Enter the Wild

Werecats by ShurikenMix

Short By Frozarburst

At the sprawling cartoon-filled Toon City on a sunny evening, Hali, the blue dog-like alien samurai, converses with the darker adult version of the childish Fink at the park bench by the waterside.

Hali: And that's what happened to the Junior Division.

Shadowy Fink: Gee. I didn't think you guys would ever consider. I mean, you had someone like Gumball around, and he was a kid.

Hali: Well, frankly, Lincoln was just a guy. So was Tuck. They didn't have any powers or techniques. And Lisa was just irritating to Dendy and Mom. (Turns to the left and smiles) Speaking of, there she is right now.

Shadowy Fink: Hey girl! What's-

To their surprise, the normally lavish Anais Watterson in nice clothes, dashes past the two on all fours with her fur coat torn and wearing a wild smile. She pauses, skidding across the grass with both hands.

Hali: Uuuuuuh...Mom...?

Beast Anais: REEEEEEEEEEEE- (Grins to Hali) Oh, hey dear. I'm busy with an experiment right now. But I'll be back before dinner tonight. (Flutters fingers) Don't you worry. (Sprints away)

Shadowy Fink: …Huh. Didn't know she still liked science.

Beside Hali, two versions of Gumball and Nicole arrive in a hurry. Two resembling their original style, albeit gray with long dark pants and rough fur. And the other being more akin to anime. Gumball still wears his traditional clothes. Though he now has a regular white sweatshirt and black sweatpants. Nicole also has on similar attire.

Werecat Nicole: This isn't good! She hasn't any control of her beastial side yet! Any longer and it could take days to get her back!

Gumball: Drat! And I thought you guys had it rough.

Hali: Hey, I've heard of you guys. You're from a different timeline, aren't you?

Werecat Gumball: Yep. We're the ones who get to embrace the wild side.

Werecat Nicole: We visited a few years ago when the Time Drive opened portals to other timelines. But Anais kept tabs and brought us here.

Shadowy Fink: For what? The experiment she mentioned?

Nicole: Tsss… (Scratches the back of her head) Yeeeeah. That. And it wouldn't be the first time she's lost it. Come with us, if you don't mind. (Snaps fingers)

The 6 of them instantly teleport away from the park to the busy streets of town. The beastial Anais continues to run across the roads, past the bustling streets filled with hover vehicles and wandering cartoon civilians. Double D hops back from the rabid rabbit when she runs by, and Johnny Bravo combs his hair in style after getting pushed back. When she gets across the street again, a huge red cargo truck runs by, almost hitting her when she ducks underneath and rolls though it.

Inner Anais: Phew! You oughtta be more careful next time. Wait. What're you lookin' at?

Over by the marketplace, currently closed for the night, there is a cart full of various fruits and vegetables, especially large fully grown carrots. This causes Anais to salivate and lick her lips when she abruptly gets a splitting headache arguing with her proper self.

Inner Anais: Don't you dare! Those vegetables aren't free, and I'm not trying to embarrass myself anymore than I already had!

Beast Anais palming her forehead: Urrgh…! (Lets go) Food… FOOD! (Runs over and starts gobbling vegetables aggressively)

The group of 6 pop behind her, both disturbed and humored by the tall rabbit munching down on all the food.

Hali: So what's the big deal today?

Gumball: Big sis over here wanted to see if our strength was inherited or not.

Werecat Gumball: And she sorta got...angry. Like, really bad.

Shadowy Fink: How come?

Nicole: I'm honestly not entirely sure. But she did say something about not having-

Beast Anais: Carrots… I want carrots! (Faces the group) More carrots!

Hali: Listen to me, Mom, you've gotta get control of your body back. We can help you with that.

Inner Anais: If I could, I would.

Beast Anais: Food?

In the rabbit's vision, all 6 of the group are giant living carrots in various sizes, to which Anais salivates over and licks her lips.

Gumball: I have a problem with this!

Anais hops forward, attempting to pounce on Gumball when he and the others step out of the way. Shadowy Fink herself teleports behind her, supercharging her hand for a knock-out chop, only to miss when her friend kicks her from the back!

Shadowy Fink falling on her back: Oof!

Nicole brings one palm forward, releasing a ripple in reality shielding around her rabid daughter. It keeps her in one place as she begins to strain her face and stand up before howling loudly!


The ripples around her freeze and shatter like an exploding mosaic; even causing the sky to turn purple at the top while the evening orange and yellow surround the atmosphere. The shockwave pushes Nicole back against a light post next to her werecat counterpart, prompting her to strike back. She pounces onto Anais, pinning her to the ground while Toonverse Nicole, again, freezes her daughter in place with her magic.

Beast Anais growling: Grrr…!

Werecat Nicole: Don't let your beastial side take over who you are, Anais! Embrace that part of you.

Inner Anais: Well I can't deny it's always been in me. But I CAN say it needs to know it's place!

Beast Anais shouting: ROOOAR!

Anais kicks the Werecat off of her, breaking through the barrier to make a run for a different area of town toward a large foundry under construction. In it, Jimmy Neutron steers Carl and Sheen to a proper direction while they lift a heavy steel crate full of an unknown substance. But the weight of the container strains their legs.

Jimmy: GUYS, every second we waste, we lose a precious number of atoms! Please! DON'T DROP IT!

Carl: I can't work under pressure!

Suddenly, the beast brushes past them on all fours, hopping over steel beams and conveyor belts along the way. Werecat Gumball and his anime twin leap over the three men to give chase, while Hali slides underneath them to continue her pursuit.

Hali: Sorry guys!

Sheen: Hey Hali!

Sheen and Carl quickly drop the container, leading to an explosion behind the group pursuing Anais!

Inner Anais: That didn't sound good.

While somewhat in control of her beastial side, Anais takes the opportunity to run towards a power grid, unguarded. Huge cables stretch across a long corridor to parts throughout the city.

Inner Anais: You're still hungry? Well, I'll let you munch on something that'll knock you out!

Anais takes hold of one of the tubes, bites down on it and gets electrocuted so much that sparks leap out of her and the wires surrounding her! Lights in the city flash momentarily before the rabbit lets go, having been burned by the huge volts of power. SHocked, she turns and faces the group behind her.

Shadowy Fink: Ok. (Laughs) THAT is worth getting my camera for!

Hali: I can sense it. She's trying to tire herself out to regain control.

Beast Anais: (Burps and grins) Aaaaah… (Notices Werecats) Oooooh…!

Werecat Gumball: ...Meow?

Shadowy Fink: Aaaaw. I think she likes you.

Indeed, Anais gets on all fours and rubs her cheek against the furry Gumball's chest.

Shadowy Fink: Now she wants to play with you.

Nicole: I guess that beastial side has calmed down a little, but it's still gonna be in effect for a while.

Gumball: So, what're we supposed to do now?

Hali: Now, we play fetch.

Outside, Hali plays with her now feral step mother by tossing a red ball around the park. She sprints over and catches it like a dog, along with rolling over the grass against her back. Gumball, the werecat one, jumps into her to play fight. Both grabbing onto each other, rolling around like someone's pets. Nicole, meanwhile, sits on a bench and strokes her werecat self's head laying against her lap. Gumball watches with Hali, taking out a long bone from his pocket which he snaps into two pieces. He throws them at the two beasts, getting them to stop and gnaw on them.

Gumball: Wow. These two really are having a good time.

Hali: I just find it awkward that my stepmother is running around like a dog.

Gumball: Eh. Not the weirdest thing to come out of our lives.

Beast Anais: (Licks Werecat GB's Face and pauses) …

Werecat Gumball: Uh, sis?

Beast Anais: (Shakes head) Finally! I can speak fluently again. Just as planned.

Nicole: You're good now?

Beast Anais: Yes. I'm fine. This was a decent experiment, but I still don't understand. Why are you all so strong? You have a bond I rarely ever got. (Covers face) I just wanted the same thing…

Hali: Mom… Aren't you forgetting something special about you?

Gumball: Yeah, you're smart. Really smart! We didn't even have to do much because you already solved the problem.

Werecat Nicole: Most of Gumball's feral side took over randomly. But with you, you did it faster than either of us. You're in perfect control of yourself!

Beast Anais: Well then, I believe my work here is done. Thank you all for spending time with me. Especially you, Fink. You didn't make me feel like I lost all my dignity.

Shadowy Fink: ...I maaaaay have posted at least one good photo of you licking Gumball's face just now.

Beast Anais: What…?

Shadowy Fink rocketing to the sky: UP UP, AND AWAY!

Werecat Nicole: …?

Werecat Gumball: …?

Gumball: Well that was random.