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Main Couple: Elsword x Lu (Any class)

1. Silent Love

The girl stepped out from the bathroom door with her only towel wrapping around her petite body, her face flushed red as she saw her man was sitting on the bed. She blushed deep red when he flashed the illegal smile to her. Lu hesitated, her heart beating so loud, and gathered her courage to step forward slowly. When she was before him, he gave her a hug. She yelped as both he and her fell on the bed. She could see his face so close to her, his crimson eyes staring at starred eyes. She closed her eyes in embarrassment as her hands held onto his hair, feeling his red messy hair on her skin.

A light chuckle came from him, which made her pout. His hand then placed on her head and ran though her white hair. Oh how much she loved it when he did that and lied on his chest, hearing his beating heart. Each beat gave her reason to fight for, each beat told her that he was here with her. She looked up to see his face that showed concern to her because it's the biggest day to both of them. He was afraid that she wasn't ready, but she closed her lips to his, a sign to reply that she wanted it.

They never knew when they would fall in the line of fights. None of them would live in regret that they didn't spend their time together.

Her tongue licked his lower teeth, begging to enter. He allowed it and letting her tongue slipping into his mouth. Her body was hotter while his tongue invaded her mouth. She could feel his tongue was twirling hers, their saliva mixed each other. But they wanted more. Both hugged closer, deepening their kiss as his hand grabbed her towel before he slowly unwrapped it. She moaned in his mouth when he completely undressed her towel but she kept kissing him. He rolled on the bed to switch their position with him on top of her.

In need of air, they broke the kiss. The trail of saliva was still connecting their tongue until it was severed. He got up a bit to see her naked body. She had grown up a bit, taller than he first saw her. Though her breasts hadn't developed, he still loved them as long as they're hers. He went for her neck and licked on it, sending shiver down to her body. Her breath hesitated, moaning softly. His tongue licked her neck down, leaving trail of saliva, and kissed her shoulder, marking her with a hickey. She belonged to him and him alone.

Her strength was lost by a sudden touch on her small breast. Her breath was getting hotter and heavier as he softly folded her breast, calling his name in ecstasy. Hearing this, a smirk crossed his mouth. His index and mid finger squeezed her nipple and massaged it, causing another moan escaping her lips. Her mind was blank. His magical fingers were playing her breasts, taken over by the pleasure. She tried to muffle her moan yet he attacked her with his tongue licking her other nipple. He licked around, squeezing and sucked on it. His teeth bit her nipple lightly yet enough to leave mark and pulled out before he released it.

He continued licking it while his hands held her waist and stroked down to her thighs. He heard a soft giggle from her lips, ticklish. He stroked to her inner thighs and ran upper until he touched her treasure, which was already soak. A smirk flashed on his mouth, which she blushed, before he began rubbing his fingers up and down. The sound of her wet vagina being teased by him embarrassed her. Her moan was louder every time he rubbed on it, unable to bear the pleasure he caused on her and was sealed by his lips. She could only moan in his mount as he increased the pace.

Her breath was heavy and her back was ache, moaned loudly as she came, her juice leaked on his hand. She broke the kiss to catch her air, her body limped on the bed. The red knight teased her by licking her juice on his hand before her. A wave of embarrassment hit her as she watched him licking it, yet she couldn't do anything.

She waited till her strength returned partially and rolled on the bed to switch place again. Her man chuckled at this and let her do what she wanted. He watched as the girl patted on the budging thing in his pants, his 'sword'. She undid the belt, unbuttoned it and slid it off. The first thing she felt was a hot, gentle slap from his 'sword'. She held it with both her hands and performed handjob by stroking her hands up and down. The touch of her soft hands forced her man to groan in pleasure. She smirked at that and sped up her hands.

His 'sword' went harder and harder with every stroke she did, her left hand caressing caressing his balls. She began her own assault by closing her gap between her face and his 'sword' and licking the shaft. Of course her man didn't expect that and a loud sigh escaping from his mouth. He could feel her wet tongue licking his 'sword' from the bottom up, the tip being teased by her. A small liquid of precum leaked from the head of his 'sword' which was wiped by her tongue, tasting it. It's bitter. Then she put its head in her mouth, twirled tongue around it and swallowed the shaft into her mouth. He grunted before the tight and heat in her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down, her tongue licking below his 'sword'.

A hand was placed on her head, urgent to more. She obeyed him and sucked his 'sword' faster, her moan muffled. The faster she sucked, the sooner he would come, as her throat felt his genital throbbing. However, a devious thought crossed her mind and stop her head, earning a disappointing groan from him. She removed his genital from her mouth and crawled on top of his to position her lower lips onto his 'sword'.

Her face showed nervous and scared because she was still a virgin. He pulled her closer, his forehead touching hers, and stared at her starred eyes to tell her to trust him. She smiled a bit and nodded. Putting the head of his genital in, she slowly inserted his 'sword' into her. Both he and she fell the touch of the head and the barrier of virgin. Their hands clasped each other, fingers interwined. With a nod, she dropped her body down. A sting of pain pierced her barrier, her hands gripping tightly as her tears came down from her eyes, the pain she couldn't take. Her man locked her lips with his to silence her sream, which was muffled in his mouth. Blood leaked out from her entrance.

Both kept kissing until she broke it. A nod from her meaned the pain was faded away. She began lifting her body up and fell back, his 'sword' rubbing her womb. The pain was subdued and replaced by the pleasure inside. She moaned loudly with every beat, her womb tightening his genital. Her mind went blank and increased more speed. The sound of their skin slapping and the moans of the demon girl in heat were the only thing in the room.

As for her man, he didn't just lie down and watch her. He hugged her and rolled again to change their position before he thrusted his 'sword' into her. A loud scream of pleasure pierced the heaven when his 'sword' hit the G-spot that she came again, yet he kept the thrusting speed. She completely lost her mind, the saliva drooling down on her cheek. The sensation of pleasure, it was too much for her. She spread out her arms for him, inviting him in her embrace, which he accepted and hugged her, his lips crashed onto hers once more. He kept the pace of thrusting while he dominated her tongue.

All of sudden, he stopped. The girl was confused why until her legs was hung on his shoulders and she was flipped by him so that she was on her knees and hands. He thrusted inside her again and become faster and rougher. She yelped among the moans as her tail was being teased. A burning sensation of pleasure hit her when his hand stroked her tail, weakening her strength and licked it. The girl's arms fell onto her elbows, his saliva was wetting her tail. She couldn't mutter her words, tears dropping. He released her tail and reached for her breasts, foldling them roughly. Her breath was so hot that it was visible.

The girl felt his genital throbbing wildy inside her, telling her that he would come soon. He held her waist and thrusted her faster and faster. And then, with his last strong thrust, he came inside her as she came too. His seed and her juice mixed together. They paused to get their breath.

As he pulled his 'sword' out, some of his seed leaked out from her entrance.

Both then collasped on the bed. It was a long and pleasure night for both of them. Their eyes were staring at each other ther. A smile crossed their lips.

"I love you, Elsword."

"I love you too, Lu."

The girl pulled him closer and kissed his lips closer which he returned. Lu used his arm as her pillow and drifted into sleep as Elsword hugged her and joined in his own dream.

Unknown to them, a new life was formed inside Lu.

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