Hi, sorry this chapter took so long, I had to visit my mom who was hospitalized in prison.

It has been a crazy 24 hour, but everything was starting to make sence. Sonic had just killed shadow and we were making love on his 4k tv. He was so soft a creamy like a babys asshole baby's asshole. I loved him so very much and I waned to spend the rest of my life but I dont want to marry becsuse I am too young. Sonic looked like he had lost a lot of his passion In our love making, so I asked him," are you ok darling?" "yeah, i am doing tubular, but I realised, my blood sugar is going down and I need to eat a chilie dog." sonic looked tired and tired. I got up to get him a chilie dog but he pulled my back down. "By chilie dog I meant my fetish." "what is that." "Put your penes between two buns and put cheese on it" "ooooooohhhhhh" I moand We had a sex for another 6 hours before we stated to get tired. Then a woman walked into the room and me and sonic jumped. "U-uh MOM, GET OUT OF MY PLAY TIME" "I thought you would like to meet your new step dad." Then the fat orange cat from before walked into the room. We locked eyes, and I felt something move in my pants move around. I think it was a boner. "Hey there kiddos, you wrestling around in the nude like we used to do in harvard with the omega alpha boys" I couldn't help but think I might be gay."Cool mr. sonics new dad" " how bigs are your boys." "MOOOOOM, he is annoying me, please make him leave." I was starting to think that sonic might be a bt of an asshle but then again his new dad just asked how big our penses are. Then suddenly the orgasmo started to vibrate. "Wait a second" Shouted sonic "WHAT IS HAPPENING." Then the uvula thrusted towards new dad, and inserted itself into new dad. He started wiggling, and me and sonic grabbed him and suddenly everything wnet white. His puppils rolled up into his brain and he went back to his cat savage ways. "HE IS BACK TO HIS SAVAGE WAYS" shouted sonics mom. New dad started attacking sonics mom, killing her. "NOOOOOOO, NOT MAMA" shouted sonic and me. I grabbed a katana from sonics katana collection from his room and cut new daddy's hands off. New dad started whimpering and slumped over. "Cool" said I to sonic" "wanna F?" "No, I am going to do something I have not done sonc the war, I have tried to forget, and somehow I always remember, I have becoe an alchoholic from it, and I have lost friends and family from it" then sonic got on his knees and put his hands together. "I have to contact god" Once he said that, I got at least half chub, and once I did that, jesus decended from the heavens and kissed sonic on the mouth. I think there might have been tounge. Then a blinked and they were gone. I had to go to heaven to find them. But first, I had to go to hell and back.