Chapter 1

This is a quick story. It's two chapters. I hope you enjoy it.

It was dark and I was in the kitchen finishing the dishes. I did it slowly as I kept thinking the same thing over and over again. The idea had been on my mind for several days now, but I hadn't made up my mind yet. There had been so many failures that I had practically given up trying again. I still had my doubts about whether to do it or not.

—I'm leaving now. —my brother saying goodbye to me brought me back to reality.

I finished what I was doing and walked him to the door.

You should go, you don't lose anything by trying. he said to me as he kissed me on the cheek and got lost in the hallway.

And there I stood and watched where he had gone. And I didn't think again. I went to my room to get things ready.

Any girl would give anything to be in his arms. Kate said to me as she walked into my room and dropped into my bed.

Yes, anyone. I replied sarcastically.

I particularly didn't feel that much like that part of Hollywood.

The fame.

That wasn't something I was ready for, if the time came.

You're not fooling anyone, Ana, there's no way you're not attracted to him.

The guy is having a heart attack, I understand that, but that doesn't mean that you should fall into the arms of someone you don't know.

Because if I had learned anything from the Hollywood world, it was that nothing is ever what it seems. And that the stories in the tabloids never write the truth about people.

—You remember me one more time why I'm going to a casting that I don't know anything about.

But in what world do you live in that you don't know anything about? she said to me as she left the room. —There you go. —she told me by launching the novel on which the film was based. —Study.

So now I was on my way to L.A to audition in a mega production that I have no idea what it's about.

But I knew who was working on it.

Christian Grey.

The Hollywood prodigal boy. He had been in this world since he was a child and had won his first Oscar at the age of thirteen. And since then, he had not stopped winning prizes. The awards rained down on him like the women did.

And over the years he could be seen at every awards ceremony with a different woman on his arm. He never made any commitments to any of them. No girlfriend, just girls willing to spend even one night with him.

After arriving in L.A, and staying at the hotel, I headed for the studio. And right at the entrance they asked me for my name and gave me a number, directed me where to go, and I set off. When I arrived at the studio where the casting would be, I was surprised. There more than a casting it seemed that Justin Bieber was going to give a concert. It was packed, mostly women. I approached some girls my own age.

—Excuse me, the casting for Sweet Mistake is here.

—Yes. —one of them replied.

— And they've already started?

—Yes, since yesterday, but apparently they still don't have a female lead.

—Are all for the same role?

—Don't you think so? You'd be the only one who didn't want a lead with Christian Grey. —one of them said as they laughed and walked away from me.

No, I don't want the lead, I just want a part.

—"Number 125, please go to casting".

What number did I have?


This had to be a joke...

—"Number 666, go to casting".

That's me.

It's my turn. I closed the novel that I had just started to re—read again and got up from my seat and walked to the doors of the studio where I had been waiting for my turn for four days. Everybody wants a part in this movie. And so do I. But I hadn't wasted my time, so I took advantage of the wait and read the novel. And I was instantly addicted to it. And I found that I had a lot in common with the protagonist. I could almost make it out of her without any effort.

But I know my limits, I'm not here for the most coveted role, no. I'm auditioning for her best friend's. I know I'd never get picked for the lead, so I wasn't going to waste my time.

There's nothing simple about being an actress, and so far I've done badly, I haven't done much, like nothing. I just hope this is my final chance. I walked into the room where the casting would be. I stood under the lights and looked towards the end. There were four chairs. The four busy with whom they would judge whether or not I was good enough for the part.

—Full name?

—Anastasia Rose Stelle.


—Twenty—seven years old.

—Marital status?


I've never been asked so many questions at a casting before.

—Are you here for the lead role?

—No, the friend's.

—Well, whenever you want to... —I couldn't see the person who had interrupted himself in half a sentence, but turned to the last person in the chair whose face I couldn't see.

—Can you turn to one side? —a voice that told me that I did not know who belonged to.

I did what asked me to do.

—Touch your toes.

What a strange casting. I leaned forward and touched the tip of my feet.

—Enough, you can stand up.

—I'm sorry, Anastasia, but you have a problem auditioning for another role. —said a woman's voice to me from the bottom.

—I didn't come prepared for another role. —I replied shyly.

All was silent, the three people turned to the back of the line once more. I figured he was telling them something, but I couldn't hear what he was saying from here.

—Can you improvise? —I heard a high—pitched voice from the background, the same voice as before.

—Yes. —I answered firmly.

—Problem solved, take her to the set for a camera test at scene 45, I want to see how she's doing there. — the man who was talking got up and left the room through a side exit.

The lights on me went out and after a while I was able to focus well on the people sitting in the background. One of them was the director who got up from her chair and walked in my direction.

—You'll do a test for scene 45 and if it doesn't work out you can go back and do the one you had prepared.

— What should I do? What's scene 45?

—Oh yes, as you could see, there was a last-minute change, you will have a scene with the protagonist.

— With Christian?

—Yeah, follow me. I'll take you to the film set.


Filming set?

Who was responsible for putting me through audition for a role I wasn't ready for? I imagined that the person responsible was the one who had left the room. But I had no idea exactly who he was.

— What role exactly do you want me to audition for?

—For the lead.

— What! But I just... I don't think...

—Calm down, dear, this is a good thing.

— A good thing?

—Yes. If Christian made that decision it's because he saw something in you that he didn't see in any of the others he's been through in the last five exhausting days.

He saw something in me.

Oh, God! This was gonna be a disaster.

The director drove me through the entire filming set until we got to the studio where my test would be. The set was a corridor and a door leading to a hotel room. The director led me to the corridor as she explained.

—As you can see, this is a closed set with fixed cameras, so there are no interruption problems while filming. —she was explaining myself to understand why so many cameras.

He opened the bedroom door.

—I need you to memorize it quickly, the red marks are yours and the blue ones are Christian's. —she explained to me as she let me observe the room.

After several minutes, she approached me again.

— Ready?

— If you can say that. —I told her as we went back out into the corridor.

And then I saw him.

What a body.

The wet dream of all women.

The guilty one in the four-day line for the audition.

He was walking in my direction with some worn old Levis hanging from his waist sensually as he put a T-shirt over his head. And I could see in his face how he looked at me squinting. He came to where I was and stood in front of me. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that I would be standing in front of Christian Grey, much less auditioning with him.

— Are you ready, Anastasia? —he asked me, holding out his hand.

Oh, God! His voice almost made me have an orgasm. What would it sound like on the verge of ecstasy?

I put those thoughts out of my mind.

—I think so. —I answered him by holding his hand but without looking him in the eyes.

And then I felt a tingling sensation running through my body from our hands. I just stared at our hands together.

Did he feel it too?

If he did, he didn't say anything, he just smiled at me and let go of my hand.

—Well, they already explained you what the scene is about.


Christian stared at the director.

— Haven't explained it yet?

—I was going to when you showed up.

—I'll take care of it. Is everything ready?

—Yes, you have five minutes to explain her what the scene is about. —and she left me there alone with Christian.

—Good. Do you know what the story we're adapting is about?

—Something, I finished reading the novel before I came in here. —I replied as Christian looked at me squinting.

Yeah, I knew the novel. But I was sure the adaptation wouldn't be as faithful to the book. Or yes.

—The scene we'll do is simple, we met in a club and I followed you to the hotel, you don't want anything to do with me because you don't know me and I'm a stranger. And I'll try to seduce you, strip you naked and put you to bed.

— What! —I know I screamed louder than I should have, but I wasn't ready for this.

I knew the scene perfectly, it was the scene that made me fall in love with the story. And now I had to do it with Christian.

— Any problem with doing a sex scene?

— No, none at all. — I replied in a half a voice.

None at all.

I have to undress before a stranger in the first casting I do for a protagonist, for whom I am not mentally or physically prepared.

Great, just great.

And if you add to that who was the protagonist, it would get much better. If I'd known I'd have to do the casting without my clothes on, I wouldn't have worn the underwear I was wearing today. I looked at my jeans quickly.

Who told me to wear lace underwear?

— "We start in three". —the voice was heard over the speakers.

—You mustn't be nervous. —Christian said beside me.

Yeah, only someone as sure of himself and with a heart attack body like yours could say that.

—I'm not. —I said trying to convince myself.

—"Two minutes. All hands to your marks".

—We must stand here. —Christian took me by the hand and led me to the marks where the corridor began.

And I felt it again. The electric current flowing between us. And then I got more nervous. How many people were going to see me naked on set?

—It'll just be you and me and the cameras, all the staff will be off the set watching everything on the screens.

—"One minute".

Oh, God. What nerves. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I just hoped the improv classes wouldn't have been in vain. I was going to need them today more than ever. Every actress should be prepared to do some nudity. I just had no idea I should do it today.

Anytime you guys want. —the director was heard.

— Ready? — Christian asked me.

And for the first time I dared to look him in the eyes... gray, sexy and wild.

—Yes. —I closed my eyes one last time and took a deep breath.

—"Action". —was heard over the speakers and was all I needed.