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Disclaimer: I have never actually experienced a euphoric feeling, so all things that may describe the feeling is from the song (I recommend you to listen to it) and internet research. I also apologize if any characters are OOC.

Genre: Fluff/Romance/a little humor here and there.

Summary: Set during 4x15, just after the Precinct gets saved ~

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Chapter 1: Euphoria - Bryan Lanning

"Euphoria, racing through my veins. Euphoria, driving me insane. Euphoria, clutching to my lips, it's hard to swallow."

Jake smiled at Amy as she and the whole squad try to ignore the fact Gina just made them drink cement (for the dozenth time that day) and celebrate the fact that none of them were without a job. It had been a crazy and very eventful time for the Nine-Nine the past couple weeks, and Jake was just thankful the precinct wasn't being shut down after all, that Gina was fully recovered from being hit by a bus, and that he wouldn't have the trouble of forgetting anyone's faces.

Amy glanced at her boyfriend and returned the smile, before going back to drinking a toast. Once that was over, Amy approached her, now odd-looking, boyfriend. "You okay there? You're looking a little weird." She giggled.

Jake nodded. "Yeah, it's just been a crazy few weeks, you know? First Gina got hit by a bus, then the precinct almost gets shut down, your ex Teddy's the audit and he proposes to you, and then we have Terry's vengeful ex as the audit, and-"

"Jake, I know, babe," She places her hand against the leather jacket he was wearing for his, what was thought at the time, last case ever with Charles. "I was there." She gave him a sympathetic smile.

He laughed the small twinge of awkwardness he was feeling. "Yeah, I forgot. Goldfish memory." He joked, setting his index finger against his temple.

She took his hand in hers as he continued to smile at her. Something clicked just a few moments ago as they found out the precinct wasn't going to be shut down. He was glad he wouldn't have to leave, as his worst fear was been placed in a precinct far away enough he would have to move. He loved the Nine-Nine, he loved everyone there; Gina, having known her since childhood. Rosa, having known her since the academy. Holt and Terry, as he thought of them as his fathers more than his own because he walked out on him. Charles, because no matter what, he was always there for him and vice-versa. Hitchcock and Scully, because in their own weird way, it wouldn't be the same without them. And Amy. That's where he struggled. Each one of his friends helped in one or two ways, it's easy to decide. Amy had helped Jake in so many ways he couldn't choose.

"Jake, can I talk to you?" Charles interrupted his trance, bringing him back to reality.

Jake nodded, unsure if he had said anything to himself or done anything weird while he was out of it. Charles ushered him to the side before making him turn to face him.

"What has gotten into you, Jakey? You've been acting weird all night." Charles pointed out, making sure Jake was looking at him, and not peering over his friend's shoulder.

"Boyle, nothing is the matter," Jake insisted. "I'm just happy at the moment. We almost lost our jobs today, Charles, are you forgetting that?"

"Of course I'm not, we cried on the sta-"

Jake shushed him quiet before he could say anything else. "You mighta been crying, but I was checking the distance of the building." He huffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

"All I'm trying to say is that I've seen those looks you've given Amy today, something's different," Charles whispered close, much to Jake's dislike, before walking back over to the squad.

Jake stood still for a moment, glancing over at Amy as she attempted to get Gina out from behind the bar. The edges of his lips curled to a smile before he rejoined the group.

"What was all that about?" Amy asked, a smile of pride visible on her face as Gina walked over to Terry.

He grinned. "Nothing, nothing too important. Just about the case." He lied.

"Okay," Amy sighed.

Jake pulled her into a hug, ignoring the sideways glances from Charles. He pressed his lips against her forehead, closing his eyes tightly, thinking about how they both dodged a bullet with the whole precinct nightmare. Thankfully, it was all over.

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