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Main Couple: Elsword (Rune Master) x Elesis (Flame Lord)

3 - Hot Shower

Nothing better than a nice hot shower in the evening, enjoyed the water washing away the sweat. However, to the Sieghart family, it's another kind of shower.

"Ah… Home, sweet home."

Elesis let out a loud sigh of relief upon returning home. She took off her shoes and headed straight to her room while Elsword was behind her, taking off his own. Both returned from a quest and they were rather sweaty.

"I'm gonna prepare shower for you." Elesis heard her brother shout from outside. A dark blush crept onto her face as the wild imagination went through her mind. She threw her white coat away, leaving the black suit that hugged her body, took of the belt and removed the gloves. She reached her hair and untied her hair, her crimson hair floating when she stroke it.

The sound of the water could be heard from the bathroom which was beside her room, meaning he was preparing for her. She stepped out of her room and went for the bath. She noticed another white coat was in the basket, which belonged to Elsword. She picked it up put it close to her nose, taking a deep inhale of his scent. That was all it took for her to fall into pleasure. She loved her brother's scent.

A soft moan escaped her lips as she took another breath. Her body was getting hotter and hotter, her legs shaking a little. She muttered his name quietly with love.

"I didn't expect you to smell my coat, Elesis." A voice called from her back and a pair of strong arms wrapped her waist.

She didn't need to turn around and felt his hands roaming her body. Her lips was claimed by Elsword's as he hungrily kissed her. She blissfully moaned.

Elsword and Elesis were in a forbidden relationship, not as brother and sister, but as man and woman. They loved each other but hid their love to the world due to the people's opinions. They didn't want to let everyone think badly to their lives and so they only showed their love at home. Day by day, their love turned into a heating life. Elsword pulled Elesis into the bath and committed sinful thing by having intercourse with her, and Elesis couldn't ask for more.

Back to the couple, Elsword's left hand reached for her breast and started folding it, earning a soft moan from Elesis. His other hand travelled down to her groin and rubbed his fingers on her lower lips, which made her turned on and wet herself. He growled a bit by the clothes and attempted to zip it down. Elesis helped him take her clothes off, her breasts bouncing. Once she was stripped naked, Elsword pulled her into the bathroom and pinned her on the war to continued kissing her.

She was in pain by his roughness yet she made no complaint. Her hands stroked down from his shoulders to his hard chest and the six-pack abs, beginning to get hornier. The shower rained down the hot water over their body, wetting their heads.

"Turn around." He ordered, which Elesis obeyed and turned herself around, leaning her back on his chest.

He took the shower faucet and cleaned her shoulders down to her collar bones and her breasts. A devious smirk crossed his face and put the shower close to her nipple, where was sensitive to her. The hot water ran over her nipple and she moaned loudly when Elsword massaged it with the shower rubbing on it. He did the same to the other one. Elsword licked his tongue on Elesis' neck, leaving a trail of saliva and kissed on it. His fangs sank on her skin, marking her as his, and tasted a bit of her blood.

He moved the shower from her breast down to her stomach, letting the hot water washing her skin, and hit her wer lower lips. She tried to hold her moan back when he put it too close to her pussy and rubbed it up and down, her legs trembling. His left arm wrapped around her waist to keep her from falling while continuosly rubbed it. Her body was stiff for a moment and heard a loud moan from her mouth, her juice leaked out and washed away by water.

Elsword put the shower back to hanger and slowly carried her into the bathtub. He joined in with her and had her between his legs. The crimson haired girl relaxed in his arm and giggled when her hair was patted by his hand.

Elesis felt a hot pulse hitting her back. She reached under water and grabbed his penis that was already hard.

"Your little boy need my attention." Elesis teased, rubbing her finger on the tip. She broke free and turned around to face him while on her knees and hands, her left hand holding his penis and stroking it up and down slowly "It's quite hard and painful. Let me help it."

She took a deep breath and dived under the bath. Elsword didn't see her but he felt his penis was being sucked by her mouth. Elesis bobbed her head up and down, tongue licking below the rod. It's not much of a problem to her when she gave him blowjob under water because she had done it a few times and she enjoyed it. She stopped her head and focused on licking around its head.

The woman only emerged from water to get air and dived again.

She kept doing it for a few times until his cock began throbbing. She bobbed her head faster to earn her favorite drink. A hot, white liquid shot out from his cock and filled her mouth. She closed her lips tight, not letting any drop to spill. Once he stopped cumming, she pulled his cock out, while keeping sperm in her mouth, and emerged from water. She opened her mouth to show his seed that coated her tongue and closed to swallow them down.

"Good girl." He complimented, which she blushed and buried her face on his chest. He chuckled and hugged her.

"Ne… Elsword…"


"… What do you think if I want to start a family with you?" she asked.

She felt his hand touched her cheek and lifted her face up to see his close to her, both their forehead touching each other.

"Then I will make it come true." Elsword smiled "Anything for my flame rose."


But she liked it.

Elesis sat on top of him and positioned herself over his cock. Her hand held his rod to set its tip in her and slowly slid remain of his length into her womb.


She couldn't resist her moan and moved her body, her wall tightening his cock. The heat of water along with his large cock forced her to cum on him again. Elsword grabbed both of her breasts and massaged it while sucking one of her nipples, circling his tongue around. Her body trembled and felt weaker.

Elsword suddenly lifted her body up, earning a gasp from her, and put her on the floor on her back before he moved his hip to fuck her. Her mind went blank and unable to hold back her lewd moans in bathroom.

"More, Elsword! Make A Mess Of Me! Make Me Pregnant With Your Child!"

He growled and increased his speed. He slammed his lips onto hers and made out in a heating kiss while maintaining his speed. His cock hit her G-spot directly and made her orgasm, yet he didn't let her rest and keep fucking her like animal in heat.

He stopped suddenly, making Elesis stared at him in confused until Elsword lifted her up again. Elesis found herself on the wall, her legs barely touched the floor as he lifted her. He lifted her left leg up and continued thrusting this cock inside her, her breasts bouncing.

"S-So rough!"

"Bear with it, woman!" He growled.

She was in ninth heaven, her mind and body filled with pleasure he made her. Her tongue hung out. All she could think was being his toy to be fucked by him while her mind was corrupted by the pleasure of his cock in her womb.

Elsword kept thrusting his cock inside her until it went throbbing. Elesis could feel it too and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I'm gonna cum soon, Elesis!"

"Let it out inside me! Let me bear your child!"


Both screamed their names out and cum, his sperm flowing inside her worm mixed with her juice. They panted heavily, staring at each other before they claimed each other's lips.

"It's our child, Elesis. Not only me." He spoke out.

A soft smile appeared on her lips, tears welling on her cheeks.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

A week later, both Elsword and Elesis were in her room, sitting on the bed. The Flame Lord was held in her lover's arms.

"Hey, Elsword. I have something to tell you."

"What is it?"

Elesis showed him the pregnancy test to Elsword, which showed Posible.

"I got pregnant."

It didn't take the certain magician to realize what she meant and hugged her with happy laugh.

"I'm gonna be daddy!"

Elesis giggled when he kissed her cheek.

Yuu: z...z...z...

(In a different room)

Lu: Seem like Yuu-chan's tired with his work (Toss some chips) and i'm sure you're enjoying his lemon of you and your brother.

Elesis: *blush* i'm not. *toss some chips* maybe...

Elsword: Let him rest, i'm sure he will be good tomorrow *toss some chips*. And oh, Mr. X, i got a message for you. Yuu's on with his other lemon chapter with Rose here and should be finish within tomorrow. But then you should consider his busy schedule sometimes, he may not be able to update stories frequently, or change his status, that's all for now.

Lu: Show time~ *Show a set of full house* I won~ *attempt to gather chips*

Elesis: Not so fast. *Show a set 4 of a kind* it's my victory *try to reach betting chips*

Elsword: *Shot a set of royal straight flush* check again, women *smirk* seem like there's gonna be a hot night with you two.

Lu and Elesis: *shocked and then blush*