"Is there a reason I'm standing out here in 30-degree weather with you or did you just miss me that much?" Yut-Lung asked in slight irritation as Eiji and he stood outside of an office building in Brooklyn.

" I just needed to know where he went every day. I just got too curious. He would never tell me and it just kept eating at me. So I dragged you here in case I need an alibi." Eiji informs the Chinese man nonchalantly as he peeked through the flowering bushes out front into the lobby.

Yut-Lung scowled at the elder man.

"You shit. I could be at home right now curled up with Blanca sipping a goddamn mimosa as he tells me how pretty I look." He hisses.

Eiji pauses in his peeping to look at the other male with a deadpan stare.

"That was your gayest tantrum yet, you deserve an award you drama queen."

Yut-Lung huffed turning his back on Eiji and shoved his glove-covered hands into his white fur-trimmed frock. His long hair was in a single thick braid, held back by a pair of Gucci sunglasses, that fell over his shoulder with the movement. He looked over his shoulder with a pout on his lightly glossed lips and narrowed eyes lined in kohl.

"Why didn't you ask your other boyfriend to help you spy on this boyfriend?"

"Shorter isn't subtle enough." Eiji answered not missing a beat. "Plus, I think he already knows what Ash does and doesn't talk about it."

Yut-Lung scoffed turning back around and strutted, Lee's do not simply walk, up behind the crouching Japanese man. He grabbed him by the back of his parka and started to drag him toward the front door of the building. Eiji flailed and protested the treatment, but also marveled at the fact that Yut had the strength to pull him while wearing 3-inch stiletto boots. The long-haired man forced open the front door and entered the lobby, dragging Eiji right up to the front desk. He gave the receptionist a disarming smile before speaking.

"Hello, my companion and I would like to inquire as to whether an Aslan Callenreese is employed somewhere in this building."

The receptionist blushed before turning to his computer and typing a bit.

"Yes he is, but I'm afraid I can't disclose any information about him to you."

"No need." Yut smiled softly. "Just tell us the name of the company. Can you do that for me? I'd be very, very grateful for your help."

At this point, the young Chinese man was leaning slightly across the counter and into the receptionist's face with a look that promised all of his untold desires would be fulfilled. The receptionist nodded and peeked down at the screen.

"Griffin Outreach Service."

Yut-Lung bowed slightly in thanks.

"That's all we needed, goodbye."

The receptionist turned frantic at the long-haired male's retreating form before calling out hopefully.

"W-w-w-wait! Did you want to go out for coffee sometime?"

Yut paused. He released his grip on Eiji and turned to face the man at the desk with a frown and a faux look of torn affection.

"I'm so sorry, but I already have a boyfriend." He said sadly before his eye widened to appear more innocent. "I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression."

"No, it's fine. Sorry for assuming someone like you would be single." The man replied with a disheartened shrug.

Yut gave another soft smile and wave before walking out of the building With Eiji. The older male side eyed his companion before snorting.

"You are a straight up snake, did you know that?"

"Wel,l you made this snake come out by dragging him across the city, in the cold, for something you could Google."

Eiji was about to reply when his phone started to ring loudly.

'Just say you feel the way that I feel, I'm feeling sexual, so we should be sexual'

"Shorter changed my ringer again." Eiji groaned answering the call before the song could continue.

Yut-Long pulled the male into a booth at a small cafe with a huff.

"We are getting breakfast here since you wanted me out so badly." He said with disdain. "Talk to your weird boyfriend."

Eiji scowled at the younger male before speaking into the receiver.

"Hey, Shorter. Yeah, I'm out right now. I'm with Yut-Long at some cafe. He wanted to go shopping."

Yue glared ordering for them both when the waiter came to their table. Eiji grinned at him before laughing at something Shorter said on the phone.

"I know, he said something about a sweater he saw and wanted to get. Oh, sure no problem. Love you too. Bye."

Eiji put his phone away and grinned at the others annoyed face.

"Jokes on you Eiji because now you have to go with me to find this sweater I'm so fascinated with." Yut-Long smirked causing the older boy to groan in the realization of his actions.

"2 matcha teas and 2 blackberry scones." The waiter announced upon his arrival as he set the food before them. "Let me know if I can get you anything else."

Eiji sighed but smiled softly at the sight of the green liquid in his cup.

"Thanks for coming out with me."

"Of course."