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Alice was looking through a magazine of next season Channel when the vision hit. Only this time it wasn't of the future, but the past. At least she thought it was the past, because everyone was dressed as though it were the '30s or '40s. They were also running for their lives as bullets hailed down on them. Looking up at the planes shooting people on the ground, she saw the red dot of Japan.

"Japanese planes?" Looking around some more, she saw that there were palm trees, and in the distance, the ocean. It clicked then. "Pearl Harbor, 1942."

It was then she finally saw her. Alice saw Bella running along side a blond in yellow, and ducking when the Japanese began strafing those on the ground. "NO!" Alice screamed when she saw Bella push the blond out of the way of the bomb as it blew in front of them. She watched helplessly as Bella was thrown into a nearby car, the blond getting up and rushing to her, as her vision focused back into the real world.

"Ali? Alice!" her mate, Jasper urged. "Baby, what's going on?"

"Jasper! Bella, she-she's hurt! But something is wrong. She was in the past. She was at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked," Alice rushed out.

"Sweetheart, calm down. I'm sure she's just fine," Jasper said, but Alice needed to know. She rushed to find her cell and dialed the number she had deleted long ago but never forgot. It rang and rang, but there was no answer. She hung up and tried the house phone, but again there was no answer. There was only one more number to try, but she was hesitant to use it. It was after all, the Chief's number.

Taking a steadying unneeded breath, she dialed Billy Black. It rang three times before there was an answer.

"Black residence," said a tear leadened voice.

"May I speak to Billy Black, please?" Alice asked. There was a growl at the other end. One that was not possibly human. It seemed there were once again wolves in La Push.

"What do you want, leech?" the voice said, suddenly hostile.

"Bella. We only wanted to know if she was happy. We left so we wouldn't interfere in her life anymore, and wanted to know how she was getting on," Alice said. There was more growling from the other end of the line now, as if more of the pack had been summoned to the Black house. But it was the choked sob she focused on.

"Isabella Swan is dead. You leeches left a mess. A red headed, red eye leech was passing through when Bella crossed paths with her. It seemed the leech just wanted to play, because Bella wasn't drained. The red head caused an accident, and Bella went through her windshield, severing her carotid. She bled out in minutes. We tried catching the red head, but she got away, diving into the ocean. Why don't you make yourselves useful and clean up the mess you left behind." Then the line went dead. Alice stood there in shock as she heard her family descend into chaos. Esme was sobbing into Carlisle, Emmett was sobbing into his hands, Rosalie rubbing his back with a sad look on her face. Jasper just growled before he started yelling at Carlisle.

"I warned y'all she was trouble. I told you, if you destroy one mate, you destroy them both. But pure gold shone out of Edward's ass, didn't it?" Jasper then ignored Carlisle, taking out his own phone.

It rang once before there was an answer. "Major."

"I need you to find a vampire for me. Red head. Was mated to a tracker until last spring. Last known locale the Pacific Northwest."

"On it," before the line went dead. Jasper looked back at Alice.

"Any idea on when her funeral is?" he asked gently. Alice looked, then sobbed.

"Best guess, two days. There will be wolves there, and I can't See with them in the picture." Jasper nodded.

"We'll leave now. That way, we'll be there on time when it happens." Everyone went their separate ways to mourn their lost friend, daughter, and sister. It looked like they were headed back to Forks.


Bella blinked her eyes open to see stark white. Not the sterile white of hospitals, but pure white nothingness. She couldn't even see what she was standing on, and it gave her the creeps. She tried to think on how she got here. What the last thing she remembered doing was. It wasn't easy, but the only thing she was able to come up with was running and the sound of explosions both big and small. Bella sighed. She didn't like it here, and just wanted to go home.

"Hello?!" she yelled into the white abyss. No answer. "Stupid question but," she mumbled before shouting, "CAN ANYONE HEAR ME?!"

"You do know you don't have to shout, right?" said a male voice behind her. Bella spun on her heel to see a youth with her hair and dark brown, almost black eyes. Those weren't her eyes exactly, same shape, but the color was all, "Danny."

The young man shook his head. "No. I'm not Danny. I'm who will be your son." Bella's hands went to her lower stomach and the small bump there.

He chuckled. "Not yet. That's my elder sister. But you needed someone to explain things to you."

"What happened?" Bella asked.

The young man who will be her son tilted his head. "You pushed Aunt Betty out of the way of a bomb. The concussive force that would have killed her, grazed you. It threw you back and a piece of the concrete that was the road, took a good chunk out of your side," he said, pointing to Bella's now bloody top. Bella gasped and hoisted the shirt up to see the damage.

"My baby? Is she-?"

"Angel is fine. I promise. But what happens next depends entirely on you," her son said.

"What do you mean?"

Her son sighed. "Do you have a name? I can't keep thinking you as just my son. Even if you are," Bella smiled.

"Raphael. You wanted to name me after Uncle Rafe, but still give me my own name. People tend to just call me R.J."

Bella smiled, "R.J. it is."

"As for what I mean, well, this is an in between. You aren't dead, but in the real world, you are in a coma. Dad's frantic," he said.

Bella shook her head. "I doubt that. He had Evelyn to comfort him. They'll have a son themselves after all."

R.J. shook his own head, "No, ma. Time doesn't work like that. Everything depends on the smallest decisions. The big things, like the attack are fixed points, yes. Those you can not change. But the normal everyday things of a person can change. Especially for you."

"Why? Am I just fate's favorite punching bag? I didn't even know time travel was possible!"

"Not fate. Fate actually is rather miffed because she keeps having to reweave your tapestry. No, it's Death himself that follows you. Only it's not to claim your life. I don't know why, only he can answer, and I don't think he's inclined to do so, but Death has blessed you. Seriously mom, didn't you ever wonder why the vampires let you go? In all of history, no human has met a Cold One and lived to tell about it. No one until you, that is."

"Blessed me?" Bella asked skeptically. "Why would Death go and do a thing like that? I would almost rather have died at the hands of those vampires than what they put me through, though I'm happy they didn't kill me. And that doesn't answer my question about time travel."

R.J. groaned in exasperation. "You never do forget details when it's something you want. Okay, from the top. Death blessed you because Death blessed you. I don't know why, that's above my pay grade. As for the time travel, that was an unexpected but happy development. According to Death, old man Walker entering your life was a fluke. But once he did, Death saw the compatibility of your souls. But it would have been improper according to society and down right cruel to you, for you to marry a man at the end of his life while you were just starting yours. So, Death made it possible to send you back. Mind you, he had to bend the rules so far, I'm surprised it was allowed, but it was."

"How did he make it possible?"

"The powers that be can not interfere in the lives of men. Unless, they tread on their domain. You were dying. He tried to send you back before you had your heart broken by Cullen, but a vampire isn't dead enough, seeing as they still have their souls. But when the red head caused your death in the accident, well, that was firmly his domain. He used his powers to send you back to 1940. Everything from there is all about the little decisions. Interestingly enough, the outcome of your time there correlates to whether or not you meet Danny at all during your time in the 21st century. If you hadn't, and you went back and died in the attack, you would die, he may or may not die, and the cycle repeats. If you had met him, you would go back with foreknowledge,"

"Exactly, which is how I know that Danny wouldn't be frantic at me lying in a coma right now," Bella said sullenly.

"Again, you forget. Decisions. Dad and Auntie Ev didn't do anything in that hanger. It got close, but they both felt wrong, and realized they loved other people, even if Auntie Ev thought Uncle Rafe was dead at the time."

"What?!" whispered Bella in shock. "You mean he's still mine? I didn't lose him?" she asked him urgently.

"You didn't lose him," R.J. smiled. "Right now, though, he is pleading with you to wake up, afraid that he'll lose you."

"I have to go back! I have to get back to Danny!" Bella said frantically.

"Hold on a moment, you'll go back. I have to finish my message first. Death threatened me with nonexistence if I don't tell you," R.J. said with a smile and his hands out in a halting motion.

"You can smile about that?" Bella questioned with a raised eyebrow.

R.J. shrugged. "He didn't mean it. Death is actually pretty cool. He wanted me to tell you though, that because he has blessed you, you and those you love will have augmented life spans. You will still die. Death always takes what is his, not even vampires are immune to that. But you will live longer. Say around 5 centuries or so. Only, Angel gets longer."

"Why would she get longer?" Bella asked.

"You aren't going to like it," R.J. said, running his fingers through his hair nervously.

"I already have my suspicions," Bella said. R.J. nodded.

"She's mated to a vampire. One of the Volturi leaders."

Bella blinked. "But Aro and Caius already have mates. And Marcus lost his centuries ago," Bella said in shock.

"Because you are so close to Death, both physically right now, and metaphorically as he has blessed you, and because you are his pseudo-god daughter, he is giving Angel the soul of his lost mate Didyme. He says she came to him too soon, and you would be the perfect parents for her."

Bella balked. "Didn't Aro kill her?" she asked in a worried whisper.

"A rumor, I promise you. It was the Romanian coven that killed her when she unluckily crossed their path."

Bella breathed in relief. Now she just had to keep her daughter away from the Romanian coven. Easy enough. As she was lost in thought, she felt her son's arms wrap around her.

"Don't worry so much, ma. With Death on your side, there's nothing you have to worry about," R.J. said. Bella chuckled.

"That makes me feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy inside," Bella snarked. R.J. chuckled.

"Like I said, Death is actually a pretty cool guy. But for now, it's time for you to go back." Bella hugged her son one more time before stepping back.

"So how do I do this?" she asked. R.J. pointed to her feet.

"It's already begun. Just relax and close your eyes. You'll know when you get back, trust me."

"Famous last words," murmured Bella before she did as she was bid. She closed her eyes and thought of Danny. The transition from death was painless. But the sensation of life was excruciating.


Three days. It had been three long, painful days, as the dead from the attack were found and sorted. Then there were those that were unaccounted for. Those that were still within the ships when they sank or blown to unrecognizable pieces by bombs. Danny didn't pay any attention to it. He stayed by Bella's side the entire time, holding her hand, and praying she would come back to him. He hadn't been away from her longer than it had taken to clean up from the attack.

Today was no different. He sat by her bed side, holding her tiny hand in his, as he leaned his forehead against them as he willed her back. The tears hadn't stopped coming. They fell in a continuous stream down his face, until he finally passed out from exhaustion.

This was how Bella woke. She gave a small whimper when she felt the pain and the familiar pull of stitches in her side. She then felt a weight on her hand and looked over to see Danny out cold, leaning in a very uncomfortable looking position onto her bed. She reached over with her other hand, and gingerly brushed his fringe away from his forehead.

"Danny," she whispered. Danny stirred at the sensation of his hair tickling his skin as it moved and a whisper of his name.

"Hhmmnn? Bella?" he asked in his still sleep addled voice. Seeing that her eyes were indeed open and she was moving, Danny was fully alert. "Bella!" He practically yelled as he leaned towards her and placed the gentlest of kisses on her forehead.

"I'm sorry! I'm so so sorry! Please, I'll do anything, just don't scare me like that again!" Danny pleaded with her.

"Danny. You're here," she said softly.

Danny sat on the edge of her bed, taking one if her hands in his. "Where else would I be?"

"Evelyn," she whispered, not completely remembering her conversation in the in between fully yet.

"Oh, Jesus, Bella I'm so sorry. I promise, nothing happened. Evelyn and I are just friends. She is still very much in love with Rafe, and I can't get you out of my head for even a moment," he rushed out. Danny laid his head gingerly on her stomach, so as not to upset her sutures.

"You left me," Bella said, keeping her voice low.

"I know. I know, and I was so stupid. I'm sorry for being the world's biggest jack ass, and I'm sorry for brushing you off. Especially when you needed me," he said into her stomach, his voice cracking at the end as sobs wracked his frame. Bella's other hand, which had fallen to her side after she woke Danny, lifted again to his hair, as she carded her fingers through it, soothing him until his sobs quietened to sniffles.

"It's okay, Danny. It's okay, I love you," she whispered over and over, calming him. Eventually, he raised his head again, hearing her words.

"I love you, too. So much I couldn't breath when I first saw you laying here. Knowing that I may never hear you laugh, or talk about the future together. I wanted to find you the night before the attack, but Rafe said you needed the sleep."

Bella reached out, and slowly, so as not to hurt herself, pulled him down so he was laying next to her.

"I've been trying to tell you, I'm pregnant, Danny," she said with a smile, though she is sure he already knew that. Danny chuckled.

"Are you now?"

"I am. And do you know what? We're having a girl."

"A girl, you say? My family always has boys, are you sure?" Danny asked playfully. Bella nodded, pulling him closer.

"A girl. I thought we could name her Angel, since she survived the attack with me."

Danny ran one hand down over her stomach, covering his daughter. "Angel sounds perfect."

And for the first time in four months, Bella and Danny fell into a peaceful slumber


The Last Post was blaring through the hanger that housed row upon row of flag covered coffins. There were so many, that they spilled over outside and farther into the air field. It took some time to convince the doctor to let her go to the mass memorial, but he said so long she stayed in a wheel chair and didn't push herself too far, she could go. Danny wheeled her into the hanger and they stopped by the casket set aside for Billy. Fun loving Billy, who had such dreams. He was the first friend they lost to this war, and Bella was dreading losing more.

It was then Red came up to her, He and Betty had been to see her, but today he looked pale and sad and not a little bit terrified.

"Hey, B-Bella, I just wanted to say, t-t-thank you for saving my B-B-B-Betty. I don't know what I would have done if one of t-t-t-these coffins were for her," he said. Bella smiled up at him.

"You and me both, Red. Thankfully, neither of us has to know." Red leaned down and gently hugged her, moving out of the way so Betty could do the same. Red then turned to Danny.

"You hurt her again, you're only going to have one way to land your plane," he said seriously, and without stuttering. Danny stiffened for a moment before nodding.

As they all were walking out, a Major came up to Danny and Rafe, who saluted the man as their superior.

"Lieutenants Rafe McCawley, Daniel Walker."

"Yes, Major," said Rafe.

"You're both going stateside. You fly out in 2 hours," he said handing them their orders.

"What for, sir?" asked Rafe.

"Ask Colonel Doolittle," the Major said before walking away.

"Yes, sir." Danny looked at his orders, then to Bella. They were both pale at the directions he and Rafe just received. The ride into town, and to the tiny hotel they were staying at until they got the barracks sorted and made safe again, was silent as an empty church. Danny never let up the firm grip he had on Bella's hand.

"I don't want you to go, Danny," Bella said. "I'm afraid if you go, you won't come back. I've only just gotten you back." Bella began to cry at the thought of losing Danny.

"Shh, Hey. Hey. I'll come back. I'll come back, I promise. I have to marry you and see Angel, now don't I?" Bella looked up at Danny in surprise.

"You-you want to marry me?" she asked. Danny froze before closing his eyes in defeat. After a moment, he seemed to gather himself.

"I wanted to do this right. But it seems I have no choice thanks to me shipping out and my stupid slip of the tongue. So, Bella Swan, will you marry me?" Danny asked, as he was on his knees in front of her wheel chair. He slipped his hand into his pocket, and pulled out a modest gold band with a small solitaire diamond on it.

"I didn't think you'd want anything flashy and impractical, seeing as you work with your hands," he murmured. Bella chuckled, before taking his face in her hands.

"It's perfect," she whispered with a kiss. "And yes. Yes, Danny, I will marry you." Danny's smile was mega watt worthy as he leaned forward to capture her lips in a passionate kiss. Pulling back he slipped the ring onto her finger, before kissing the ring where it now rested.

If Bella thought the anticipation of Danny leaving was bad, the actual event threatened to break her in two. She, Danny, Rafe, and Evelyn were all on the runway, willing the next few moments never to happen. Danny turned to Bella.

"Wait for me?" he asked.

"That's one thing you'll never have to ask me to do," she said.

"We can get married when we come back. A small deal at the local church, just you, me, and two of our closest friends each," he said. Bella smiled, even if hot, painful tears were making their way down her face.

"Sounds perfect." Danny kissed her, not seeming to get enough the last two hours. He then knelt down in front of her to speak to their daughter.

"And you, Angel. No early arrivals! I want to be here and be the first to hold you after your momma, all right?" he asked, running his hand across Bella's tummy. Just then, they both felt a soft nudge right under his hand, as if in answer. They both gasped at the sensation in surprise.

"Angel, indeed," Danny said in awe.

"I'm surprised she nudged already. Everyone says it's still too soon!" Danny smiled.

"I'm glad I was here for it. That I got to have one normal moment as a soon to be dad." Bella chuckled.

"I have a feeling she's going to have you wrapped around her little finger."

"She already does," Danny said. Heaving a sigh, Danny stood, Bella's hand in his. "Time to go."

He leaned down, gave Bella one last kiss, then turned and trudged onto the plane. Rafe came up quick to tell her goodbye.

"Bring him home, Rafe. Bring him home safe to me," she pleaded.

"I will, little sister. I will." Rafe leaned down to hug her goodbye as well as he joined Danny onto the plane.

Bella ended up sandwiched between Betty and Evelyn as they tried to comfort her.


"Follow me," said the Major as he lead Danny and Rafe through the hanger filled with bombers and into an office. "Colonel," he saluted Doolittle.

"Congratulations on your promotion, sir," Rafe said as they stood at attention and saluted themselves.

"I heard what you did," Colonel Doolittle said ominously.

"We can explain that, sir," Rafe replied after a nervous look to Danny.

"Explain what?"

"Whatever it is you heard about us, sir," Danny said.

"You mean the hula shirts you were flying in? Or the 7 planes you shot down? You're both being awarded the silver star...and promoted to Captain," Doolittle said walking over to his observation window.

"Is that the good news, sir, or..." Rafe asked uncertainly.

"You're just about the only pilots in the Army with combat experience. I need you for a mission I've been ordered to put together. You know what top secret is?" the Colonel asked over his shoulder.

"Yes, sir. It's the kind of mission where you get medals, but they give them to your relatives," he said, leaving his thought that 5-1 a man dies on such a mission, out of the answer.

"Top secret means you train for something never done before in aviation history. And you go without knowing where you're going. You do it on that basis or not at all," Doolittle said, staring at them with his piercing blue eyes.

"I'll go, sir," Rafe said.

"I'll go, too, sir," Danny said, ignoring the glare from Rafe. Doolittle looked at both of them before continuing.

"By the way, McCawley, the Brits sent this over. It's your personal effects," he said, handing Rafe a wooden box that had been sitting on his desk.

"Thank you, sir," he said, taking the box and resuming his stance at attention.

"There's only one more thing I can tell you. Leave your goddamn hula shirts at home."


Later that night, Rafe had made a fire on the beach. The beaches in California were breath taking, but they had nothing on the beaches in Hawaii. Danny sighed at the pang of longing he felt in his breast for Bella as he walked up behind Rafe, who was contemplating into the fire.

"Why did you say you'd go, Danny?" asked Rafe. "You have Bella and the little one waiting for you. Don't do this. Bella was crippled by her grief for me, once she let it out. Losing you would possibly kill her in the literal sense."

"Someone has to watch you back," Danny said with a sad smile. "Honestly, I just don't want Angel growing up in a world still at war. "

"Danny don't do this. Don't go on this mission. You got nothing to prove," Rafe begged once more.

"You've been tryin' to protect me since we were kids," Danny said with a smile. Rafe scoffed and looked back down at the fire.

"Yeah, well, you do tend to need it from time to time." Danny chuckled and patted Rafe on the back as they continued to sit in companionable silence.


All of the pilots had been lined up at attention in front of Colonel Doolittle as he prepared to give them a speech.

"This mission I'm asking you to volunteer for is exceptionally dangerous. Take a look at the man beside you. It's a good bet that in the next 6 weeks, you or he, will be dead. Everyone brave enough to accept this...step forward," he ordered. As one, every pilot on the line took one step forward. It was one of those moments in history that you had to be a part of to feel the impact of such an action.

As the Colonel led them out onto the air field, he continued with the plan. "Your grandmother could take a B-25 off on a mile long runway. Well, I'm gonna train you to do it in 467 feet. Because at 468 feet...you're dead. And once you get it up, you're gonna learn how to fly it like a fighter… 30 feet off the ground. I want you to say hello to Lieutenant Jack Richards, Navy Aviation. He's gonna help us lighten these fat ladies."

A handsome man stepped forward with a serious look on his face. Rafe didn't think he looked like much, until he started the process of having the pilots strip the bombers. Then he showed his true colors as a tyrant.

"Dump that ashcan. See that bomb sight? Get rid of it," Richards ordered.

Rafe looked out of the cockpit window to Doolittle. "Colonel, he's crazy!"

"The lady's fat!" yelled Richards.

"Listen to him," Doolittle said, only glancing up from his papers.

"She's a fat lady. We want a skinny lady!"

The training itself was grueling. They would start with the bomber on a giant yellow X at one end of the runway and attempt to get the behemoth into the air before they rolled over the white line indicating their length of runway allowed.

When Richards put forth the idea that the mission maybe wasn't thought out so well, Doolittle insisted that the planes were still too heavy and that they needed to get drastic in their approach to stripping them.

"This armored plating has gotta go. I'm sure, I'm sure. Now lose it like a skirt, son." Richards yelled at Anthony when he looked at him like he was nuts. While it did lighten the bombers, and certain pilots were able to get her nose in the air, they still kept rolling past the line on their back wheels.

"Put every man on the line, now!" Doolittle yelled to Rafe when Danny rolled by yet again. After ranting at them for a while, he decided to show the men how it was done with Lieutenant Richards as his copilot. And show them he did, getting the bomber up a few feet shy of the line.

"Well, if he can do it..." Rafe said to a stunned Danny. Seeing their commander do what they were trying to achieve and were starting to think was impossible was the impetus for the other men to set the bar high once again, and strive to achieve. It worked, and a month after their briefing in the hanger, the pilots were aboard the USS Hornet, in the middle of the Pacific, taking the same advantage as the Japanese and getting lost in the Vacant Sea.

"Well, gentlemen, now I can tell you that we're going to Tokyo. And we're going to bomb it," Doolittle said to them amidst cheers. "That comes as a special request, directly from President Roosevelt. The Navy's gonna sneak us about 400 miles off the Japanese coast and we'll launch from the carrier there."

"Has that even been done before? Taking Army bombers off of Navy carriers?" Gooz asked.

"No," Doolittle simply said.

"Okay," Gooz said.

"Any other questions?"

"Well, sir, is it even possible to land a B-25 on an aircraft carrier deck?" Rafe asked.

"That won't matter," Doolittle informed. "As soon as we're airborne, the carrier will head straight back for Hawaii."

"But if the carriers head home, where do we land?" Anthony asked.

"I have a phrase I want you to memorize. Wo shi meigou ren. It means 'I am an America'...in Chinese." Telling them in so many words where they were to land."


After the briefing, Danny and Rafe were at the bow of the ship discussing the length of the carrier.

"It ain't gonna be any easier. It's 3 feet shorter than the practice runway," Rafe said.

"Fellas?" they heard behind them, and they turned to see Doolittle approaching.

"Sir," acknowledged Rafe. Doolittle held out two medals in front of him to show. "The Secretary of the Navy gave me these."

"What are they?" Danny asked.

"Friendship medals the Japanese gave us when they were pretending they wanted peace."

"What are you gonna do with them, sir?" asked Rafe.

"We're gonna wire them to the bombs and give them back," Doolittle answered succinctly. Rafe and Danny smirked. "So what's going on?"

"Well, sir, we only have 16 planes," Rafe said.


"Well, when the Japs hit us, they had more than 300. I mean, how much difference can we really make?" Rafe asked.

"It's not that we're afraid, sir. It's just we might die doing this, and we wanna know what it's for," Danny clarified.

Doolittle thought for a moment. "You know, at Pearl, they his us with a sledgehammer. This raid, even if we make it through, it will only be a pin prick. But it'll be straight through their hearts. Victory belongs to those that believe in it the most, and believe in it the longest. We're gonna believe. We're gonna make America believe, too!" he said as he spun and headed towards Richards, who was calling for him.


Evelyn waited for Major Jackson at his car, when he walked up.

"Excuse me, Major Jackson," she asked.

"Yes?" he asked politely with a curious gaze.

"Do you remember me?" Evelyn asked.

The Major took a good look at her before recognition took hold. "Oh, sure I do. I'm sorry, I've been meaning to thank you," he said, shaking her hand and gesturing to the scar on his neck.

"Well, maybe you can," Evelyn said. "When the news starts coming in about those boys in the Doolittle outfit, I want to be in the command post." The Major paled slightly, then got into his jeep in an attempt to brush her off.

"I'm sorry. I-uh- I don't know what you're talking about. How the hell do you know about this mission, lieutenant?" he asked, needing to know if there was a leak.

"Let's call it an inadvertent disclosure," Evelyn said, trying not to point the finger at Rafe.

"You mean some fly boy you're dating shot his mouth off," snarked the Major. Evelyn looked down.

"Actually, it's about 2 pilots. I know they're going into great danger. I just want to be there when the news comes in to tell us if they've lived or died." The Major sighed.

"Most officers would have thrown you in the brig," he edged.

"Most nurses would have gone on to someone else instead of keeping their fingers plugged in your artery," she shot back. Jackson knew he was up against a wall. He started the jeep to buy time to think.

"I can't promise you anything," he said before pulling out. Evelyn walked over to Bella and Betty as they stood nervously under the shade of some trees.

"Maybe," she told them simply. "But I'm determined. We will know if they get out of there okay, or not. I promise," she told the young, soon to be mother and her friend. Bella would have done it herself, but with her pregnancy progressing into it's eighth month, she had been put on light duty, and would be put on leave, then discharged once the baby was born. Bella wringed her hands together in nervousness, twisting her new engagement ring in an effort to comfort herself. This was worse than being stuck in the hotel with Alice and Jasper, waiting for James to make his move.


Gooz was filming Red on a super 8, as he was putting the finishing touches on an angry Donald Duck, when he had to ask.

"Hey Red, do you think they picked us to do this 'cause we're young and dumb?"

Red looked down on him. "Come on, Gooz, we're the tip of the sword." he said, climbing down, so they could all go to one last briefing. They passed Danny, who was wiring the Japanese medals to the bombs that were all dedicated. Danny's was to his Beautiful Angels. As they were being loaded, Gooz took out a box.

"All right, in honor of our trip to Japan, I got us some, uh, Victory Cigars!" he said, holding up two cigars, and passing them out. "Yeah, there you go. Put that in your inside pocket, next to your heart."

Doolittle and Richards looked down on the spectacle and smiled.

"You know, Jack, we may lose this battle, but we're gonna win this war. You know how I know?" Doolittle asked.


"Them," he said, pointing to Danny and Rafe. "'Cause they're rare. In times like these, you see them… stepping forward. There's nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer, Jack."