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Over-all Title: Lights, Camera, ACTION

Author: missingbaby

Chapter Number: 3

Title of today's Chapter: Meeting the Crew

She was looking at her exact double over the glassy surface. Okay Kagome, you look fine. Kagome said to herself before finally walking nervously out of the door. She was taking on the new experience of going to her dressing room being an actress rather than a singer. She felt chills go up and down her spine. This was so unexpected, a dream for everyone including herself. She never really thought the judges would choose her over the loads of candidates that who knows how many.

Stepping out of the medium size room she shielded her eyes from the lights hanging from the ceiling. Compared to the room she just came out of this room was large, ten times as large, but is relatively hot from the lights and people that swarm the area. She was supposed to meet the crew together with the other casts on the set.

I hope they like me. Kagome hadn't met any of the stars yet, she was too busy coming and going from one country to the other for concerts that it didn't leave her enough time to even know anything around her.

She reminisce of the times her body ache from practicing the dance steps the choreographer want her to do in her next MTV. She sighed inwardly. If not interviews, gigs, if not either then concerts. I should really get a life.

Smiling as best as she could from people she passes by, they smiled back. At least be friends with others…As to that are what my parents taught me before they died, right. She frowned. She really hated it when tears border her eyes once she thought of her parents. Faking a smile she went forward.

Kagome stopped a few feet away from where most of the crowd gathered. They seem to be waiting for someone.

"Ahh…hey,hey… So everyone here." Kagome with the others turned to the voice. A guy with grayish hair walked out from one of the camera by the set.

"Hello everybody, I'm Ryan Gail and I'm going to be the movie's director." The man introduced himself that got a few snickers from the people around her.

"I can't believe it's true. Ryan Gails…Oh my God!!!" Somebody shriek from behind Kagome.

"Yeah, who would have known? THE Best director and was voted of the year directing us…" The one beside the girl stated clearly static from the whole idea.

So Mr. Gails is a great director. I should do my best too… Kagome's other directors (from her MTVs) always say she's good and everything. She sure wished what they said were all…well true. Looking back to the man her smiled reappeared again. He sure looks like a good man but I hope it isn't only external. I hate people betraying me on my back. The nerve of the person. "Uhhh…"

"This is your part… here, here…here… Oh hey Ms. Beautiful, wanna go partying all night…" A blond haired guy with blond hair, dark complexion and black-framed glasses asked giving a pile of paper to her.

"No, thanks…I'm kinda busy tonight." Kagome replied which brought a frown to the guy. She really wasn't on dating, and she doesn't want to start now. Upon further inspection on the heap of paper turned out to be the script. Going from page to page Kagome's eyes widened in shocked. They didn't tell her that she was to kiss the leading man. Kagome blushed crimson and tried to hide her face with the script.

"Okay, okay… Attention everyone." Ryan clapped his hands. "As you all know there will be an press conference for all the main characters in the film and it will start… three o'clock this afternoon…So that gives you all exactly five hours to prepare… Thank you for all of your cooperation. You may go back to your work now. Remember memorize and practice your lines, okay…"

Getting closer to the director she look down a little ashamed at what she will say next. "Ummm. Mr. Ryan, sir."


"I was just wondering… um…" Kagome stuttered. "…About my part…It's a…"

"So what about it dear." The man asked turning on his chair to look at the girl more carefully. "So what part do you play?"

"Uhhhh… It's Maria…" Kagome whispered her self-conscious side resurfacing.

"Maria…Maria… Uh… Here it is… So you are the leading lady. So what's the problem? I don't see any."

"Maria, isn't that the leading lady. That means…she won the audition. Lucky bitch."

"Yeah, lucky her. Pairing up with Sesshoumaru…*sigh*"

(AN: People here are so gossipers. So they better not tell any of there secrets or it will be at the tabloid the next day. Hehehe…)

Kagome blushed even harder. "Umm… They haven't told me I have to kiss Christian."

"I don't understand. Many women will kill to have your part and here you are complaining. You're weird you know that." Ryan shook his head.

"It's just… it's not in my contract!!!" Kagome blurted out, clearly surprising Ryan and the others in the room. All stop, no one dare to even breath.

"Um… That's clearly surprising… but there's nothing I could do. It has been printed and done. The other directors also approve of it too." He shrugged.

Kagome's shoulders slump. She really didn't know what to do. She never kissed anyone on cheeks she done it before but never lips. And here she is on her first movie kissing some unknown guy. Maybe that's why Inuyasha left me for that bitch. She felt the fire of hatred grow at the thought. I'll show him…

"Excuse me Miss where do you think you are going?" The guard asked holding out his arms to stop her from even getting any farther to the building.

"Um… I'm one of the cast." Kagome's voice was soft and melodious, intended for the guard to let her in without any more publicity.

"Oh, really. And who are you suppose to be?" The large guy laughed obviously not believing anything she uttered.

"Ummm… Maria…" She said in her most innocent voice.

The guy laughed more. "Hahaha…you… a movie star…hahahaha… in your dreams."

"Well yeah, this is my first time but you must believe me I'm really Maria…"

The guard still won't let her in. After calling the director, he finally let her enter. She was lead to where the other actors were. Sitting at the middle of the group with a guy, she presumed was the main actor himself.

Feeling someone sitting beside him, he stole a glance. So she's the leading lady. She was late and that took a lot of negative points in his opinion about the girl. Hoping she could act well he turned to the flashing lights.

"So is the rumors true, you and your leading, Kagome Higurashi, will stay in the same hotel when the movie start shooting." All camera focus on Sesshoumaru and the said Kagome, the room surrounding went tense the reporters and journalist anticipating his answer. He heard the girl gasp. This must be a shock. He smirked inwardly.

"Yes…" Sesshouamru replied in a calm voice but deep inside deeply disapprove of the whole thing. Just another publicity for the movie…

"WHAT!!! Who organize all of this…" Kagome went ballistic running around the room like a chicken that got its head chopped. After the conference she went straight to the office.

"Its just a publicity stunt. And you don't have to worry. It won't be like the two of you sleeping on the same bed or room. He'll take the room across yours." Sango explained to the girl who stared at her in outrage.

Kagome whimpered settling herself on one of the pair of leather chairs at the desk front. "I should have never let you talk me to this things…"

"Is it a sin if a person is so much persuasive like me?"

"Huhhh…" Kagome groaned.

She looked at her now bare penthouse with large boxes that scatter the room. Kagome had seen the hotel and smiled that her things could actually fit in the spacious space. After days of packing things she was ready. Closing the door she whispered. "Goodbye, old home."

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