090. Passage



Daenerys's mouth idles the sour-salt and noxious, warm odor of the two bowls of half-clotted blood. They've been fed to her as her nightly meals in preparation of a most important ceremony — to read the omens of her son's birth. Khal Drogo's heir. She must consume an entire horse's heart to prove herself.

To quell her nerves, Daenerys attempts to sleep by herself in Khal Drogo's tent, moaning and swallowing down her nausea, curling up feebly.

She dreams vividly — the air smells like Pentos, humid and burdened of spices and salt.

Daenerys walks upon the stone-steps leading downwards, layered with bright purple, spiky wildflowers and lush green leaves, cushioning her bare feet. A sheet of thin, transparent gossamer hangs over Daenerys's small, nude form, blowing upwards around her, exposing her rump and nethers.

Khal Drogo waits for her at the bottom of the steps, holding the reins of her silvery mare, and also nude. He's fully erect, the tip of his massive, reddened cock bobbing towards his navel.

His usually expressionless face remains unmoved.

Daenerys feels him lift her into the air, as if she weighs nothing, impaling her upon the girth of his cock until the stretching of her cunt burns, further inside while Drogo humps and grunts softly, thrusting Daenerys's little hips against him, making her take the whole length.

He mounts her just like they mount the horse together.

They race towards the beach, Daenerys's pale legs wrapping clumsily around Drogo's waist, for stability, loosening apart and clenching up when she feels him explode within her womb.

Daenerys wakes on her back, startled, with her husband already buried inside her, groping roughly on her tiny, firm breasts. He jolts against her thighs once, and she arches her spine, gasping, feeling him throbbing against her cunt's walls, rhythmically spurting his hot, heavy seed.

Give strength to the Khal's son, Daenerys prays, resting a palm on top of faintly curved belly.



GOT isn't mine. Did you know that without gravity, you body fluids will rise higher in your body? So that means there's more fluid in your skull pressing on your eyes. When astronauts go out into deep space, all of this fluid squishes their eyeballs and blurs their vision. Also their body heat can't rise off of skin so these guys are constantly sweating but nothing can evaporate or drip without gravity so their sweat just builds up. Kinda neat and kinda horrifying.