A Walk Into The Shadows

Disclaimer: I don't own any of L.J. Smith's people or the Charmed crew. I'd love to have Julian as my own personal Shadow Man but ~sight~ that's not a happening deal and Paige is so tres' kewl that I had to put her in a fic. She's got the red hair in this one btw.. I like Rose McGowan with the red hair better. It's so very Bonnie-ish but alas.. that's another L.J. person I do not own that will not be in this story. Julian's going to be the major Smith character in this with a few mentions of the of Forbidden Game chars. On with the show!

Chapter One

Paige flipped through the book of shadows in front of her and sighed. There wasn't any mention of a demon that had attacked them the night before. "Probably some new demon set on making his mark in the world." She mumbled as she closed the book and stood up. Looking at her watch she cursed softly under her breath. She was late for yet another job interview, this one was at an occult shop across town. She had gotten a good laugh as she came to the question asking her if she was qualified for the job in the application. The only people were more qualified for that job were probably her two older sisters but Phoebe had her hands full with her column and Piper was busy with P3.

Walking out the attic door and down the stairs she grabbed her key. She stopped short in front of the door as Leo materialized before her. "Damn it Leo no far orbing when I'm in a hurry." She told him as she dangled her keys in front of his face. Leo gave her a smile and stepped aside. "Just wanted to wish you luck." He told her as she reached for the door knob. "Thanks." She through over her shoulder as she walked out the door and to her car. Unlock the VW Bug she climbed in and shut the door, taking a deep breath to calm her nerves. "Come on Paige, you've vanquished demons, went up against your former evil enchantress self and helped defeat Cole for once, a job interview should be a piece of cake right?"

Putting the key in the ignition she turned the car on and reached for her seat belt. It probably would have been faster to orb to the store but it was mid day and there were to many non magic people around to see her just appear like that. After hooking her seat belt she checked her rear view mirror before pulling out on to the street and down to the stop sign. Traffic didn't seem all that bad as she made her way across town to the shop called Moon Dancer's Place. The lady on the phone had been very nice when she had called the morning before to schedule an interview and Paige silently hoped that the lady's nici-niceness would still be there when she showed up fifteen minutes late.

She hadn't meant to look through the BOS too long but she figured that that wouldn't be good enough of an excuse even though it was an occult shop she was going to. Even though Paige was a real witch she didn't get a witchy vibe from the lady across the counter when she applied. It was more of a New Ager feeling than one of a true magick user but it was a job and she figured she could learn more about the craft as she worked there, that is if she got hired. Pulling in front of the shop she took a quick glance at the mirror to make sure her make-up was still flawless and her hair wasn't out of place.

Unhooking the seat belt and taking her keys out of the ignition she got out of the car and plastered a cheerful smile on her face as she headed towards the door. The shop smelled of incense and books as she walked into the dimly lit store. A bell tinkled above her head as the door opened and closed behind her. "Be with you in a minute." Came a females voice from some where in the back. Walking up to the counter Paige placed her purse on the edge of the counter and waited. The woman who had taken her application appeared through the beaded doorway and gave Paige a friendly smile, her blue eyes twinkling. Paige remembered the long haired brunette call herself Autumn and Paige had to admit it did fit her, she seemed very earthy and liked to wear browns and dark greens, with a bit of gold. She appeared to be in her late twenties.

"Well Miss Matthews.. I was beginning to wonder if you got lost." Autumn's voice was teasing as she sat on the stool behind the counter and gestured for Paige to take the one on the other side. 'Now why hadn't I noticed that there before.' She wondered as she sat down on the stool, positioning her feet on the bottom piece connecting the legs. "Sorry, got kind of lost in a book." She told her giving the shop keeper an apologetic smile. Autumn nodded her head and replied, "I know all about getting engrossed in a book. I just got in a shipment of books on runes and runestaves. They were the personal property of a family a city not far from here. I guess they were cleaning out the closet and I was visiting a friend that lived in that neighborhood. I've got the name of my business on the side of my car so they approached me and now I am the proud owner of a lot of books and charms."

Paige chewed on her lip as she listened to the woman's story about how she found and bought the books on runes and runestaves. 'Runes, now there's something to look into.' She made a mental note to look into the BOS for anything about Runes. She gave her attention back to Autumn as she pulled out a few sheets of paper from underneath the counter. "Well I need you to fill out the tax papers and I need to copy your driver's license and Social Security Card." Paige quirked a shapely brow as she took the papers from Autumn. "So I got the job?" She asked curiously as she took one of the pens from a cup beside the register. "There's just something about you Paige. It's like you fit here." Getting up from the stool Autumn waited patiently as Paige took out her license and SS card.

Paige leaned over the paperwork and began to fill out the necessary information as Autumn disappeared into the back. As she signed her name Paige heard the whirring noise of a copying machine as Autumn copied her license and card. The noise brought back memories from her Social worker job and looking around the store she smiled. 'This is going to be way less stressful and more convenient to me.' She decided as she looked back down at the forms as Autumn came back in, sat on the stool and pushed Paiges stuff towards her on the counter. "So when can you start?" Looking up at Autumn she gave her a half smile and thought for a moment. "Whenever you want me to start." She told her cheerfully.

"How about right after you finish the tax forms?" Paiges smile faltered a bit. "Now? That's a bit sudden." She watched as Autumn's face fell and she continued on quickly, not wanting her new employer to be unhappy. "But if you need my help I'll be happy to start today." The smile returned to Autumn's face and Paige couldn't help but smile back as she handed her the finished tax forms. "Well I guess you can help me put the books I just got the other day on the shelves." Nodding Paige took her license and Social Security card from the counter and slipped the back into her wallet. "Where do you want me to put my purse?" She aske walking to the other side of the counter. "Underneath the counter should be fine, customer's aren't allowed back there so it should be perfectly safe back there." Placing her purse underneath the counter she followed Autumn to the back where the shop keeper handed her a box marked Thornton.

End of Chapter One: Wow.. I just threw all that out in one sitting.. I'm currently working on a VD fan fic but I just had to get this one started. Tell me if you like it and I'll continue on.