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Very, very bitter.

It was probably very wrong for them to feel this way – especially them, as two Knights of the Round Table and the proud upholders of chivalry itself – but they could not help it when it came to her.

Their Master.

"Is it possible," Gawain leaned against the wall, watching Kagome interact so warmly with Dr. Roman and he was absolutely soaking up the attention like a sponge, "That they are in a romantic relationship...?" He asked quietly to the male standing beside him.

"I have never seen them doing anything indicating such a thing," Lancelot crossed his arms, narrowing his eyes when Dr. Roman's cheeks flushed as Kagome laughed at something he said, "But Lady Kagome is quite... demure for a modern woman."

He had seen some of her other contracted Servants (of both sexes) approach her for more and her blushing splutters were quite adorable in his opinion.

"Perhaps she is different behind closed doors?" Gawain sighed, shifting so his cape covered the front of his body as his mind began to wander down a suggestive path, "Surely she cannot be so innocent?"

Lancelot stared at his fellow Knight with wide eyes, about to reprimand him for saying such thoughts –at least out loud for others to hear – since there were a few Servants (namely a certain gold-wearing male) who would not hesitate to strike them down for saying such things about their Master.

"So what are you boys up to today?"

The two jumped, having been completely caught off guard as a mischievous smile was sent their way and it was Lancelot who could only grumble back a response, "Good day to you too, Da Vinci."

"I see you two are eyeing Kagome again like the covert perverts you are," Da Vinci grinned when Gawain scowled and Lancelot gaped at her, "Except you're not even being covert about it anymore. If you're not careful, Gilgamesh or even Kiyohime will catch on."

"Tell me out right," Gawain turned to the genius Servant, "Is Lady Kagome in relationship with the Doctor?" He asked, gesturing towards the two as they began to exchange various sweets with each other.

"Oh my!" Da Vinci gasped before giving them a teasing smile, "I certainly won't divulge such personal information about Kagome's romantic life!" She ignored the irritated expression on both of their faces, "She is your Master, isn't she? Why don't you ask her yourselves?"

"You already know how Lady Kagome will answer," Lancelot shook his head, though could not help the small smile that appeared on his face, "She will simply turn red and will try to stammer out a denial, whether or not if that is a lie."

"Then I suppose you chivalrous Knights will have some serious wooing to do," Da Vinci snickered, "Good luck though because you're certainly going to need it!" With a laugh, she left the duo to frown after her retreating form because they knew she was correct on the 'wooing' part.

"...I just wish Lady Kagome wasn't so oblivious..."

"...You're right about that..."