Naruto resisted the urge to slam her head against the tree repeatedly. If their sensei was going to make being late a regular habit, she was going to go absolutely crazy. Sakura would not stop talking! Every five minutes Sakura just kept bringing up new comments and topics in the attempt to drag Sasuke into conversation, and it was getting ridiculous. Between Sakura's screeching and the sticky heat that was clinging uncomfortably to her skin, Naruto was ready to get the day over with. Now that Team 7 had officially passed the Bell Test yesterday, they were finally recognized as genin. So far their first day is going horribly, even though their sensei had yet to show up.

Sasuke looked as though he were on the verge of committing homicide. To any regular spectators who may be watching his visage, it would seem as though the young Uchiha was not affected by Sakura's incessant talking and pestering. However to Naruto, who arguably knew him better than most of his clan put together, it was obvious to her that he was beyond tired of the pink-haired genin's attitude.

Feeling a little pity for the boy, and more than just a little pity for herself, Naruto spoke, "Sakura, please, for the love of Kami, please shut up!"

Sakura paused momentarily, her eyes flicking over to where to the blond stood before returning her sight to the object of her affections, "Oh shut up Naruto. Can't you see I'm trying to have a conversation over here?"

The Uzumaki face palmed, "A conversation actually implies that two people are talking. And in case you haven't noticed, the bastard is selectively deaf when it comes to your shrieking, a characteristic I wish I had."

The pinkette flipped her hair over her shoulder petulantly, "You're just jealous that with another girl on this team, you actually have to compete for Sasuke-kun's attention."

Naruto groaned audibly, plopping onto the ground as she closed her eyes in exasperation, sprawled out on the grass, "That's it. I'm done. I have no interest to further this idiocy, Teme you're on your own."

The Uchiha shot his friend a quick glare, clicking his tongue in annoyance before continuing to ignore his teammates. He didn't know what he did in his previous life to deserve having the two loudest girls from his class on his team, but he was certain Kami hated him. Although to be fair, it could have been worse. He could have been stuck with both Sakura and Ino. The Uchiha shuddered, there was just no getting rid of that nightmare.

Shisui crossed his arms in irritation as his clan head droned on and on and on. Really, he didn't know why he was forced to come to these Konoha council meetings, he wasn't a clan head after all, yet still he was granted a seat that was suggested quite forcefully by the Hokage to use. He supposed it had to do with his Hokage candidacy, a way to get him accustomed to the politics before taking the hat, but it didn't stop him from being bored out of his mind.

He would be lying, however, if he claimed to find no amusement from the meetings. In fact the object of his entertainment usually sat directly in front of him, a position that provided him with endless amount of delight. So it was with a grin that Shisui made direct eye contact with his archenemy, his sharingan flashing almost nonchalantly as Danzo growled. Kami above he enjoyed messing with this absolute bastard of a man.

"Uchiha-san, what is your opinion on the proposed tariffs?" Danzo questioned nonchalantly, smirking as he knew Shisui was too busy flickering his sharingan to pay attention to the complicated and rather heated debate around them.

Shisui smiled boyishly. Honestly, it was almost cute how much Danzo underestimates him, "To be perfectly candid I am not in support of the current tariffs proposed by the council. While I understand our need to redraw our proposal bill, as the way they are currently written will only serve to alienate trading from both Iwa and Kiri. I suggest that we concentrate on teas and spices imported from Kusa for now, in fact…"

Shisui continued to outline a complex but seemingly perfect piece of legislation, all the while grinning as Danzo's frown continued to deepen. Silently, Shisui swore to himself that his very first act as Hokage would be to help clean up Konoha, starting from the roots.

Naruto scrunched up her nose in annoyance as she held the demonic cat as far away from her body as possible. The evil feline was trying her absolute best to add more scars to Naruto's face, and the orange-loving blond was only a few seconds away from allowing Sasuke to set her on fire. It seems like Tora hadn't yet forgotten Naruto from the time the young genin used the cat in a disastrous prank… Oops.

As Naruto held onto the small demon, Sasuke attempted his absolute best to stifle his snickers. The Uchiha, while at this point was incessantly sick of this team, was secretly glad that he was paired off with Naruto. She was an annoying brat on the best of days, but she truly was his best friend. You know, when she wasn't threatening to split his body in two using some obscure wind jutsu Shisui taught her… the fucking traitor.

"Good job team! Our mission is a success," Kakashi drawled lazily from where he sat on a low roof top above them.

"Sasuke, I'll give you all the money I have if you set our sensei on fire," Naruto grumbled, tossing the cat to Sakura before wiping the dirt that had somehow gotten on her face.

"Don't you have rent to pay or something?" Sasuke asked monotonously, as though he saw nothing wrong with the proposition set forth by his teammate.

"It'll be worth going homeless," she answered candidly, a grimace on her features.

"Naru-chan, haven't you heard that it's treasonous to attempt to murder your sensei and jonin?" Kakashi questioned, an eye smile growing in amusement.

"Is it still considered treason if it can't be traced back to me?"

Sasuke snorted, "You've been spending too much time with us, Naru. It's starting to affect your sanity."

Kakashi paused in contemplation. Sasuke used the word 'us'… who the hell was Naruto spending so much time with, and since when have she and mini-Uchiha been so buddy buddy?

"That's because all of you fucking Uchiha's are honest to Kami psychopaths! Did you see what Itachi did to my ramen cupboard?!" The young blond screeched.

"He organized it Dobe!"

"It was already organized!"

"Hazardously stacked on top of one another is not organized you idiot!"

"There was a system to the stacks!"

"You're a moron."

"You're such a bastard!"





Kakashi placed his hands on the shoulders of his two arguing students, "So when were the two of you planning on telling me that you were friends?"

Naruto and Sasuke shared a blank look, before simultaneously turning to their sensei and saying, "You didn't ask."

"I didn't think that I needed to."

"Plus, we're not friends. Casual acquaintances at best," Sasuke lied.

Naruto shrugged, "Why does it matter anyways?"

"It affects how I teach you all teamwork," Kakashi responded, spying the pink haired genin a few feet away, looking into the conversation as though she were an outsider.

"We passed the bell test, doesn't that prove that we're capable of teamwork?" Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"It proves that the two of you are capable of it, whilst your third teammate is merely an after thought. This is a three-genin team, you should act like it," Kakashi lectured lightly.

Sasuke raised a brow, "How are we not acting like it?"

"Well for starters, the two of you are constantly having your own little arguments, basically ignoring the presence of Sakura and I. Secondly, just look at this first mission. Naruto and Sasuke, the two of you worked incredibly fast and efficiently in order to secure the target, but in doing so you neglected to inform your superior and third teammate of the plan. This has been the same pattern for the last week that we have been a team."

Naruto scratched the back of her head awkwardly, "Sorry sensei, sorry Sakura. The Teme and I are just used to working together."

Sasuke let out a snarl as he was elbowed in the stomach by his blond friend. Shooting a glare at the girl, he muttered, "Sorry. Blame the two morons who trained us, we're not exactly used to playing nice with others."

Kakashi raised a brow, "And are these two morons the same ones who taught you two incredibly secret ANBU hand signs?"

Naruto winced, "Umm… plausible deniability?"

Sasuke snorted, his arms crossed in indignation, "Blame Shisui, it was his bright idea."

Naruto punched her friend on the shoulder, "Teme! You can't just tell other people! He can get in trouble for that, or something."

"He set my bed on fire, Naruto."

"SO?! It's Shisui, he's a pyromaniac bastard!" Naruto cried.

"He set. My bed. On fire."

"And you've been crashing with me since, so it's not like you've had to sleep on the floor."

"Exactly. I now am forced to live with you two idiots until my new bed arrives. Do you know how loud the two of you argue in the morning? Not everyone likes to be woken up by peals of maniac laughter as you guys concoct your stupid pranks or argue about something idiotic like ramen."

"It's not my fault that you're not a morning person."

"No one is a morning person! You're just crazy!"

"I'm not crazy! I'm perfectly sane for a person in my condition!"

"Oh so now you're going to blame extenuating circumstances on your fragile mental stability?!"

"At least I have an excuse! What's yours?"

"I'm not mentally unstable."

"Teme, last night you threatened to set my kitchen on fire."

"You woke me up! At 4 in the morning! That was justified."

"What the fuck is wrong with you Uchiha's? Are all of you just born with a pyromaniac gene?"

Sasuke snorted, "It's a gift."

"It's a fucking pain."

"Oh yeah, well it's not like you're any better. Remember that time last year when you—"

The two genin kept arguing back and forth as they walked away from their team, strolling back home and leaving the confused pair far behind them.

"Sensei," Sakura spoke softly, her jaw still unhinged, "What just happened?"

Kakashi swallowed dryly, "I'm not entirely certain, Sakura. But I will find out."

Shisui calmly took a sip of his drink as Kakashi sat on the stool besides him. Without looking at the masked moron, Shisui ordered another cup before asking, "So how did the brats do? Set anything on fire yet?"

"Hmm, not yet. They did threaten it quite a few times, however."

Shisui nodded, "That's good. I'll treat them to ramen for playing nice. I didn't think they were capable of it."

"Is the Hokage aware that you live with Naruto?"

Shisui calmly responded, "No, I don't think so."

"Is he aware that you have broken the S-ranked secret and have told Naruto about her condition as a jinchuriki?"


"Are you aware that she told her teammate Sasuke the secret?"

Shisui nodded, "She informed me. I approved, her and Sasuke are best friends for a reason, he handled the news well."

"They claim to be casual acquaintances at best."

"They're both in denial."

"Ah," Kakashi paused, "You do realize that what you have done is considered treasonous, right?"

Shisui turned his gaze to the older jonin, "I'm aware. Itachi advised me against it, I disagreed."

"Why did you do it, Shisui? The Hokage can have you executed for this."

"If he finds out. Even then, I don't think he'll be so quick to kill his successor."

"It was an unneeded risk."

Shisui scoffed, "It was idiotic, I agree. However it wasn't unneeded. I have fought on the frontlines against the Iwa jinchuriki, I vividly remember how potent and dangerous their chakra was. I also vividly recall how many of our own ninjas tried to kill them first. I will not have my sensei's daughter running around outside the village without comprehending the full consequences. If that gets me killed, then so be it."

Kakashi sighed, "I agree with you."

Shisui's eyes widened, "You… do?"

"Of course I do," Kakashi frowned, "Minato-sensei wanted his daughter to be seen as a hero. He wanted her to be strong, and designed the seal so that she could access the demons chakra and utilize it in times of danger. In order to do so, she needs to be aware of what she carries."

"So you're not going to tell the Hokage that I potentially committed treason?" Shisui questioned incredulously.

Kakashi quirked his head to the side, "What are you talking about? What treason?"

Shisui laughed as he took a gulp of his drink, "Hatake Kakashi, you might not be as bad as I thought."

"I still think you're a moron."

"Right back at you Cyclops."

"You mean you knew?" Kakashi asked doubtfully as his friends laughed.

"It's not like it's a secret," Asuma laughed.

"And if it were, it'd be a pretty bad one," Kurenai spoke.

Anko grinned, "Haven't you seen the two of them run around the village? Naruto basically tries to prank the boy every other day!"

Kakashi felt his visible eye twitch, "So you're telling me that you all knew that Shisui Uchiha has been living with Naruto Uzumaki? And that this had been going on for two years now?"

Gai shrugged, "I thought it was common knowledge."

Genma laughed, "Shisui needed a place to crash that's closer to the Hokage tower after getting injured on missions. I used to live in that building, but after I moved Shisui didn't have anyone else he could ask. Enter Naruto."

Kakashi sighed, "Does the Hokage know about this?"


"I… don't think so," Asuma admitted, "My father doesn't really pay much attention to these types of things."

"And you all see nothing wrong with the fact that a jonin has been living with an academy student?"

"They're roommates," Anko spoke with a chuckle, "Plus they're only five years apart, so they actually get along really well. Naruto told me about all the weird pranks they pull on each other back when I taught her the Kage Bunshin. She was pretty lonely before the kid moved in, now she has three hot Uchiha's constantly crashing in her spare bedroom. Seems like a good deal to me."

"Three? I'm assuming one of them is her teammate, but who's the third?" Kurenai asked.

"Itachi," Genma answered, "The kid is constantly complaining about her lack of organizational skills."

"Are we just going to brush over the fact that Anko is the one that taught my genin an A-ranked jutsu?" Kakashi asked through clenched teeth.

"Meh it's fine," Genma waved away his concerns, "Naruto can't possibly do a regular bunshin with all that chakra she has. Anko is probably the only reason she passed the genin exam."

Anko laughed loudly as she slammed a hand on the table, "You got that right! The little brat was nothing before my training!"

"Is anyone else wondering how Naruto managed to convince Anko to train her?" Kurenai questioned timidly.

"I'm more concerned about why the girl went to Anko of all people," Asuma admitted.

Anko grinned wickedly, "I've already met the brat a few times, helped her stalk Shisui once or twice when she was younger. And it's not like I taught the girl for free, she gave me one of her own jutsu's as payment for my services."


Kakashi groaned, "Oh Kami, please don't tell me…"

"Anko now knows how to perform the sexy jutsu," Genma sighed, "We are all completely and utterly fucked."

"What is-"

Genma and Kakashi sharply interrupted Kurenai, "Don't ask!"

Anko laughed evilly, "Oh this is going to be so much fun."


Naruto groaned from her position face planted onto the ground, laughter from the two watching Uchiha's reaching her ears as she forced herself to stand, "You're a sick, twisted fucking sadist, you know that?"

Shisui grinned, "I love it when you speak so kindly to me. Now do it again."

"You're right Sasuke," Itachi spoke quietly from the sidelines, "This is entertaining."

"Go fuck yourself you red eyed weirdo!" Naruto screamed, flicking off the older Uchiha before readying her position.

Sasuke stuck his tongue out at the girl as he and his elder brother chuckled once more.

"Remember Naruto, ten times within a 15-meter radius," Shisui commanded, his sharingan switched on to watch the girl carefully.

"Yeah yeah yeah, I know," Naruto muttered, her hands positioned in what was now an extremely familiar hand seal.

She disappeared with a soft pop, only a few leaves left behind, as she reappeared ten meters away. Two seconds later and she had disappeared again, only to show up seven meters away. The three Uchiha's watched this with careful eyes.

"She's getting faster," Itachi muttered, "The amount of leaves that are left behind are decreasing too."

"The sound is not as loud as it was before," Sasuke admitted, "But she still has a long way to go if she ever wants to come close to Shisui's level."

Shisui nodded, "She's doing well for her age and rank. Let's just see if she can complete ten shunshin's in quick succession without throwing up."

"What's her max so far?" Itachi asked.


Naruto got to eight before she was plastered face first on the ground directly in front of Shisui. With a sigh he bent down to check on her, "You okay, Naru-chan?"

"I hate this technique so much," Naruto grumbled, the dirt staining her face as she spoke.

"You can always stop learning it. You can already perform shunshin to the standards of most chunin," Shisui said with a shrug.

"Fuck that!" Naruto quickly launched to her feet, "I fucking refuse to be slower than a moron like you!"

"Naruto, Shisui is the fastest ninja in the village. Frankly he's one of the fastest ninja's in the world. Do you really think you have a chance of catching up to him?" Itachi spoke calmly.

Naruto growled, her arms crossed in anger, "Fuck yeah I do! Not only am I going to become faster than Shisui, but I'm also going to become strong enough to be Hokage before this moron has the chance to take the hat!"

Sasuke snorted, "You're still in denial about Shisui becoming Hokage, huh?"

"I fucking refuse to serve in a village where this idiot is my direct leader. No. No fucking way. He's more liable to set the village on fire than he is to save it," Naruto grumbled.

Shisui grinned strained, "Oh really, Naru-chan? Well, if you wanted to be faster so bad all you had to do was say so. I can finally stop taking it so easy on you, and now we can train for real."


Naruto gulped, "You mean… this was you taking my training easy?"

"Oh cute adorable little Naru-chan, have you forgotten? I was trained in the midst of a war, so my level of training is a bit more, how do you say, extreme than what your peers may be used to."

"Shisui, you're a fucking sadist and I hope that one day you spontaneously burst into flames."

Shisui's eyes flashed red, "Again. And this time if you fall before completing ten successful shunshins, I'll ask Gai to let you join his morning training."

Naruto gasped in horror, "You sick fuck!"

"Better get started, Naru-chan."

Naruto practically teared up as she once more disappeared with a shunshin. Itachi laughed lowly, "I am so glad you convinced me to come, Sasuke. This really is worth missing out on my own training."

Sasuke smirked, arrogance radiating from his pores, "Told you so."