy so I took that as a sign and flew back to NY. Lorraine married me to prove her point. The only two good things that came out of my marriage were my sons Ben and Zack.ˋ

Now it's my turnˋ said Donna, cupping Sam's face in her hands. first of all, I was an idiot when I didn't let you tell your side of the story after I found out. Secondly, I am so, so, so sorry that you came all the way back only to be told that i am with someone else. That is a feeling that I really hope you will never have to feel againˋ tears had begun to trickle down both of their cheeks. Last of all, I want us to make a pact. Eventhough everything that has happened between us in the past has shaped who we are today, we must not dwell on it. We must focus on the future because that is what I will be spending with you.ˋ taking a deep breath and wiping Donna's tears away, Sam sighed Deal done.ˋ he said. Slowly he bent his head forward so that their lips were almost touching. goodˋ Donna whispered just as Sam kissed. The world around her began to disappear. Nothing but him mattered anymore. His lips felt so familiar to her that she ached for more. Sam bit on her bottom lip and pulled back. As much as I would like to continue, I think we have a few phonecalls to make don't you?ˋ Sam said. Donna laughed. Her dear Sam, always keeping her waiting. oh, okˋ she replied. But promise me that as soon as we are done we can just enjoy eachother.ˋ I promise ˋ he said and so they walked off towards the hotel together.

Walking hand in hand with Donna, Sam felt as if the world finally made sense again. He was going to be able to live out his dream on the island with the love of his life. His only concern was how Lorraine and the boys would react. He had been divorced from Lorraine for 7 years now and she didn't really play an active role in her sons lives. The only problem was that she was extremely possesive and eventhough she and Sam were nolonger together, she still wanted to control everything he did. Ben was 15, a tricky age, so his reaction was unpredictable. Sam really hoped that he would be happy. The only one he was optimistic about was Zack. Sam and Lorraine had gotten divorced when Zack was 1 so he had never really had a connection with his mother. Hopefully he would take to Donna because that would give him a chance to have a motherly figure present in his life.

As they reached the door of Donna's ( soon to be their ) room, Donna paused. Sam, I have to warn you, I was not exactly expecting to walk away from today witha husband so my room is a mess!ˋ Sam laughed. He found it so cute that Donna was concerned about the little things. no worries I like being able to see the daily, normal, messy, human side of you. It just makes me love you more.ˋ Then be prepared to enter the room that will soon become ours...ˋ Donna replied, opening the door. The room was spacious and well lit with an amazing view of the ocean. Donna's clothes and books were strewn everywhere including her dynamo costume.

Slowly, Sam reached out to Donna, pulling her closer. Kissing her with all the passion in his heart, he began slowly undo her dress. Reluctantly, Donna pulled away. are you sure about this? I mean things are not the same down there as it was 21 years ago and let me remind you that I have not done this in 21 years!ˋ Donna darling,ˋ Sam replied I don't care if things are not the same as they were. To me you will always be the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen. As for not having done it, we can take it as slow as you like. All I want to do tonight is show you how much I love you and how much l've missed you.ˋ Blushing, Donna smiled and pulled him closer. Then show me ˋ she said pulling the rest of her dress off.

Sam froze. His wife was so so beautiful. With the moon in the backround she looked llike an angel to him. Pulling her close he whispered in her ear you have me foreverˋ as they fell backwards onto the mattress together

2 Hours later

Donna and Sam were curled up under the sheets, Sam's arm resting protectively around his wife. Wow! That was! ˋ breathed Donna. Sam laughed I am glad you liked it! ˋ he smiled, pulling her closer. On a more serious note though,ˋ said Donna, turning her head to face Sam. How do you think Lorraine and the boys will react when they here the news?ˋ Sam sighed, he knew she would ask at some point and it was only fair that he told her the truth. Honestly I think that Lorraine will be extremely pissed, hopefully Ben will be ok and Zack...Well I think Zack will actually be happy. He has never really had a motherly figure present in his life and I think he would appreciate it.ˋ I really hope so...ˋ replied Donna, a pool of uncertainty filling her stomach. Sam noticed the slight shift. But don't worry, whatever happens we will stick together. Anyways enough dwelling, shouldn't we enjoy our first sleep as husband and wife?ˋ. I don't know if I want to sleep...ˋ replied Donna softly, crawlling on top of Sam. Nuh uh uh, not happening! You need your rest, especially because I have a surprise planned for us tomorrow! ˋ Really? ˋ replied Donna. Well in that case, good night Mr Carmichael!ˋ Donna said, crawling off Sam and rolling to her side and curling into Sam's figure. Goodnight Mrs Carmichael. ˋ he whispered softly in her ear. Curled up in their bed, neither were sure of what the future would hold but both were looking forward to it.

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P.S Sam's sons are 15 ( Ben ) and 8 ( Zack )