Chapter 4

"A Grand Opening Interrupted"

T'Challa stood in front of the mirror inside his tower room at Canterlot castle adjusting his tie and looking forward to the opening of his kingdom's new embassy. Even though it was a joyous moment, the young king couldn't help but feel sentimental over a very obvious absence.

"You know, it's too bad you aren't here to witness this joyous day, Baba," he whispered to his reflection in the mirror. "You would have been proud of me and your entire people."

At that moment, the door knocked and T'Challa answered it, revealing to be his mother on the other side.

"You look handsome my son," she remarked admiring the suit he was wearing. "In fact, it's too bad your father isn't here to see this."

"Funny you should mention that," he sighed heavily, looking back at his reflection in the mirror. "I was just thinking about him, mother. He ruled over Wakanda with a firm but fair hand and I intend to do the same thing."

As T'Challa spoke, both he and his mother could hear the sounds of a crowd of ponies and humans standing at the bottom of the tower, eager to get a glimpse of T'Challa.

"Did you invite them here?" chuckled T'Challa, only to be met with a small smile from his mother. Walking down the steps of the tower, the queen and her young son were met by the crowds, eager to show their love and support for him.

"WAKANDA FOREVER!" shouted an African American male of Wakandan origin, much to T'Challa's pleasure. "God bless you, King T'Challa!"

"There is an enthusiastic figure," chuckled T'Challa as they climbed into a carriage. "Makes you wonder how many more are out there."

Chuckling, T'Challa and his mother settled in for the short ride to the Wakanda embassy just Luna was finishing adjusting her crown in her quarters.

"Princess Luna?" asked one of Celestia's guardsponies. "Your sister is downstairs waiting for you."

"Thank you, Ignatius. Inform my sister that I will be downstairs shortly."

Saluting, the guard closed the door and Luna could only stare herself in the mirror, still trying to figure out the ever growing mutual attraction that was developing between her and T'Challa.

"Tiberus," she asked, looking over towards her pet opossum, fast asleep in its cage. "What do you think? Do you think that something is telling me that T'Challa and I are destined to become friends? I know you are asleep, but I need your help. What is it about T'Challa that draws me to him? He's a human, I'm a pony but we are both royal."

Luna walked over to the creature's cage and tried to wake it by tapping on the cage, but the creature didn't stir.

"I suppose you have a point," she sighed. "T'Challa and I have both struggled with our pasts. But still, there is more to him than meets the eye. Could it be that we are destined to work together towards something?"

However, Luna didn't have time to dwell on the matter and instead left her room, making her way downstairs for the short trip to the Wakanda Embassy for its opening.

Meanwhile, Tony Stark and Julia Carpenter were seated in the front row just to the side of the podium.

"Seems to me like there is more people and ponies that are into this than we thought," she remarked. "By the way, you seem troubled, Tony. Is everything all right?"

"Well, I just think that the security here isn't good enough," the billionaire playboy answered. "There should be more weapons on those guards."

"Tony, you can worry about weapons after the ceremony is over," Julia advised, nudging him in the side of his stomach. "Let's just support King T'Challa and his people, all right?"

"That's easier said than done," whispered Tony, who still held his suspicions on the matter. "I know I smell a rat when I see one."

Sure enough, as Tony was having those suspicions, Bray and his donkey soldiers made their way through the crowds heading into a spot behind the podium, crouching down to try and hide themselves from view.

"All right," said a donkey. "The device is set and timed to go off in 20 minutes."

"Excellent, Smartass," remarked Bray. "Once the explosion occurs, we snatch our target. Since she is the queen of Wakanda, our target will more than likely be sitting on the platform."

At that moment, the trumpets sounded and Princesses Celestia, Luna and Twilight made their way up to the platform followed by King T'Challa and his mother. The crowds greeted the royal dignitaries with loud cheers and applause as T'Challa made his way up to the podium.

"Thank you my friends, thank you," he said, raising his hands for silence. "Today is a joyous moment in the history of two kingdoms. For years, the Kingdom of Wakanda has kept a low profile from the outside world. But, in recent events, we have decided that Wakanda deserves to be opened to the outside world. Therefore, I would like to be the first to welcome you all to the Wakanda Embassy!"

Backing away, the young king showed off his kingdom's new building to the delight of the crowds who cheered in admiration.

"When this ribbon is cut," T'Challa explained picking up a pair of large scissors that laid down next to the podium. "Ponies and humans will begin the work of bringing the good of Wakanda to Equestria."

From down below, Bray and his fellow donkeys kept one eye on the stage and the other on the device that was ticking its final seconds below.

"10…9…8…" whispered Bray as T'Challa prepared to cut the ribbon. "7…6…5…"

Soon, T'Challa began to cut into the ribbon and then….


…without any warning, the device detonated sending shards of metal and debris through the air and onto the crowds below. Shocked and bewildered by what had just transpired, T'Challa rose to his feet, looking around for his mother.

"Mother! Mother!" he called, but his mother was nowhere to be found. "Mother! MOTHER!"

"Your highnesses, we must go," cried one of his bodyguards, trying to pull him.

"NOT WITHOUT MY MOTHER!" shouted T'Challa, pulling his arm out of the grasp of the bodyguard. However, the bodyguards were not going to let their young king be put in any more harm and dragged him away from the scene.

Celestia and Luna were also ushered from the scene by their guards and all anyone could think of was what had just happened. Rising to their feet and with their business suits dirtied, Tony and Julia were left wondering what could have happened.

"I was afraid this would happen!" cried Tony, immediately trying to get in touch with his Artificial Intelligence, HOMER. "HOMER, get medical personal here on the double and I want any security footage of the entire area, clear?"

"Whatever you say, Mr. Stark."

So HOMER went to find help while Tony and Julia could only come to terms with what had just transpired in front of them.

Wakanda's entrance into the Canterlot Kingdom had gone off to a disturbing start…