This is a short, six chapter story of three of the days in December 1997 when Harry Potter and Hermione Granger were alone trying to figure out how to destroy the locket Horcrux. Part cannon, part me making it up with my thoughts on how their interpersonal relationship just might have gone had Harry made a different choice in not leaving Hermione behind in the tent when he ventured out to the frozen pond. Oh yes, and no returning Ron. And Oh Oh Yes! It's an M rating from the off.

As ever, all the wonderful characters and original plot lines belong to the great JK Rowling. The only thing I get from her characters is the pleasure of having some fun and fat-arsing around with them for good or bad. Thank You, JKR. Life without Hogwarts and its pupils and staff would be a lot less fun!

Enjoy my story.


CHAPTER 1: December 27th: Warm and Cosy

As Hermione Granger slowly wakened, she was not immediately aware of her surroundings, where she was or who she was with. What she was aware of was a feeling of warmth, contentment, comfort and a joy in a mission part accomplished. In her still semi-sleeping state she could not pinpoint with any accuracy at all why she had these feelings, but they were there, nonetheless.

But over the course of the next few minutes as she did waken fully, the realisations of all her sleepy thoughts came to her. Two of those thoughts, the where she was and who she was with, accompanied with two fresh thoughts of exactly how she was with that certain person and in what state, made her blush, then smile, then made her decide that she was in fact in no hurry to move so she would stay put exactly as she was. After all, it was still dark and bitter cold both outside and inside the tent. And anyway, she didn't want to wake him. After all, he was exhausted from their activities earlier in the night.

She could feel the body lying next to her, feel the way her body was partly wrapped around him, he flat on his back and she on her left side snuggled up to him, with her right leg and arm draped over his leg and chest respectively. She could feel the weight of every available cover and blanket that was available to her that she had thrown on the bed just a few short hours ago, to keep that bitter cold out, to get him warm, to keep him safe, before she too had slid under those covers next to him.

She also was VERY aware of the fact that both she and her best friend in the whole world were lying in that warm, snuggly bed VERY naked.

She could feel the slight stirring of her best friend lying beside her. Just a gentle but ever so gradual change to the rhythm of his breathing, the small movements of his body against hers, the ever so gradual shift in the angle of his torso and thigh that lay beneath her arm and leg. She still did not move, not wanting to wake him suddenly, to cause him to break into a panic at this very unusual situation that they found themselves in. After all, you don't wake up lying naked next to your naked best friend every day, particularly when he wouldn't remember how he got there in the first place.

How many of the female population of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry would love to be in her shoes that December morning! Then again, none of them would believe how and why she was there either. After all, many had thought for years that they were more 'friends with benefits' rather than just friends.

As Hermione Granger was letting random thoughts drift through her mind, she felt a definite change in the conscious state of her bed mate. The slight movements were being extended into stronger movements, the legs were stretching out to their full extent, the shuffling around a bit more frequent. Then a definite partial turn over towards her, she hurriedly but gently lifting her leg and arm to accommodate his turn and accompanied by her realising that she had now had her right leg spread and raised a bit wider to clear his hips, their intimate areas now in pretty close proximity to each other. His left leg slid forward at the knee and settled between her thighs. His left arm moved over her, his palm resting at the bottom of her back, the open fingers just drifting lower to the top of her right buttock as she lowered her right arm back down over him. A further small turn by him towards her and they would be face to face, boobs to chest, belly to belly and….

But he made no further movement. He drifted back off to sleep, the steady slow breathing testament to that, his exhaustion from their earlier in the nights activities not yet full trecovered. His breath, warm and gentle, caressed her neck and upper chest, the occasional movement of his left leg moving and caressing her inner thighs….. and he, totally unknowingly, slowly but surely, was sending Hermione Granger's thoughts somewhere else, to a place that she had never really explored before about anyone, let alone with her greatest, much-loved, closest friend. …

As she dozed off lying next to him, her dreams took her to just those thoughts.