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Prologue: The Mysterious Man and Clock. Jump to the Next Dimension!

The old man stood swathed in shadows, just out of reach of the city lights flooding either end of the narrow alley. He was bent over, as if inspecting the ground, one hand held to his visor, the other clutching the rounded end of a cane. Something shifted in the darkness and a large round figure stepped around the corner of an overfilled dumpster. Its steps were strangely quiet, as if the figure were much lighter than it appeared.

The old man straightened. "It is time," he said by way of greeting.

The round figure let out a high metallic laugh. "Okay ~!" It said in a sing-song voice.

An eerie orange glow lit up the alley as an intricate clock face spread out beneath the two figures. Strange writing appeared inside the thick outer ring of the circle, even as a second circle formed beneath them. Thin clock-hands stretched out from the center of the circle as odd symbols appeared in place of numbers.

The round figure, revealed in the orange light to be a clock-like figure itself, spread its arms wide. The clock hands on its own body, as well as those belonging to the orange circle, began to spin.

The old man lifted his own arms, his wooden cane held high. A rectangular device painted black and gray was held firmly over the circle. "Eaonep, Eageta eafo Eadsnoitnemi," he called out in a strong voice.

The circle began to glow steadily brighter as the old man spoke. Slowly, it lifted into the air, surrounding the two figures. It spun lazily for a short time before the rings surrounding the glyphs moved up and over, faster and faster until the old man and the round figure were completely obscured by the orange glow. Within the fiery sphere, the clock face still surrounding the old man and his oddly shaped companion spun. The old man stood stock still, a grim smile spreading across his face.

Soon, the light started to fade. As it did, the world began to fall away, like the pieces of a puzzle, revealing what was underneath. Stars, planets and nebula filled the holes in the world. They flew past, streaking across the sky, their colors dancing together as if it were their natural state of being.

It was over in a matter of seconds. The cosmos slowly disappeared behind the mask of a new world. The circle and what little light it provided disappeared completely, leaving only the old man and the round, clock-shaped figure bathed in the shadows of a forest.

"We have arrived," the old man said, looking around the thick cluster of trees. "We must find the child and his group quickly and be on our way. We don't want to cause more of a disruption here than we already have."

"Right!'' The clock-like figure said following the old man.