This chapter is mostly dirty stuff just a warning.

Betelgeuse polished off the bottle of cheap whiskey he had lifted from the corner store down the street and tossed it carelessly into the yard of the neighbors side of the duplex before belching loudly. He lounged back midair his hands behind his head and gazed up at the night sky with a disgruntled look. This job had not been going the way he'd hoped. If he had his way he'd already be done and seven inches deep in his brand new bride by now.

He wasn't surprised, though. It seemed that this particular mortal was a magnet for trouble. She managed to catch his attention, after all. It made the poltergeist wonder what, exactly, it was that drew spirits to the girl. Not just him, but the demon and even the Maitlands. Something about the girl just screamed that he had to have her, to posses her in whatever way possible. Hence his marriage plan. He wondered if the Maitlands felt the same when they saw her, and perhaps that was why they had adopted her, so to speak.

If she somehow influenced the entity he was dealing with now the same way ... well it would explain why it was being so damn persistent. Though the poltergeist had weakened it considerably in the bathroom, enough that it could no longer fully manifest, he'd already had to knock it on it's ass no less than three time since the li'l wifey had gone to sleep. He could taste the beast's frustration and anticipation each time it made a go for her. It's single-minded determination was pissing him the hell off. Thing needed to learn it's place and keep it's claws off his soon-to-be wife.

The devil was a high-class demon. Nearly as high up on the demonic scale as he was on the ghost scale. If the poltergeist was honest with himself this was a job he would never have taken on under any other circumstances. The pay-off though, he would finally finally have his little runaway bride and his freedom. Betelgeuse would do this job, annoying as it would be, and not only would he have absorbed another demon's power by the end of it, he'd be free as a fucking bird.

Not only that but there wasn't shit Juno or the Maitlands could do about it this time around. Little Lydia was all grown up and able to make her own choices. She wouldn't get off with just a marriage of inconvenience this time, either. He was going to fuck her seven ways to Sunday. She was going be so grateful when he was done she'd be begging him to let her wrap those pink little lips around his cock. He just had to get rid of fuck-face first.

The poltergeist reached into his pants and adjusted himself in the suddenly confining space with a grunt. It had been a long while since he'd taken a living woman to bed, and none of those broads had smelled half as good as Lydia had when he had her sandwiched against the wall. His mouth absolutely watered as he remembered how close he had been to getting into her black little panties. He could hear and feel her erratic pulse dancing a staccato beat against his too-still body, and all he could think about was how that pulse would feel hot and wet and tight beating all around his-

He sucked a breath in as his cock twitched with anticipation.

"Eeeasy boy." He chuckled as he rubbed absently over the weeping tip. He popped a cigarette into his mouth with his free hand before phasing easily through the roof and into the room of the cause of his state. The vixen was sleeping haphazardly tangled in her sheets. His eyes took in the sight of her milky flesh greedily. She hadn't bothered getting dressed and he felt himself pulse in approval at all the bits that were not hidden by the sheets.

He drifted closer, nearly close enough to touch her and inhaled through his nose. His teeth clamped on the cigarette as a feral gleam entered his eyes and his free hand ghosted over her exposed leg. Lydia hummed in her sleep and her brows furrowed as her peace was disturbed, but not by his feather-light touch.

Betelgeuse groaned in frustration as he removed his hand from a certain aching part of his anatomy and squared up to rebuff the devil again. Asshole had a habit of interrupting him, he'd break the beast of that real damn fast. The look on his face was absolutely savage as he exploded into black smoke.

He had been distracted again, and so the creature was already in the bedroom. He wrapped it in his energy as soon as it passed through the wall and it writhed in his grasp. The pair of them grappled like two intangible serpents for a few moments before the devil retreated once again. Betelgeuse settled possessively around the bed as he caught his breath, so to speak.

Lydia lay peacefully sleeping for the first time since the doors started slamming throughout the night. She was sure the fact that she could sleep so peacefully with a poltergeist lurking around her home said something about her, but despite what she'd said in the bathroom she did have faith that Betelgeuse would hold up his end of the bargain. He hadn't let her down in the past, and despite her fucking him over then he had agreed to help her now.

She could feel him even through the haze of sleep. His feral energy was oddly comforting.

Her hair began to stand on end and gooseflesh rose on her arms as she slowly roused from the peaceful darkness of unconsciousness. She could feel the demon closing in, it's dark aura reaching out for her. At the same time the chaotic buzz of Betelgeuse's energy was even closer and seemed to shroud her entire being. She whimpered and rolled over in her bed as her skin seemed to jump to life with a pleasant hum of electricity.

Lacking the energy to rouse completely Lydia's eyes were half lidded as she felt the ebb and flow of the clashing auras. She could see Betelgeuse, though he was not in a human or corporeal form, he was a dark mist that enveloped her entire bed. She sensed Betelgeuse's power crescendo and the demonic energy was repulsed once more.

Drunk on sleep the young woman reached out and ran her fingers tenderly through the mist. It was cold and the tingles that ran through her hand and up her arm were not unpleasant in the least. Sleepily her other hand came up to join the explorations and she inadvertently pulled him so that he was enveloping her body. She gasped in surprise as his energy hummed through her being, and a barely audible groan rumbled from the darkness enshrouding her. The energy became more concentrated on her hips and she fancied she could feel his cold calloused touch slipping up to engulf her breasts.

She arched into his touch beautifully and she felt his energy thrum with approval as his touch concentrated on pinching her pink pearled nipples. She yelped at the jolt of electric pleasure that went straight to her core.

Lydia's legs rubbed together as she writhed within him, desperately trying to alleviate the ache that had formed quite suddenly in the apex of her thighs. Her hands roamed down her stomach only to be stopped fast by Betelgeuse. His aura took on a predatory feel as her legs were forced apart and an amazing sensation began to stretch and explore her pussy.

"Be-" Her voice was muffled by an immense pressure before she could get past the first syllable. He was not angry, she could feel his satisfaction as he moved within her. Was he-were they having sex? She could not see him, but she could feel him. He pulled and rolled her nipples and worked at her clit and filled her pussy entirely. His energy sang along her entire body and filled her with electricity as the sensations began to overwhelm her. Her scream of pleasure was muffled by the mist as she lifted her hips and arched her back as an intense orgasm ripped through her body. She panted as her entire body went limp.

The poltergeist oozed smug satisfaction as he released her from whatever power he had held her ensnared within. She hummed tiredly as her eyes became heavy once more. The comforting hum of his power dragged her spent body back under the ocean of sleep.

Betelgeuse bathed in the afterglow of his work as he watched her deep breathing. He pulled himself together and lit up another cigarette as he grinned down at the young woman below him. He had been surprised when she was able to touch him without his body, but ravaging her in that form was, if not the same as putting it to her, satisfying in a whole other way. He was tempted to cocoon himself possessively around her once again, but he decided against it. It was better when she offered herself up, rather than he take what he wanted.

For now, though, he needed to figure out a way to finish this job. So long as he could see it coming rebuffing the thing was no problem, but Lydia proved a delicious distraction. Had the thing tried to enter the home while he was utterly wrapped around the woman it would have been a repeat of the bathroom incident. Really, he knew better, but hot damn if it wouldn't have been worth it.

My thanks and apologies to all those who have been following this story. I've written and re-written this chapter several times before deciding that it would be a pseudo smut chapter. Hopefully the next update won't take so long to get out!