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Chapter one


I am his silhouette. A shadow, just a slight girl, trailing behind a great person. I will never be great. I'd long since accepted the fact and learned to dwell in my hovel of imitation. Now, at age 17, I needed to know one thing. Just one thing.

I am still impulsive and cheerful to contrast his grave personality, but at times I've felt it slipping away into that question. A simple question that all children ask at some time or another, but I had not. If there's one thing I learned, never question a demon, especially Sesshomaru.

I've still just Rin. 

 I always knew it. Ever since that day in spring when I pushed aside the foliage, I knew it. It's so clear to me as if it were yesterday…..

 My heart was hurting and I needed to get away from the people who had forsaken me. Their words still rang in my ears.

 "You're worthless, little orphan girl….always in the way……" The physical scars were insignificant compared to the worthlessness carved into my tiny eight year old heart.

He had been lying on the ground, a still, solitary figure in the middle of the forest. I hadn't known quite what to think of this strange, white apparition that graced the forest. The forest was my safe haven. Every time they hurt me, I would rush to the silent, green tallness of the trees and stare at the heavens.

Always be cheerful, Mum said. Help people who are in need. Even if they're not nice to you, you can love your enemies and make sure that nothing happens to innocent people.

I loved Mum. In my mind, she was an omnipotent, wordless song who poured out her beauty to me. I never quite understood the gifts she'd given me.

When she'd died, I felt like my young heart would shatter in a million pieces like the Shikon no tamal. I still remember that last thing she said to me.

"Remember, Rin. I love you, and I'll be with you always. Now love others like I love you."

I never quite understood. I just did.

I didn't speak after I saw them all die before my eyes. I simply cried on the inside. I missed my mum, my daddy, and my older brother. For them I kept going.

Suddenly, this adult person in the strange clothing had opened his eyes and made the worst sound in existence. It was somewhere between a screeching banshee and a howling wolf. Then my eyes had flown up to his face and saw his eyes glowing red, and I backed away in terror.

He stopped just as suddenly as he had began, and when I peeped over the bush again, I saw him laying there with a placid expression on his face.

I don't know why I went to him. Maybe because he was alone, like me. When I approached him, his face remained expressionless, but somewhere in his eyes was something soft.

They were golden. Golden and narrowed, with a streak of arrogance and destruction. The last place where I would have expected to find compassion. Looking at him then, a strange pang shot through me. Somewhere inside me, I was afraid, yet I felt an urge to go closer.

He turned his head away from me and for the first time I heard his voice.

 "Human food doesn't suit me. Don't waste your time." 

Wasn't he a human? I crept up closer to him and sat down next to him, holding up the herbs I'd gathered in the forest.

 "Yes. I'm not hungry."

 His face was lean and he had some strange markings on it. Wrapped around him was something that looked like the fluffy carpet we once had on our house. I wanted to ask him what it was, but something told me there were more urgent matters at hand.

I couldn't find my voice, but I was sure that if he tasted a fresh fish from the village he would eat.

Then the pain, the blinding pain. Their angry voices raised up at like volcanoes exploding and the hot magma pouring all over me. I felt happiness for a fleeting second as he asked me what was the matter with my face, but I just had to run.

Howling again. Howling and the padding of many feet. It felt like I was being held over and open flame, and something wet and warms coursed over my skin. Blood. Red blood. And then…..blackness, and the warm welcome of death.

It was night time in the Hiyuda Forest and Sesshomaru sama and Rin were walking through the woods, she trailing behind the hems of his robes. Jaken walked alongside her, complaining about the dark, the cold, and the ever-present fact that she was "slowing them down."

"Humans!" He snorted, "So weak! How hard can it possibly be to run faster?"

Rin turned and made an ugly face at him. "Excuse me for not being a demon."

Sesshomaru ignored them. He usually did when they got into their little antics.

"Would you like something to eat or drink, Sesshomaru sama?" Rin asked sweetly, deciding to forget Jaken.

The slow shaking of the head responded her question. He didn't stop his smooth course through the forest, and the three of them lapsed into silence.

Another failed attempt to get his attention, she thought miserably.

"I'm getting tired, Sesshomaru sama. Can we set up camp for the night?"

He nodded and placed himself next to the nearest tree while she unrolled her backpack and grabbed a clean yukata.

"I saw a stream a little while back. I'll go take a bath and I'll be right back!"

Rin turned towards the sound of rushing water, feeling optimistic for the first time in weeks. Sesshomaru and Inuyasha had been searching for the three parts to this grail- the wishing cup. Suposidly, it could grant any one wish if the three pieces were reunited. Sesshomaru had one, and so did Inuyasha, but Sesshomaru sama was close to the last one. Very close. Besides, she thought, I have faith in my Sesshomaru sama.

She stopped her thoughts. No. Not my Sesshomaru sama. No one's Sesshomaru sama.

He was never tied down by any barriers, he did what he want, when he wanted. And a human girl was definitely a barrier, at least in her mind.

For the millionth time the question surfaced. Why? Why would Sesshomaru sama, a youkai who is almost all powerful, waste his time with me?

She didn't know when these thoughts popped into her head, but they kept coming, and kept coming. It was almost always on the tip of her tongue when they talked, and she feared that one day she would spill out her uncertainties and ruin everything.

Suddenly, a noise behind her. Rin whipped around, glancing suspiciously at the trees around her. Sesshomaru was nearby; he would rescue her if anything was amiss.

"Whoever's out there, leave me alone!" she yelled, feeling slightly foolish.

She was answered with the trees bending gracefully in the wind, and so she proceeded to her bath.

Grabbing the soap, she was about to start lathering herself up when her arms started to prickle. Though the water was warm, goose bumps suddenly erupted on her skin. The forest was eerily silent.

All too late, she whirled around again, but he had already seized her arms and twisted them painfully behind my back.

"SESSHOMARU!!!" Rin screamed, but her terrified cry was suffocated by a hairy hand clamping over my mouth.

"Look here what I found, guys. Here's a pretty one. She should do well."

Oh, gods.

She was surrounded my three men, all of them fat, ugly, and old.

"Come here, pretty. We'll be nice if you will."

Her wide, panic-stricken eyes were franticly searching the sky, looking for a familiar white-haired, fluffy-tailed flying demon. All she saw were clouds.

"Look at us!" The first man who had attacked her snatched her head in his hand and whipped it around to face them.

Sudden anger rushed in along with the adrenaline making Rin dizzy with fear. Sesshomaru would never stand for this.

She turned and bit him down as hard on the hand as she possibly could. "Damn!" He yelled, pulling his hand abruptly away. "Little bitch!"

Now was her chance. Rin turned and began running in the direction where Sesshomaru was, the tree branches whipping in her face. She  tasted blood running down her cheeks.

But she was young and naïve and didn't know the ways of the forest.

Rin's foot thrust outwards and struck a rock. At first she couldn't figure out why she wasn't running anymore, but in an instant her vision was crowded by three men.

"It'd be much easier if she was knocked out," one of them stated breathlessly, resting his hands on his knees.

All Rin saw was dirt, black, leaf-coated dirt, the dirt choked over by the weeds. She told her brain to run. She told herself to run. But her body didn't obey; weak, flimsy limbs stumbling all over the place.

Her heart thumped sickeningly inside her ribs. She felt them trying to touch, cloth ripping, but she pushed them away and pushed them away.

Her feeble attempts were not enough.

We'll take turns, they were saying. Then we'll kill her. 

"Sesshomaru!" She screamed desperately. Her vocal chords seemed to be the only sense working. Everything else blurred together in a hot, searing mess.

Blinding, nauseating pain filled her head and the sea of trees loomed in and out before her vision.

"Sesshomaru sama…." She whispered, "you didn't come…."

Then the blood trickled down to her eyes and she slipped away.

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