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Albus Dumbledore walked calmly walked through the halls of his school. He let out a deep unknown sigh. Why you ask? The reason of his lament being The Hero Of The Wizarding World, Harry James Potter or as he was popularly known as, The Boy Who Lived. The poor boy had enough on his plate as it is, with what being separated from his parents right after he was born and have to live with his Muggle relatives who didn't take kindly to magic. It pained his old heart when he saw him for the first time in eleven years after he left him on that fateful night at The Dursely's doorsteps. The poor boy's growth had been stunted…A LOT. He looked scrawny, underfed and frail. That spiky untamed brown hair, that curious jawline his round face…..everything about him practically screamed James Potter. Except for his deep hazel brown eyes just like his mother, Lily.

But all wasn't lost. Harry finally entered the world he belonged. He found friends in the form of Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger among others. He found a family amongst other Weaselys he could almost call as his own. The past two years had not been easy for the boy, but he had preserved. But Dumbledore could see it. Dark times lied ahead. Dark tumultuous and cataclysmic times. And it would all begin by the end of this year. Call it a bad omen or an old man's intuition, Dumbledore could feel it. Voldemort's supporters were getting more vocal by the day and it wouldn't be long before The Dark Lord himself would rise once again. And when that happens, harry would need all the help he could get. War was on the horizon. If the Death Eaters had started recruiting people to their cause, maybe he should start as well. But the question was, who could he trust? The new Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge was getting more paranoid with every second, thinking that he was after his job. 'That utter bigoted fool' Dumbledore thought. Why would he want to take his place when he himself had helped him become the minister in the first place? The ministry itself was filled with corrupt backstabbing individuals. There were only a few he could trust. What he…no…the entire wizarding worlds needed were allies….Powerful allies. As he walked through the library of his school, his eyes came upon a strange old book….. A book he had not read in many years.


Dumbledore had a sudden gleam in his eyes. Maybe the future wasn't so dark yet maybe there was some hope after all… but after so many years…. Would they agree to help him? Would they be willing to form fresh ties again? Will they let go of their prejudice and hate towards his kind and lend a helping hand in this time of need? Or like countless times before…their answer will be no?

Dumbledore sat down and flipped the book open….as he started reading he started to reminisce to his younger years and his various interactions with these "Shinobi"

Shinobi origins pg.1

"This world has been divided into good and bad…..white and black….

They say mankind is good while demons are bad

I wonder where that would put us as Shinobi?

Grey …..Definitely Grey…

Our history is paved with bloodshed….

We lie, steal, torture and kill without batting an eye.

But all for a greater cause

We fight…. so one day…we may achieve true peace… if it exists

We are demons from the realm of Yami herself if need be….

Or angels brought forth by Kami to bless mankind

This is who we are…..

We are SHINOBI…! "

-Hashirama Senju (on the founding day of Konohagakure no Sato).

"Where other men blindly seek the truth, remember…

Nothing is true…

Where other men are limited by morality or law, remember…

Everything is permitted….

Nani Mo Shin No Subete Yurusa Rete Iru

Nothing is True…Everything is permitted"

-Madara Uchiha (on the founding day of Konohagakure no Sato).

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Some would say otherwise, but the wizards and ninjas do know of each other's existence. What wizards called magic was jutsu to the shinobi. The only difference was that these ninjas had extremely higher amount of physical and spiritual energy which allowed them access to chakra and allowed them to perform what wizards called "wandless magic". This intrigued the wizarding community to no end. This was back during the warring era, before the existence of hidden villages came to be. Wizards would hire shinobi of various clans to do their dirty work. The shinobi knew that they were stronger, much stronger than these "stick wiggling fairy people" as they called them and were not to be trusted, but there was no united front and they were getting paid so they only kept a close eye and guarded their own secrets.

But time drove these two races apart. By the time the concept of hidden villages materialised, selfish wizards, wanting to hang on to their power and fame, stated extensive use of shinobi for darker purposes, assassinating other wizards in high political standing, stealing important documents, planting false information between countries to start wars etc. Not to mention dark wizards, who wanted the power of legendary shinobi techniques such as the Sharingan and the Byakugan for themselves.

The shinobi finally snapped. During the first five kage summit it was decide that wizards were too much of a hassle to be dealt with. So they set up a barrier around their lands, near modern day Japan, cutting them of from the rest of western wizarding world.

This though did not mean that wizard-shinobi interaction ceased to exist. The wizards tried to send peace envoys to form diplomatic channels to share knowledge and know-how, but all of them were swatted aside. Some wizards in the ministry and some of the dark ones tried to bend them to their will by force, believing in their superiority. These were the people who were truly introduced to the wrath of a shinobi. The shinobi did send these people back…..just short of a limb or a head. The ones who were left alive (barely though), were able to pass on one message to the wizarding community…"DO NOT FUCK WITH US."

Unlike during the reign of Shodaime and the Nidaime, The Sandaime and Yondaime Hokage did interact with the wizards, mainly Dumbledore. Now Dumbledore believed that they could once again help them in this oncoming time of need. But this time, not as hired guards or mercenaries doing their work, but rather as allies, fighting by their side. But for that to happen, they needed to establish contact once again. With this in mind, Dumbledore started writing up a letter….