Hi guys. Short note only:

Sorry if I haven't updated that much. Really busy right now with highschool. It's gonna be a bit tight this year because I'm aiming for the honor roll. I'm still on to the idea, though. I'm just going a little bit more slowly this time. A paragraph or two every once in a while. My sincerest apologies...really.

To Cherie, I'm sorry you felt offended by the name. I guess I'll have to pick another one...but I might end up offending another reader! Perhaps you guys can offer Japanese names? Clarissa was meant to be a british lady who met Tokiya during his travels to Europe. (Oooops, I spilled a few bits. But you guys deserve it anyway.)

Gah. I feel horrible about this. Don't get me wrong, I love school (Yes, I'm a weird geek. Sue me.) BUT I also like writing. *sighs*

But hey, thanks for all the support! (This sounds like a farewell.) I promise to be back with a really nice and long chapter to make up for this hiatus.