Just a little bit of Focus

Summary: When the Sheng Gong Wu, Crown of Ares was activated nobody really took the Wu seriously. It allowed the user to have a little bit of focus. Useless for those who are about to focus, but what happens when Jack Spicer, evil boy genius, known for always being distracted gets his hands on it? Wouldn't he become quiet terrifying?

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"Gather around, children," Dojo Kanojo Cho said, as Clay Balley, Omi, Kimiko Tohomiko and the recently made Shoku warrior rank Raimundo Pedrosa appeared.

Master Fung was right before him.

"What Shen Gong Wu is it this time, Dojo?" Kimiko said.

Dojo opened the Ancient scroll and the middle started moving as he said. "It's the Crown of Ares. It's a Shang Gong Wu that allows the user to focus"

"Focus and allow the user to shoot beams out of their eyes?" Omi said, excitedly.

"Ur, no" Dojo said, making Omi deflate "It just helps you focus"

"That's it? That sounds like a useless Wu" Raimundo said, "Who here has trouble focusing?"

"Not me," Kimiko said.

"Certainly not me," Omi said, smugly.

"If I had trouble focusing. I wouldn't be able to widdle my wood." Clay said.

"You cannot underestimate this Wu. Although the Wu is useless to us" Master Fung said, "You must all remember that It's still a Wu. The Wu is but an extension of oneself. Only a user can bring out a Wu true strength. Just because It's useless in our hands doesn't mean there isn't somebody out there, who would see it as a treasure."

All of the Dragon Warriors looked at each other.

What kind of person would turn such a Wu into a treasure?

#Chase Young Palace#

"I'm sensing a Shang Gong Wu!" Wuya suddenly said, right next to Chase who was thankful that she wasn't coming any closer to bother him while he had his breakfast.

"...It's the Crown of Ares" She said, coming out of it, before explaining. "The Shang Gong Wu allows the wearer to have a focused mind"

"A Shang Gong Wu that allows one's mind to focus?" Chase said, sipping his questionable soup. "Then I don't need it. It would only take up space"

"But what about the Xiaolin warriors?" Wuya said, the Wu was useless to her too but the thought of letting a Shang Go Wu go to those brats...

"Don't worry Wuya. It's useless to them too, each one of them has excellent focus" Chase said, "It doesn't matter who gets it. It's not a Wuya you can boast about or win a Showdown with"

Yes, the Wu was trash.


"Damn, where is everybody?" Jack said, following his Jack Spicer Shen Gong Wu locator.

He had been wondering around for an hour and yet, there was no flying dragon swooping down, there was no kick coming from above, there were no lions trying rip off his pants and chase him all over Rome and there certainly wasn't any Wuya.

If he didn't know any better, everybody who was supposed to be here thought it was a waste of their time and was allowing him to have it.

Now that was insulting.

And then he saw it.

In a statue of Zeus's hand was a glowing object.

Shouldn't it be in the statue of Ares? He had to wonder.

He activated his jet pack and flow upwards the light to get a better look.

It was the Wu he was looking for, the crown was beautifully crafted and seemed to shine, he picked it up and said with teary eyes.

"It's like looking at myself in a mirror. You were deemed useless too, huh?" He said, pocking the crown and sighing and saying "I don't even get to scream 'Jack Bot's Attack'. This really isn't my day."

Then his mind began to wonder, making him say. "We'll it's time for some evil Rome ice-cream. But I'm broke." He suddenly reminded himself before he suddenly cheered up and saying. "Jack, why do you have to pay? Your evil!"

He laughed as if he was doing something truly noteworthy.

Chase Young and Wuya who happened to take a peek at Jack, couldn't help but sigh at his idiocy

"What a complete and utter failure" Wuya said. "And I used to depend on this guy. Those were the most shameful months of my life"

Indeed, it was.

#Back in Jack's lab#

"Alright. How many Shang Gong Wu do I have?" Jack said, back in his lab as he went to his painfully almost empty Shen Gong Wu rack.

He found that he only had the Changing chopsticks and the Manchurian Musca.

Everything else belonged to the Xiaolin Warriors.

The word 'failure' hovered over his head.

"Three whole years of Shen Gong Wu hunting and I only have 2, Shen Gong Wu!?" He said, and he actually started crying. "IT'S NOT FAIR!"

And what was worse was that the Sheng Gong Wu's were no longer seen as all-powerful anymore.

And the 'crow' that was watching him rolled Its eyes and flow away, apparently, it had enough.

There was only so much 'Jack Spicer' it could stand, if it wasn't for Chase, it wouldn't be forced to keep coming back to watch this morn.

"What do the other Villain have that I don't have?" He said, whining like a brat. "I've got the cool clothes. The wicked evil laugh down pet. I've got the gloating down and yet, I'm the butt of everybody jokes. Why?"

Of course, he didn't want to admit, that he was coward, he never bothered to learn how to actually defend himself or that he was trying way too hard to be liked by the other Villains to the point that he would happily cast away soul just to be useful.

Then he saw the Shen Gong Wu he had taken from Rome and said. "Perhaps, this will help me focus on finding the answer that I'm looking for"

Then he put it on his forehead and said. "Crown of Ares"

The crown began to glow and his very head opened up, all the cluster that kept him distracted was in view before being sorted and brushed into a library that the Crown had created in his head.

When he came to, the crown was visible smoking and he had a splitting headache.

"Urg. Okay that was a mistake" He said, rubbing his forehead.

But then he noticed something usual.

He was not suddenly thinking about getting food or a new design for another robot that would worship the ground he walked on only to be destroyed by Omi and the gang.

Contrary to popular belief, Jack Spicer was actually one of the top brains in the world.

This was proved by the fact, that even though Jack was only 14, he could build thing's that even normal adults could not.

He had built his own train.

He had built his own robots.

He had built a robot who could take on the form of anybody in the world.

He built his own jet and drill.

If somebody took the time to actually take notice of his talent, they would wonder why such a brilliant mind acted like he did not have a brain most of the time.

They would wonder why the other villains did not visit him regularly so that he could build them things to make their lives much easier.

They would wonder why he managed to become broke and exchanged his Shen Gong Wu for money for new robots.

They would wonder why he would often be seen writing important things down.

If somebody were to try to look passed the mess that was Jack Spicer they would have realised, his mind had so much potential but it was such a mess that he came off as a complete joke to the good and bad side.

The combination of immaturity that came with growing up as rich and sheltered clashed with his High IQ and his desire to be evil.

Unfortunately, the immature side of him won the battle usually.

However, what would happen if he managed to sort his mind out?

His true worth would be unleashed.

Jack looked at his pitiful rack of Shen Gong Wu and his mind went a hundred miles per hour.

He could suddenly see things that he was too immature to see through.

His body was pitiful.

Could he call himself a villain if he ran away from a fight when his bots failed to protect him?

How many times did the Monk's destroy his bot's that he poured money and hours into?

He then got to work on a completely new tool. He would boast as usual and 'reveal' the device's he was working on true purpose.

Now that he could focus, he couldn't help but question if he was being spied on.

Everybody know his hide out and could easily plant bugs.

He boasted that he was going to make another stupid gadget when in reality, he was making a device that would document the skills a person has, that can be later injected to him slowly.

If people know he was making such a device, it would be stolen immediately by the other Villains so he had to put on the front that what he was making was useless.

No other Villain especially Chase Young understood half of the level of technology he dealt with on a regular basis.

Their mind-sets that the old ways were the best and there was no use learning new things was his greatest weapon.

It took him several days to finish, with his usual 'Jackness'.

And then he took all his essential stuff that for a very long journey away from home.

He know everything was too big, that's why he took the Changing Chopsticks and yelled. "Changing chops sticks', everything grow small enough to easily be placed in his pocket.

Then he grabbed the Manchurian Musca and yelled. "MANCHURIAN MUSCA!"

Suddenly he had become a fly.

Next step, the Xiaolin Temple.

#Xiaoling Temple several hours later#

"And are you sure, Master Fung said to take some Sheng Gong Wu?" Dogo said, it sounded very strange.

"U-Ur yeah," Kimiko said, sweating, "He said we should pick one out. A Sheng Gong Wu can activate any minute now."

"You know Master Fung," Clay said, "Always thinking one step ahead"

"That is correct," Omi said.

"We'll I don't want to disappoint the big cheese" Dojo said, before saying. "But you all need to show me your passes. Remember nobody but you can use the passes because they recognize your Chi. This way, no more Villains like Jack Spicer can get in so easily."

"This new security system is awesome," Raimundo said.

None of them were aware that in Omi clothes was a fly version of Jack Spicer, sure it was gross and full of sweat but this was the safety for him.

They all showed Dojo their passes and want into the secret chamber one at a time and took their chosen Sheng Gong Wu.

However, Jack flow out of the clothes when it was clear that the monk with the massive head was going to be the last to leave.

What he was looking for were the golden Tiger claws.

He quickly found them and whispered "MANCHURIAN MUSCA!", because he did it in bug size, he wanted to see if the Sheng Gong Wu did not need somebody shouting their names to be activated.

His speculation paid off, it activated and the bright light alerted the others.

However, Jack no longer waited for them to even see him, he quickly grabbed the Sheng Gong Wu, put it on his right hand and said normally. "Golden tiger claws"

By the time they all came down, the rift was already closed and he was long gone.

Which surprised the hell out all of them.

#With Jack#

Jack had told the Wu to take him to a Xiaolin Temple that was under the radar of Chase Young and everybody else.

The Wu transported him to Butraweia Temple, in California.

The Temple looked a lot more modern than the Xiaolin Temple but he didn't go near it, just from here, he could see that all the students were still practising and that the sun was about to go down in this part of the world.

The Temple was high on a mount and there was a town below.

There was no darkness he could use as a cover and what was worse was that their Masters who would defiantly sense him if he got close enough.

He waited a couple of hours and during that time, he went into the nearby town and found food that he easily got from a nearby vending machine.

Of course, one snack containing an unholy amount of Sugar because of the form he was in.

Nobody really cared or noticed a fly swerving through people in town, they just wanted to go about their business.

When he came back, the Temple was silent and night had fallen, he watched the students go into a certain building, which he was pretty sure was where they slept to retire for the night.

He waited another hour to make sure they were deep into sleep and then he struck.

With his mind focused, he know that he shouldn't go for the 'jackpot' right away because he did not have the stealth to steal from a Master.

However, he had more than enough experience with sneaking into apprentices' rooms.

He flew right through the opened window and instantly was on high alert as he began to pass the hundred or so apprentices.

However, when he watched earlier he was experienced enough to single out who was the most promising of them all.

He had fought with Omi countless times and had seen each of them Xiaolin apprentices grow with his own eyes.

This was the experience that allowed him to pick up the Apprentice that was the closet to being a Master out of a hundred.


He flew over to the child who slightly tanned, he had blond haired swept to the side and the only indication that he was sleeping was the movement of up and down coming from his chest.

Which was a refreshing change from the loud snoring he heard all around.

With his years of stealth, he entered the kid's ear and made his way to the brain.

Thankful the kid kept his ears clean.

When he found the brain, he took out his device that he had shrunken down in his pocket much earlier.

He got dangerously close to the brain waves and latched it on, before pressing a button.

The brainwaves were suddenly redirected into the machine and he watched as the meter on it began to fill up.

When it was done and in danger of overheating, he unloaded the machine and put it back into his pocket before flying out where he came from.

He flow right out the ear and through the window before moving as far away as possible from the Temple to the south and hide under some shade, he took out his changing chopsticks and Manchurian Musca.

Changing chopsticks and Manchurian Musca. He said, in his mind.

Suddenly he began to transform back into a human and he grow to his regular seize.

Every device he had in his pocket also grew back to their regular size as he quickly dropped them as they grew.

Now he had four Sheng Gong Wu.

However, it was nothing if he didn't have the combat skills to keep them.

He grabbed his device and pressed another button, it transformed into a helmet.

He put it on however, he took the useless regarded Wu that was the Crown of Ares and placed it on his head as well.

Crown of Ares! He thought and the crown glowed.

Well, here goes nothing... He thought, he pressed the button on the helmet and closed his eyes.

He was instantly assaulted by the knowledge he had copied.




All this was hounding into him hard and fast, he would have died because of so much knowledge trying to shove itself into his brain.

However, with a little bit of help from the Crowd of Ares the pain was only breath and with its power, he managed to organize the information into another bookshelf, which allowed him to not lose himself.

When he was finally done, he opened his eyes and something was just different about as he took off the helmet and the crown the crown off.

And it wasn't just that in which he took off, he also took off his goggles, that looked like he had gotten them from a novelty store and took off his evil Jacket.

His posture wasn't that of a boy who was trying too hard to come off as evil, he actually looked like he had some training in Martial arts.

He actually looked competent, which was shocking.

He shrank everything down except for the Golden Tiger Claw, using the changing chopstick's and pocked them.

He then put on the claws and Swiped in front of him.

Golden Tiger Claws. He thought, which opened a void which he leapt through easily and landed right in the middle of town.

He had a machine to build.

And scene!

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