089. Hunger



"You've never been KISSED?"

Haruhi's loud, peeved clamor sounds through the classroom, and perhaps the whole of North High, as her hands slam rowdily against a folded table.

With a slight eye-roll, Kyon hunches over. He pushes his fingertips over his closed eyelids and groans.

"This is a TRAVESTY—a TRAGEDY in the making! I cannot allow this!" Haruhi snaps her fingers at Itsuki shuffling their colorful, laminated flyers. "As your president, I ORDER you to kiss him!"

"You want him to do WHAT?" Kyon cries out.

Sensing the beginning of Kyon's humiliation and panic, Itsuki gently suggests for her to pick someone else, and maybe Haruhi should demonstrate the proper techniques on Kyon after their meeting ends.

Kyon's nose wrinkles.

No — god no, that's even worse.

Haruhi may be an all-powerful being, but he doesn't want to be romantically involved with her. Thankfully for him, Haruhi also scrunches up her face in disgust, slamming down a hand again.

"I said you, Itsuki! Just like this, watch—"

Mikuru squeaks in astonishment, quivering when a grinning, thrilled Haruhi embraces her, flinging her arms to Mikuru's neck and pressing up to her huge, pillowy chest, giving her a wet-sloppy kiss.


Kyon considers this discovery of Haruhi's sapphic orientation, preoccupied with cataloguing how boldly Haruhi's fingers travel over Mikuru's uniform, her shoulders and her hips, all the way to the edge of her pleated, blue skirt, flicking it up.

With a perceptive sigh, Itsuki reaches out, tapping under Kyon's chin lightly, signaling him to shut his gaping mouth. He chuckles at the offended look.



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