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Foreword: This story is part of the Dreams Continuum and is set a couple years after the events in Midnight on the Last Perfect Day but before Dream Lost. It also crosses with Love Hina and assumes the reader is familiar with that excellent series.


Tenchi didn't know what he was doing here. It was Friday afternoon, classes were over and he should now be driving home for a weekend talking with Washu and working at the shrine. Instead he had come to the "Arena". The fencing club touted it as a world class training facility although it was nothing more than a modified tennis court. Still other martial arts clubs had taken to using the outdoor matted area and thus it had earned it's nickname. The clubs rotated through on different days, although the fencing club held it's classes here daily during normal school hours. Today the Kendo club was holding a demonstration along with an introductory lesson to anyone interested in joining the club.

Thus the reason for Tenchi delaying his trip home. After three months at Tokyo University his new friend Kitsune decided he spent enough time alone with his painting and declared he was going to join one the clubs pointing out his lack of exercise. He tried to tell the devilish woman he got enough exercise on the weekends but she argued that wasn't regular and he needed some activity during the week. In the end she had slid up close to him and whispered into seductively his ear she would hate to see him lose those his taunt, lean figure. Unable to escape the situation or say no to the alluring fox Tenchi capsulated and agreed to go check out the club.

So here he was on a warm summer afternoon wishing he could just go home and relax, about to walk into the lion's den. Kitsune had insisted he go out for the Kendo club because she knew somebody on it and could get him in even though he didn't know anything about swords. Tenchi just shook his head thinking at how wrong, the normally perceptive, fox was. In truth Tenchi was possibly one of the most skilled swordsmen in Japan today. Trained by a legendary Samurai and tested against otherworldly foes, Tenchi wasn't exactly worried about any competition here but giving away his unique style of swordsmanship, a secret that had been kept by the Jurai Royal Family for eons uncounted.

Approaching the 'Arena' Tenchi began to hear the buzz of a large crowd, turning the corner he came upon a mass of his fellow students, all of them male. They milled around the edge of the padded area in groups, eagerly discussing the club's president and top fighter, Ayoama Motoko. From snatches of over heard conversation Tenchi learned she was a freshman coming in with high marks, had a following of younger girls who worshipped her, and most dazzling of all she was a descendant of some master swordsman. There were some ugly rumors floating about as well, that she hated men, had been seen going out with other girls, and thus her sexuality was in question. All things aside though the idea of a beautiful Kendo girl brought out the crowds.

"Tenchi, over here," The voice of Urashima Keitaro called from several meters away.

Tenchi had met Keitaro a few months earlier in a shared history class and the two had become friends. The glasses wearing, history major was a few years older than Tenchi even though they were both sophomores, though Tenchi felt he was rather naïve. Of course that came from the fact that Tenchi, on a certain level, envied Keitaro his girlfriend Naru along with the rumor flying about that the awkward young man lived with a half dozen other girls. It brought up old memories of his own rather, unusual family.

"Hey Keitaro, how's it going," Tenchi greeted coming to stand with is friend as a low drum began signaling the start of the exhibition. The two managed to find a spot to stand near the edge of the mats next to the bleacher wall as the rest of the crowd piled into the stands. On the warm spring afternoon Tenchi was just a happy standing in the shade as sitting in the sun. These days he seemed more inclined to darkness anyways, a shadow of his former self. Frowning to himself Tenchi decided to leave his brooding at the gate and try to enjoy the show that was starting.

From the locker room door across the arena a slow precession began as club members dressed in red and white hakamas walked around the edge of the mats each stopping at regular intervals until the entire matted area was surrounded. Each carried a wooden boken, a solid wood practice sword that Tenchi was intimately familiar with. They all stood silently staring in towards the arena with their swords at their sides. Through all this the drums kept their steady rhythm until all were in place. Now the tempo began to pick up signaling the demonstration was about to begin in earnest, the crowd hushed. Out from the shadowed doorway a figure materialized.

She was a vague outline at first, nothing more than shadows. Then shed stepped into the sun. The bright light shined off her long dark hair and sparkled in her focused hazel eyes. Her face was set in grim concentration although there was no denying her attractive features. Her tall form was wrapped in the shapeless hakama like the other club members, but there was something about her that hinted of the treasures underneath. Tenchi, like most of the other males around him, was instantly drawn to her.

Then, just as the crowd was admiring the Kendo girl the club members around the arena suddenly lifted there bokens and surged forward. There was a collective gasp from the spectators one moment, the next the air was filled with a single word. "Zanetsuken!" Half the attackers were suddenly thrown across the arena by a wave of shear energy. Before they even landed on the hard mats the tall girl turned her deadly gaze on the remaining attackers. With a swift series of strikes and parries she laid low any who stood before her.

"This is the club you and Kitsune want me to join," Tenchi asked Keitaro, one hand sweeping out to take in the carnage. The secret prince was appalled, he hadn't seen this kind force used since Jurai and the mess with Matthew Aaron Carson.

"Motoko tends to over do it with these demonstrations," Keitaro admitted scratching his head as a long line of students pushed past the two leaving the arena, most muttering about not wanting to get killed for a club no matter how good looking the president was. Still Keitaro persisted, "Look Tenchi, I promise you it's not always like this. Most of the time it's just practice and occasional sparring. Motoko is a really good teacher I swear."

Great, thought Tenchi as Keitaro pulled him towards the Kendo girl as the rest of the club moaned and licked their wounds, All I need is another person to derided me on my strikes. A moment latter he was standing in front of this daunting woman as Keitaro made the introductions.

"Motoko, this is Tenchi Masaki."

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