Well, today was not one of Vanessa's proudest days, that was for certain. Just two days ago she'd been honorably discharged from the United States Army and was sent home from Afghanistan, only to come home to the coming home ceremony just to get dumped by her boyfriend of three years. Now, as Vanessa lay on her bed in her apartment only one thought went through her mind.

'Why the hell did this happen?' She thought, 'I thought I was meant for something greater, for a greater destiny than this..."

Little did she know she was meant for a greater purpose, just in a different way. She was meant for something ancient, something older than her, older than her planet itself. At first it came in whispers, but Vanessa ignored that. Only when wind started out of nowhere did she finally sit up from her covers. All around her, there was gusts of wind and it was getting stronger. Stuff on her desk and shelves began to rise from their places and into the air as the wind continued to get stronger and the whispers turned into chanting.

At first Vanessa freaked out, but then calmed down when she saw a light start to form in her vision. As it got brighter, the room around her disappeared in to black. As Vanessa looked up however, she was blinded by a very large ethereal looking white light.

"Vanessa Wallander", she heard a voice say as she rubbed her eyes in order to get used to the light.

"I am Alpha Trion and I am a autonomous robotic organism from the planet Cybertron in a parallel dimension."

Still dazed from being transported into the void area where they were, Vanessa blinked oncer more and looked up to find the owner of the voice speaking to her and was met with the sight of a mountain sized robot surrounded by the blinding ethereal light.

"I have brought you here to tell you of a prophecy from my planet that Primus, the creator of all Cybertronian life, has foretold" Alpha Trion stated.

Processing what Alpha Trion has just told her, Vanessa responded.

"What exactly does that have to do with me?" she asked.

What Alpha Trion then told her next shocked Vanessa to her core.

"You have been foretold as the one to restore Cybertron to it's former glory after the civil war between the Decepticons and the Autobots, two races of my planet that caused it's destruction and to bring peace to my planet. Will you accept the prophecy?"

Vanessa gaped at the large robot. What did he mean?

"I don't know how to respond to this" Vanessa confessed.

Alpha Trion almost scowled. "Not even two Milli-cycles ago you were questioning if you were meant for something greater."

"That's a bit different, I was -" she was cut off by Alpha Trion yelling.

"Enough!" he yelled. "Vanessa Wallander, you were foretold to be the savior of a planet with glorious history and culture. Thousands of sparks have been sacrificed by this insolent war and if I myself had the power to stop it's chaos, I would gladly do so. However, I do not have that power within me, no cybertronian has that power. Vanessa Wallander you have a great destiny ahead of you, it is your choice and your choice alone to follow through with Primus's plan for you. You are the only one who can make you great again, a hero, for this is a chance you will only get once. Now once more I ask Vanessa Wallander, will you accept the prophecy and it's conditions?"

With all of the thoughts running through her head only one came to the forefront. "I have to do this, for my destiny!"

With a sure look on her face, Vanessa squared her stance and puffed out her chest before looking Alpha trio in the eye. "I accept."

"Very well, then we shall begin the transformation" Alpha trio concluded.

Vanessa opened her mouth to protest but didn't get the chance to speak as white hot pain erupted from her brain, causing her to collapse unconscious. Her body was now preparing itself for the journey forwards, she was become a cybertronian as the prophecy foretold.

Vector Prime then appeared next to Alpha Trio and then nodded to him. After Alpha Trion nodded in affirmation, Vanessa's new cybertonian body disappeared from the void in a flash of ethereal light.