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"Princess Luna and the Black Panther"

By TwilightSparkle3562

Chapter 1

"A New Embassy in Canterlot"

Canterlot's famed embassy row was considered Equestria's gateway to the human world. Representatives from each country operated and ran their embassies in cognizance to the will of their respective homelands.

On this day, however, a new Embassy was about to open. A country that for countless generations had been hidden from the outside world. Now, thanks to its leader, King T'Challa, the Kingdom of Wakanda was opening itself to the outside world, including Equestria. However, his kingdom's victories were not without sacrifice.

"I miss you, Baba," the young king sighed, sitting on a private jet, looking at a picture of him and his father, the previous king who was killed in Geneva while ratifying the Sokovian Accords. "You would have loved Equestria. It's a peaceful land. A land of love and tolerance."

"I miss your father too, T'Challa," remarked his mother, the Queen of Wakanda, as she placed her hand on her son's. "He would have been so proud of you for all you have done for our kingdom."

T'Challa couldn't help but give his mother a warm smile. In his mind, she was the rock that he leaned on and T'Challa knew he couldn't live without his mother in any way.

"Mother," he asked. "How long do you think you could live to see me produce an heir?"

This caused his mother to become shocked.

"Why do you ask, my son?"

"Because after Baba was killed and after we fought Thanos, I could only question my mortality and how long we all can live."

"T'Challa," his mother whispered. "All you can do is focus on what is in front of you. Don't look ahead to the future so quickly. Be happy, live your life the way your father wanted you to live it."

Despite the reassurance, T'Challa had to make a personal quest of self-discovery and finding someone that he could relate to.

Sure enough, at that very moment, Princess Luna completed another night of being Princess of the Night. As she lowered the moon, Luna was thinking also about finding someone she could relate to.

"Good morning, sister," Princess Celestia said, cheerfully as Luna walked into the castle's dining room. "How was your night?"

"The same," yawned Luna as she sat down at the table across from her sister. "Nothing really out of the ordinary, ponies having nightmares and such."

"Luna, is something the matter? This is the third time this week you've been deep in thought about something."

Found out by her sister, Luna began to open herself up about her feelings.

"Celestia," she said, taking a sip of coffee. "You know that King T'Challa is coming for the opening of his country's new Embassy here in Canterlot, right?"

"Yes, so why does it bother you? Don't you want another kingdom to be represented to Equestria?"

"I do, but I want to find someone from the outside lands I can personally relate to. Yes, I've gotten over the fact that I was once Nightmare Moon, but…"

"Luna, I'm sorry to interrupt," interrupted Celestia, floating over a newspaper copy of the Canterlot Chronicle for Luna to read. "But, I think you and T'Challa could hit it off very nicely. You both had your personal struggles and have had trouble controlling your emotions and feelings. Let yourself be open to him and he'll be open to you."

Although encouraged, Luna wasn't sure how to open herself up to T'Challa.

At that moment, a guardspony came into the dining room followed by Nick Fury and Dr. Bruce Banner.

"Sorry to interrupt your breakfast, ladies," chuckled Fury. "But, we wanted to bring this to you."

"What is it?" asked Celestia.

"It's a report of what we found about the virus in question," answered Bruce. "Turns out Chrysalis was also infected by the virus as well. Furthermore, the virus can spread to internal organs as well."

"How can you tell?"

"We can tell from a CAT scan we did on Adrian Toomes. The virus starts in the brain and moves down to the heart, lungs and then, the stomach. It's something that we aren't taking lightly."

"Do you think its Grogar?"

Suddenly, Discord appeared in a flash of white light.

"Grogar?" he remarked, his body shaking and vibrating. "Why didn't you tell me this sooner, Celestia? Grogar is bad news!"

Discord then looked nervously over at Luna, trying to get an answer out of her, but to no avail.

"Before your little mismatched friend interrupted," said Fury, clearing his throat loudly in annoyance of Discord. "I was going to say, yes, it is believed that a strange and demented goat dude is responsible for this."

"After 1,000 years, the spell we put on Tambeleon has gone out," sighed Celestia, getting up from the table. "I didn't want to believe it would happen, but it has."

"Sister, it has happened and if Grogar does plan on making his next move. Then, we must be ready."

"Furthermore," added Bruce. "By letting Wakanda open up an Embassy in Canterlot, you are also enlisting the help of the kingdom's protector."


After a brief silence, Bruce said the protector's name.

"The Black Panther."

"The Black Panther?" wondered Celestia, confused at what just had been spoken to her.

Meanwhile, T'Challa's private jet touched down at Wonderbolt Headquarters as T'Challa looked out upon the Pegasus ponies working on their training.

"Who is that, Sky?" asked a female Pegasus pony standing next to a blue colored Pegasus as they came out of the Academy's mess hall.

"I don't know, Vapor," answered Sky. "This is the second strange flying craft to land here in as many days. Either way, one could only wonder who would want to keep coming here to Equestria."

At that moment, the plane became surrounded by Wonderbolts, Wonderbolt Cadets and members of the Human and Pony presses. Stepping out of the plane, two bodyguards pushed the crowds back as T'Challa stepped off the plane with his mother at his side.

"King "T'Challa," said Spitfire, saluting him and his mother. "I welcome you to Equestria on behalf of the four alicorn princesses!"

"Thank you, my friend," chuckled T'Challa. "Wakanda is looking forward to building a relationship with the kingdom of Equestria."

"Your Chariot to Canterlot is ready, your highness," cried a guardspony and the young king and his mother sat down for the short flight to Canterlot.

As they made their way towards Canterlot, however, a shadowy figure watched with its eyes glowing red with anger and chuckling slightly. Little did they know that this figure was one of Equestria's most infamous black hearted monsters…