It was a cold summer's eve, I was walking down the sidewalk with the love of my lif (my dick) suddenly I say something shiny in the autom leasves, and i bent down to pick it up when suddenly I was quickly nocked down by a fast force it felt like a hot winter breez. "Hey1" I shouted, but I realised it wasn't wind at all, it was a big blue animal with spikes coming out of its head. "You should not take stuff that does not belong to y-" Then our eyes me and I could tell we both had the same feeling coursing through our veigns. We both loved eachother and first sight."Hey" I said shyly," Hey he said back do you need help" He was confident, musiclar, and wore only shoes. He had a jaw as strong a shark and pecs like the staring rays of zues himself,(nails) he had an olive nose so cute i thought i could munch it up. The animal helped me up and we both reached down to grab the thing, and we locked hands, "So what does this thing do?" "It travels between dimensions by using the gravity of the milky way, in the process sucking the power from it." "wow that is really neat,"i responded. "Then maybe I can show you how to use it he responded. Then the next hour consisted of him introducing himself as sonic the hedgehog, and telling me that his gadget was called the uvula my nicknamed the orgasmo. "I think your ready to use it" saed sonic. "Remember tug the shaft until it powers up then put two thingers in the whole and push in and out intil it knows your desired destination." "Okay I think im ready" I responded. I did as he said and before i knew it it finished, "wow that was fast and easy" I said. Then i put my thingers in the hole and it started spewing a white goey gun all over us. "SOME THING WRONG" shouted sonic "OH NOOOOO" I shouted back and in a flash of light I was in my bedroom with sonic. But it wasn't my bedroom it was a different bedroom. "Where are we?" I asked "Let me see," Sonic said as he crept out of the room. I followed and we opened the door slowly and saw stairs. We walked down the stairs, holding hand with fear, And when we reached the bottom. There was a lazy looking man and a dog sitting on a couch. I silently walked around them not to disturb them. We walked into a spereate room, a room that looked like a kitchen, and sitting at a table, was a fat, orange cat eating raviolie. We stared at him until the cat stoped eating to look up at us. "LEAVE MY KINGDOM FOR YOU ARE DISTURBING MY BLISS" the cat shouted. Me ad sonic screamed and tried to run out of the front door but the man stopped us. He slahed out at me with a kitchen knife but with my years of karate training, I was able to dodge the knife, but sonic was not as lucky. The dog lunged out a but sonic on the nipple. Sonic yelled in pain and shook off the dog. Sonic was bleeding all over his pecs. I grabbed the man by the neck and strangled him until he went to sleep, and then I punted the dog out the window. Me and sonic high fived, but when we opened the front door, we realised that all there was was an abyss of nothing. We realised we were trapped in this house, so we went up back to the bedroom and lied down. "Sometimes i just think," sonic started, " will I ever loose my virginity." I gasped because a man of sonics stature would surely have had to have sex once or twice before. But when I thought about it I blushed, "Well, when we locked eyes earlier, I think I feel something, and that something could maybe help you loose that." Sonic blushed and we locked eyes again. Sweat started to poor down my face like a waterfall, and we started to do the sex.