Chapter 1 – Introductory

Author's Note: After reading fanfics for a good long while, and debating whether or not I too should start writing fanfics, here we are. My first fanfiction. *Applause sound*

Hope you all enjoy!

It had been a simple day for team RWBY and friends. It was a Saturday, and they had all planned to spend it in the most best ways they thought possible.

Ruby had planned to drag Weiss to Vale in a 'Best Friends Forever Fun Day', where they'd do what all best friends did. Eat cookies and read the latest weapon magazines. Weiss had planned to avoid Ruby and study hard. Blake planned to stay in the library to privately enjoy her 'artistic adult literature'. While Yang was sleeping in and intended to go clubbing at night.

That had been their plans, but, with a loud pop, they vanished in a blink of an eye and found themselves sat on a couch and facing a large TV screen, in a large room similar to the Student Common Room back at Beacon. Alongside them were a few extra couches and chairs.

Confused, the four young Huntresses-in-Training looked around frantically. Trying to make sense of how they ended up where they were currently.

"Wh-What's going on? Where are we?" The red-hooded, and short, leader of team RWBY, Ruby Rose exclaimed. Her head zipping around as she tried to make sense of how she suddenly turned up here, when, seconds ago, she was pleading to Weiss to come along on their 'Best Friends Forever Fun Day'.

Speaking of the white-haired heiress. Weiss was beside her 'best friend', and was equally as confused as Ruby. "What in the-? How did we get here?"

The B of team RWBY, Blake Belladonna, was silent and was looking around cautiously. Underneath her bow, her cat-ears were standing at their tallest, her eyes focused, and her face remained calm and collected despite their current situation.

Ruby's sister, the Y of RWBY, Yang Xiao Long, was more surprised than her teammates. She had been sleeping peacefully, dreaming of fighting Grimm, riding her motorcycle, and wrecking Junior's club all over again when she was suddenly transported to the room. Drowsily, and still in her pyjamas, Yang rubbed her eyes and yawned.

"Is it 1pm already? Ah, it was just getting to the good par..." Yang began to trail off as she took stock of where they were. "Um, guys. Where are we?"

Before anyone could attempt to answer that question, a chorus of pops sounded followed by a few familiar faces.

On the couch to team RWBY's right, team JNPR fell bottom-first onto the sofa. Jaune was wearing his typical combat attire, with the exception of his armour. Nora was also in hers, and in the midst of devouring her tenth breakfast pancake. Pyrrha was out of her usual combat attire and wore a red turtle neck that hugged her figure and blue jeans 'coincidently' like Jaune's. Ren, to his great misfortune, had just finished taking a shower and only wore a towel around his waist.

To team RWBY's left, their friends in team CFVY fell onto the couch besides them. Coco Adel, the team's leader, was dressed in her usual fashionable attire. Her teammates were also in their usual combat attire, but, with them fell several bags filled with many articles of clothing.

Falling onto a smaller couch beside JNPR were the monkey faunus, Sun Wukong, and his blue-haired teammate and friend, Neptune Vasillias, curiously, they both wore detective badges and had fake moustaches on their faces.

In chairs behind the three teams plus two, their teachers, Headmaster Ozpin, and Professors Glynda Goodwitch, Peter Port and Bartholemew Ooblek fell and landed. Ozpin wore his usual clothes, and had his cane and coffee mug in hand. Some coffee spilt from his mug and fell on a rather... unfortunate place. Goodwitch was wearing the clothes she usually wore in class. Oobleck was normal enough, well, as normal as he could be. While Port was laughing heartily, most likely at one of his own jests.

Alongside the teachers, General Ironwood, Winter Schnee, Qrow Branwen, and Taiyang Xiao Long suddenly appeared.

As everyone recovered and gathered their bearings after their suddenly and wholly unexpected arrival. They began to realise just who was also in the room with them.

"Jaune?!" Ruby squealed, shocked to see her first friend in Beacon arrive. Though, upon seeing the adorable bunny on the front of his hoodie, she had to try to contain her laughter. The blonde-haired boy was just as shocked as his first friend in Beacon as well. "Ruby?!"

"Sun?" Blake said, genuine surprise in her usually quiet, soft voice upon seeing the monkey faunus.

"Dad? Uncle Qrow?!" Yang yelled in surprise upon seeing the two older men.

"Winter!" Weiss exclaimed, half in shock and joy of seeing her older sister.

"Weiss!" The older Schnee sibling gasped upon the sight of her younger sister.

"Oz? Glynda?" Ironwood breathed, flabbergasted as he laid eyes on his close friend and the object of his unrequited affections. The three had been part of a video-call, so suddenly seeing them in person was quite the shocker.

"NORA!" The ginger-haired ball of excitement and seemingly unending hyperactivity randomly added to the mix.

One of the doors leading to the room creaked open, and from it. A figure wearing pitch black hooded robes, and a blank, emotionless white mask over their face, walked in. Golden eyes peering from the shadows of the mask's circular eyeholes.

"You're all here? I was hoping I'd get here before you, but alas." The masked figure said in a low, soft-spoken voice with a sigh. Everyone turned to him, from his words alone, it appeared that he was the one responsible for their being here.

"Who are you?" Ironwood demanded of the masked man as he walked past the assembled group. The Altesian general reached into his coat in search of his hand cannon, but found it was missing. In fact, the entire group found that they were unarmed.

"Your weapons will not be necessary. And will be returned to your person when needed." The man calmly informed the assemblage of characters. When a few of them tried to use their Semblances on him, they found they had no affect.

Glynda's telekinesis did not move him. No glyphs from either of the Schnees manifested. Nothing.

The masked man stopped before the large TV screen and bowed deeply with a flourish of his arms and said. "Welcome ladies and gentlemen. Please forgive the abruptness of your arrival, but I saw this as the quickest way to get you all here together. I could have invited you, but something tells me you wouldn't have accepted what I would have offered you if I just asked."

"And what is it you would have offered us?" Ozpin cautiously asked the masked man.

"It will most probably be harmless. And quite frankly, it benefits mostly me, though, you may get something out of this. If you pay attention to certain details." The mask man said. "Please, allow me to introduce myself. I am Alaric, Keeper of this Repository. In here is recorded the events past, present, and the ever shifting future of the Multiverse. I have brought you all here to witness certain events from across the countless universes."

Everyone remained silent at the explanation 'Alaric'' had given them.

"Is this a joke?" Qrow asked, expressing the skepticism that everyone else had for his words.

"How so?" Alaric replied, tilting his head to the side. A small measure of annoyance in his voice.

"I mean, you abduct us, tell that we're in some sort of... universe library. And that we're supposed to watch some random schmucks antics on a big TV?" Qrow scoffed. Everyone, even Ironwood and Winter, couldn't help but agree with him. As hard as that fact was for them to swallow.

Now, it was Alaric's turn to be silent. He hummed contemplatively, thumbing the chin of his mask, his eyes possessing a distant look. Everyone remained on guard in case he tried anything. Suddenly, Alaric perked his head up and looking directly at Qrow.

"Maybe I did not add the proper insentive." Suddenly, Qrow found a crystal shot glass in his right hand with two bottles full of alcoholic liquid levitating in front of him. "Scotch or whiskey? I can refill your glass as often as you so desire. That is, if you agree with my offer."

"First you kidnap us. Now you're trying to bribe us?" Weiss remarked scornfully. "Well, we won't-RUBY!"

Looking towards the red-hooded girl, Ruby was currently devouring a neverending plateful of cookies from a plate that just materialied onto her lap at a disturbingly fast. Nora was in no better state. She was in the middle of scarfing down a stack of thirty large pancakes absolutely covered in syrup. Ozpin found that his coffee mug had been refilled, and his trousers dried. Blake tried to look away from the Tekkadon, a Mistrali rice dish topped with thin pieces of raw tuna, that appeared before her. A plate of croissants, small cakes, and tea materialised before Weiss and Winter. Jaune stared at the cheeseburger and chips in front of him, his stomach growling noisily. While Velvet sniffed shyly at a bowl of cut up carrots.

Everyone found various delicacies and drinks before them, and could only stare in wonder at the sudden appearance of the food.

Noticing Ren's state of undress, Alaric chuckled lightly, and in an instant. The black-haired boy was in his combat uniform. The same went for Yang and Pyrrha. Though Pyrrha seemed a bit miffed at her change of attire for no discernible reason whatsoever. Definitely not because her clothes were meant to attract a certain someone.

"How-?" Glynda breathed. Feeling a mixture of amazement, confusion and disbelief at what she saw.

Alaric placed a hand over his heart and said. "As Keeper of this Repository, you will find I have considerable command over what is possible within this realm. In fact, I modelled this viewing room after your academy's Student Common Room so to make you fell more comfortable. And did I forget to mention, but, I am your only way back to your own universe?"

"Why is it you are doing this, Mr Alaric?" Ozpin asked, keeping a calm, straight face despite the suddenness of it all, and having hot coffee fall on his crotch earlier. Alaric simply shrugged and casually replied.

"Honestly. I was bored. So I thought I'd give this a go and see where it went."

Dead silence again, apart from the munching sound of cookies and pancakes being swiftly devoured.

"Seriously?" Coco questioned Alaric, lowering her sunglasses and giving him a questioning look. Others also looked at him with a deadpan face.

"Yes, seriously. As entertaining as it is, one can tire of recording and watching the multiverse all by their lonesome." He returned. "Your presence, and your reactions may prove most amusing."

"You're doing this because your lonely?" Ruby breathed, sympathy in her voice. "Don't you have someone to help you?"

"I have scores of automatons to do all the heavy lifting, but I am the sole Keeper here. Unless two Keepers are proven to be highly compatible and will not pose a risk to the agenda of the Repositories, the role of Keeper will ultimately be a solitary post. Incidentally, no other Keeper has thus far proved compatible with me."

Alaric's words drew pity from the large group, but also sparked more embers of curiosity.

"'We'?" Blake repeated. "There are others like you?"

"Why of course. Do you really think that such a grand task can be performed alone? The multiverse is constantly expanding, and requires multitudes of Repositories to keep track of them all. Even then, more universes are born faster than we can record them." Alaric walked past RWBY and JNPR's couches and sat on the last vacant chair amongst the teachers and produced a TV remote from within the folds of his robes.

"Wait. You said this place is a library of universes. Right?" This time it was Sun who asked a question, a cola in his hand and sharing a large bucket of popcorn with Neptune, excitement in his voice. Alaric nodded in response. "So, what kind of stuff will we be watching?"

Underneath his mask, Alaric smiled and simply said. "Allow me to show you."

With that, he pressed a button on the remote and the blank screen of the TV flickered to life.

Well, there we go. First chapter of my first fanfic. So, I got a few ideas for the universes that RWBY and Friends will react to, but, I'd like to hear your ideas. Alongside stuff like movies, games, trailers, I plan to add parts from fanfics I plan to publish here as well. Criticism is appreciated in the reviews.

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