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The Xiaolin Warrior sat on Dojo back as he flew through the sky.

"This is bad, you guys," Said, the dragon. "If somebody from the Haylin side gets that their hands on the Jewel Cameleon, we will need to relocate them all real fast. We don't have a Xiaolin Dragon to bump the security of the vault to make the Wu useless"

"We know, Dojo," Kimiko said, dressed in her 'Africa' outfit and spraying herself with anti-fly and Wasp spray"It would be super bad if somebody from the Haylin side got to the Wu. But we got a Shoku Warrior on our team, and Raimundo can easily kick everybody's butt."

"Yeah," Raimundo said.

"Raimundo, don't get cocky. You may be unstoppable now, but if a Xiaolin Dragon shows up, your goose is cooked" Clay said.

"That is correct," Omi said.

"We're here," Dojo said, and they all looked down as he began to fly lower.

The scene that was fast approaching was a forest of trees.

They flew down, and the Xiaolin warriors jumped off of Dojo and onto the ground, it was just like how they imagined in a jungle, in Africa to be.

Muddy and full of exotic animals that would like nothing more than snack on their bones.

"It's so hot," Omi said, fanning himself with his hand.

"I'm on it," Raimundo said, before saying. "Wind!"

Suddenly, they were all aware of a cooling wind following them.

"You're so useful now, Raimundo," Kimiko said, which got the teen depressed.

Then they all heard.

"Gross!" from a voice they all recognised as none other than Katnappe.

They rushed to a bush and peeked through it.

The costume wearing girl was holding a map and drenched in what looked like mud mixed with insects fused with it and to her right was none other than Tubbimura.

"Its Katnappe and Tubbimura. They must be after the Shen Gong Wu" Clay said.

"And if they are here, who knows who else," Dojo said, before hiding in Clay hat in fright.

What if Chase Young or Wuya was here?

But than Kimiko noticed something shining from above.

"Guys, look. That must be the Wu" She whispered making them all look at where she was looking.

On a high branch was something shinning not that far away from them.

Only a Wu shone like that.

"I'm on it. I'll take the Wu before anybody notices" Raimundo said, before using his Shoku Warrior stealth skills to pass both Villains and sneak his way up the tree without making a single sound.

Climbing up the tree allowed him to see more and more of the forest, he saw other villains as well.

It looked like everybody, but their Grandpa and Jack Spicer showed up, for a chance to help themselves to a vault full of all-powerful Wu.

However, it looked like his group was the only one to spot the Wu so far, which meant they had the advantage.

He hopped onto the branch and said, "Easy Pickings."

However, the moment he touched the Wu, it began to glow.

He was confused.

And then his opponent revealed themselves onto him.

Suddenly it came to existence, a blond hair teen who had the most badass uniform he had ever seen.

The teen wore a mask covering half his face but on his body was clothes that were the source of how he could move without being noticed or seen.

"Raimundo, Shoku Warrior of the Xiaolin Temple. I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown" Said, the teen said, with a California accent.

"Who the hell are you?" Raimundo said, as the immense light that the Wu was given served as a guide to where they where.

"My name is Rain, and I am a servant to my Master, Jabbawock," Said, the teen. "He wants this Shen Gong Wu on his wall."

A new player had entered the fold.

"Master Jabbawock? Or whatever. I don't care what his name is; this Wu is mine" Raimundo said.

"Than I take it you accept my challenge," Said, Rain, before getting out a Wu the Xiaolin Warriors recognised as stolen.

The Golden Tiger Claws.

"I wagger the Golden Tiger Claws" Said, Rain.

"Typical, that Jack gave the Claws to the first person he threatens him," Raimundo said, before getting out his own personal Wu. "I wagger my Sword of the Storm."

"Raimundo. Are you crazy?" Dojo said, "You know how that Wu is linked to your status."

"I know what I'm doing, Dojo," Raimundo said. "I'm a Shoku Warrior remember? This guy doesn't feel like somebody I couldn't handle."

"Big talk," Rain said, before saying. "The game is to find the Cameleon. If you can find the Wu first, then you win."

"Fine by me," Raimundo said.

Then they both shouted.


The world began to change around them.

Ch 4: For the glory of Master Jabbawock

Everybody on the side of Good and Haylin suddenly found themselves lifted by the ground beneath them.

Underneath both Raimundo and Rain feet, the ground began to twist and turn, until it was so twisted that it looked like a tangled web of spider webs.

Suddenly the Shen Gon Wu came alive and disappeared to match the ground.

It blended in so well that neither of them could see it.

Both of them yelled.


Then they separated from each other.

"Does, anybody know who this guy is?" Wuya said, to her fellow Haylin buddies and the Xiaolin Warriors.

She got shrugs and shaken heads.

"He's a servant from somebody called Jabbawock," Omi said.

"Never heard of him," Wuya said.

Great a nobody.

"SWORD OF THE STORM!" Raimundo yelled, and a tornado made from wind erupted out of the Wu.

Raimundo swung it around, and Rain dodged it.

However, Raimundo wasn't aiming for him.

Raimundo knows that the Wind would react when it hit a solid, and the location of the Wu was soon revealed to all of them when the wind clashed with it.

"The Wu is moving?" Raimundo said, seeing it move, before running to it.

Golden Tiger claws! Rain thought, before opening a void and jumping through it.

Then he reappeared, to trip Raimundo up but he did not succeed.

"Wait. Did Rain just use the Golden Tiger Claws without shoutings its name?" Kimiko said, baffled.

Everybody around her was baffled as well.

Dojo looked at the book he kept notes on the Sheng Gong Wu and put on Glasses before saying. "It's not written in here. Nobody has ever used Wu without shouting its name."

"So that means, it's a first?" Clay said, shocked like the rest of them.

But Raimundo suddenly found himself facing a teen that flung himself at him.

Raimundo went to block, but the moment his arms meant with Rain fist, he could feel his bones rattle.

Who is this guy? Raimundo thought.

From the punch alone, he knows that he couldn't take this guy lightly and began to seriously fight, but to everybody, surprise Rain could keep up.

If Raimundo threw a punch Rain would block, if Rain used his leg's, Raimundo would jump back.

Those who were watching were all stunned.

"Wait. That person is going one on one with Raimundo!" Dojo said, shocked and he wasn't the only one.

"How can that be?' Omi said, "Raimundo is a Shiku Warrior."

"Unless his opponent is a Shoku Warrior as well," Clay said.

The Haylin side was stunned, as they watched.

This teen was more powerful than their best fighters.

However, with a minute the experience with being in the Shiku realm began to show itself between the two.

Rain had been in the realm for over half a year.

Raimundo had been in the realm for two weeks.

Rain was the closest to become a Xiaolin dragon out of both of them.

"You're new to the realm. I can tell." Rain said, "Let me show you what the realm can do" before he said.

"Shoku Warrior: Elemental Eye"

Suddenly his head cracked open and out came a living eye, all the elements seemed to appear from out of nowhere and circle him.

He closed his two eyes and then opened them, both of them glowed with fantastic power.

He suddenly had a whole different feel to him, and Raimundo felt like he was being crushed with power.

Those watching were stunned.

"T-That looks similar to Grand Master's Dashi's eye," Dojo said, trembling. "It allowed him to be crazy in tune with the elements. And then three months later, Dashi became a Xiaolin Dragon, and it disappeared. The eye was the final step."

"And now, Raimundo is facing an opponent who has it," Chase Young said, the eye was what he needed to cross over. "Which means the boy's master must be at a level similar to him or he is the new Xiaolin Dragon."

What Chase Young revealed shocked them.

Suddenly this nobody who came from nowhere was that powerful and could be under the most powerful person in the entire world.

Suddenly the teen calling himself. Rain had become very interesting.

Raimundo hearing all of this tried not to let out a 'meep'.

How could he defeat somebody who was a step away from the Xiaolin Dragon?

Suddenly Rain cocked his head, and Raimundo was hit with all of the elements before he even realised it.

Raimundo was sent flying and his body collided with the ground structure.

"RAIMUNDO!" All of the Xiaolin Warriors cried out.

It was the first time; they had seen Raimundo under the name of Shiku Warrior get thrown like a rag doll.

Than Raimundo was suddenly imprisoned by all four elements.

Rain then used Raimundo's method and used wind to find the escaping Wu before using earth to grab hold of it; the Wu could only struggle as it was brought closer to him.

Raimundo could do nothing but watch as the victory was grasped into Rain hands.

Rain took the Wu and yelled.

"I dedicate this victory to my Master. Master Jabbawock!"

The Showdown recognised he had won.

Suddenly the world began to change to how it was supposed to be.

Raimundo was hunched over defeated while Rain held all three Shen Gong Wu, including the Sword, that he was another part of himself.

"RAIMUNDO!" The Xiaolin Warriors ran to their leader.

"I-I lost," Raimundo said, he couldn't believe it.

One moment he was on top of the world and the next, he had lost the Shen Gon Wu and his most precious Wu.

Suddenly they all heard.

"The Sword is nice. My master will be happy with the addition" Rain said, drawing attention to him.

Suddenly Wuya appeared beside him, like the snake she was.

"Rain...was it?" Said, the woman, batting her eyes. "Your Master wouldn't happen to have a job opening, or he's a tiny bit evil?"

Rain said nothing as he swiped the claws right at her and jumped into the void that opened up in her body.

The sheer disrespect, was something Wuya was not used to, and it left her stunned.


He appeared in the new house that his master had built while he was away.

Jabbawock was lying down and being fed grapes.

He was aware when the teen appeared in front of him.

He merely looked to see the three Wu in the teen's arms, Rain got down his knees and presented him the Wu.

Jabbawock was honestly a bit stunned to see Raimundo Sword of the Storm in the collection.

"Place them on my trophy wall," He said as if the dream of having Shen Gong Wu was nothing to him now.

"Yes, Master," Said, the teen.

The teen got up and turned around before walking to the other wall, there were hooks, and he began to place the Wu onto those hooks.

Now, he had 5 Sheng Gong Wu.

Of course, he would never put the Crown of Ares on a hook; it was his most precious Wu.

Now to build up the name Jabbawock, he wanted to be more than a person who had somebody powerful under him.

His mind was priceless; it was time to show the world what his village could do.

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