Theory of the Multiverse: There is not one Universe, there are many. Each have their own Time Lines, each have their many different personalities which were shaped by choices you never made. In this universe, Ranma Saotome will find himself once again facing chaos... In his life. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Goku shifted himself. (It was going down...) he thought. He was all mangled up, his skin covered with blood. Whoever the new enemy was, it was stronger than anything he faced. Coola, and Freeza together might not be able to stop it.

Goku defeated it, barely surviving himself, but his enemy's cunning was something someone like Hannibal Lecter would have applauded. Hell, the good ol' forensic psychologist and cannibal would be proud of him. The new enemy instilled a safety device on him. When Goku defeated it, it activated a nuclear reaction in space towards an asteroid. It's now speeding it's way to earth.

Standing to see the big rock, he was a bit surprised to see it covered the whole sky. He dug his feet firmly in the ground...

"KA-" energy build up in his hand, "Me-" it grew bigger, "HA-" and his whole body blazed, "ME-" Goku steadied himself. This was going to be big. "HA WAVE!"

All the force he exerted, he released all his energy towards the rock.

Impact... And the rock slowed it's decent. Before it reached the stratosphere, it stopped, and was pushed back.

"AAAAGGGHHHH!" he screamed as he put more force in it. And, he did it. He pushed it out of the way, but for a price.

He was drained... He couldn't move. After all the people he faced; the woman with long green hair and short skirt... what the heck was her problem? Then, the enemy he just faced, and now the meteorite. Damn, he wished he had at least a son [This Goku wont have one] to pass is heritage to. With the final conflict, he fell backwards, towards a pool. He died before he drowned.

-Omega X Presents-

-Project II: Saiyan Ranma-

-Chapter 1: Enter; Saiyan Ranma-

"Welcome, sirs," said a Chinese fat man. "Welcome to Jusenkyo."

A boy, in his late teens, very handsome and with deep blue grey eyes and his black hair tied in a pigtail put his bag down.

"Yo, old man," he said towards his companion; he was fat, bald, and had eye glasses. "Is this the place?"

"Alright boy," the man said. "I hope you are ready!"

"Anytime old man," the boy replied, and they jumped at the pole of bamboos.

"No! Sirs, very bad if fall in the pool!" the guide said. But the two martial artists didn't listen. They blurred as they jumped up in the air and began punching and kicking.

Both separated at the same time, and landed on two poles. They took only a second and they were at it again.

The boy was able to go through the fat man's defense as he gave a kick in the mid-section, and the man went flying towards a pool.

"Are you done old man?" the boy asked.

"Oh... honored sir fell in the Pool of the Drowned Panda! Horrible tragedy. Anyone who falls in the pool will turn to a..."


"What the heck...!" the boy said in shock, and a panda came out of the pool, which promptly kicked him in a pool.


"Oh no! Honored sir fell into the mysterious pool! No one knows what drowned there..." the guide said. He looked towards the pool, and waited. He began to sweat. "OH THE HORROR! HONOR SIR DROWNED!"

"GROWF?" said the panda. He walked over the pool, attempting to dive in it.

"No sir! If you fall, you will take the shape of young sir!" the guide said frantically.

"GROWF?" the panda said. "GGGRRROOOWWWLLL!"

If anyone understood Pand-ish [panda language], they just heard Genma Saotome shout about his wife going to kill him...

=Inside the pool=

Contrary to what the guide said, Ranma didn't drown. He was still awake, still alive, although he couldn't move. The only thing he heard was:

"Ah... A worthy heir..."

Ranma felt something warm invade him, and his body moved by itself. He curled up to a ball, and something surrounded him like a cocoon. Then, Ranma fell into a deep trance...

Time passed around the pool. The sign of the pool was replaced by 'Spring of the Drowned Young Martial Artist with a Pigtail' and the guide shook his head heavily. Even the panda sir gave up hope. The moment he knew he couldn't get his son back, he ran away, talking about his wife watching him.

Too bad he didn't ask the guide for help...

=A week after Ranma's drowning=

Genma Saotome ran as fast as his fat panda legs could carry him. Women were chasing him, and if you think that's good, wait until you see what the women were carrying. Spears, maces, arrows, and other deadly weapons.

Evil Panda will not escape! said a girl with long purple hair. You eat food, we eat you!

If anyone is surprised by that, please raise your hands...

The hunt went on. Genma tried to run towards a city, but without a map, he couldn't find squat. He hid in the forest, which was another mistake. The Amazons, as he now learned, were very good trackers and hunters. Almost three days after the Tournament, they finally caught up with the panda.

=Amazon village, 10 days after Ranma's disappearance=

Shampoo sighed. For a fat panda, it gave them a good fight. If her eyes weren't fooling her, she could have sworn it was doing some martial arts move, and even made himself invisible.

Good thing Xian Li was there... she said in Mandarin. Xian Li was their greatest tracker. Her father, wolf who went towards the pool of the drowned man, was taken in by the amazons as their slaves. The daughter, Xian Li, looked like a half-breed. Her ears were perky, and had fangs. Not only that, she had perceptive hearing and smell. When the panda cloaked itself, Xian Li could still smell his residue.

Xian Pu looked around. On the ground was a panda rug. She was proud of it, actually.


"WHAT? IMPOSSIBLE! SAOTOME!!!" a guy with a yellow bandana shouted at the pool. "HOW THE HELL CAN YOU DIE! YOU COWARD! YOU RAN AWAY FROM OUR DUEL!"

The guide shook his head. It seems honored sir has many friends...

"YOU COWARD! YOU... DAMN IT!" Ryouga shouted. He walked away from the pool, leaving his blood battle with the Saotome. After all, it was impossible to try and beat the dead...

=Japan, two weeks later=

A white haired woman, with voluptuous figure, was in her room, planning once again to tie in her sister and Keichii, a boy. It is their fate to be together until the boy says so, and they are both so in love. She smiled happily, then heard a big boom.

(Oh, great...) she thought. (There goes Skuld again!)


"N-nothing!" the boy stammered.


The woman sighed. Her young sister would've been getting on with the boy if only Skuld wasn't around. The young goddess seems very enthusiastic in splitting the pair apart. If it was possible, the woman laughed about it. (Maybe Skuld is just jealous... And likes Keichii herself...)

"Urd! Phone!" said a sweet voice outside her room. Urd squinted. Was it possible for such a soft voice to be heard over the bickering Skuld and Keichii is doing?

"Coming!" said the white haired woman. She slid her door opened, and walked towards the living room. She took the phone gently from her sister. "Hello?"



"Yes... We have a few developments going on. Do you still know the fighting styles of the past? The time there were Saiyans in the world?"

"Yes..." Urd replied. "I'm a bit rusty..."

"Oil yourself..." Kami-sama said, adding humor in the statement. Urd stiffened. Kami-sama, making a joke. Is hell trying to destroy heaven again? "I just received reports. A new Saiyan will awaken in about three days. I need you to contact him. He's in China, remote place called Jusenkyo."

"Jusenkyo?" Urd asked. "You mean... 'He' found someone worthy?"

"Yes... The heir is Ranma Saotome... but we need to change his name," Kami- sama said. "We don't want anymore people chasing because of his fahter's... uh-hum... past activities."

Urd nodded, and nodded again. She said her farewells and hanged the phone.

(A saiyan? Interesting...) Urd thought.

=Jusenkyo, three days later=

Ranma opened his eyes. He could see the water surface, and something thin enclosed him. He looked at his surroundings. Clearly, he was underwater, but how deep, he didn't know. He moved his hand. He blinked.

Was it his imagination, or are those muscles? He checked his other hands again, and he looked at his chest. (Damn... It looks like I'm fully developed...) Ranma said. He tried to punch, and he opened the hole on the cocoon. Ranma looked in horror as water began piling in. He panicked and punched the thing around him with more strength. It ripped through the fabric and Ranma swam up.

Ranma gulped for air as he reached the surface. (Whoa... What a rush...) Ranma said.

"Hello!" said a voice on top of him. Ranma looked at the figure above him. It was a woman with white hair and odd markings forehead. But what caught Ranma's eyes were two globes, which showed itself very readily as the figure was bent towards him.

With the final moment of dignity, Ranma's nose spurted blood out and he promptly fainted...

Urd looked surprise, and looked at her chest. "I didn't think he would react like that..."


Ranma opened his eyes, and his eyes squinted through the sun.

"Where the heck am I?" he asked.

"Somewhere in Hong Kong..." a feminine voice said beside him. Ranma looked at his side. It was the girl he saw.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Oh, I'm Urd," she said. "Second Class Goddess, Limited. Goddess of the Past, and also the one for Love!" she said the last part with glee.

Ranma had a terrible headache now. Goddess? Past? Love? He stood up, and saw himself facing a mirror.

(Whoa...) Ranma said. He checked himself. From waist up, he was naked. His shoulders were broad, muscled and very well developed. His hair grew shorter, and was a bit more spikier than he remembered. He flexed his muscles, and he whistled, impressed. He checked his manhood by taking the garter of his pants and pull it outward...

"Oh my goodness..." Urd said.

Ranma quickly let go of the garter and it went back to position. "HEY!"

"Cant help it... You are a masterpiece..." Urd said.

Ranma almost fell down, but something caught his eye...

"I HAVE A TAIL!" he shouted.

"SHHH!" Urd said, finger in her lips. "Quiet. We don't want them to think we are up to something... On second thought... I think I want..."

"But... but... but..."

Urd sighed. "Ranma, calm down. That tail will be part of you now. When you fell in the pool, you were deemed worthy by the last person who drowned in it..."

"What does it have to do with my tail?!" Ranma asked. "And how come you know my name?"

"Ranma, I'm a goddess..." Urd replied. "Anyway, the last person who drowned there was a Saiyan..." she said dramatically. She didn't have the reply she expected.

"A what?"

"A Saiyan! You know... Powerful alien beings... Now extinct... Have powers to destroy planets..."

Ranma shook his head.

Urd just sighed. "Forget. All you have to worry now is that you are a Saiyan. The last one, in fact. Now Kami-sama, that's my father, called me to train you. Obviously it was a worthy assignment; after all, I'm the goddess of the past. He wants to make sure you truly comprehend your powers before you use them."

"You? Train me? What happened to pops? He was supposed to train me!" Ranma said.

"Ranma, you're father is dead... Run into some women of the amazons," Urd said gently. "You have no one to train you now."

Ranma looked at the goddess. He nodded. He felt very different, and with the tail and all, if there was any chance he could cope with this, maybe Urd was the answer. He didn't know, but he felt a compelling need to trust her.

"Okay... I'll train with you..." Ranma said.

Urd smiled. "Good. Now, let's drink!"

[Sounds of cork being popped open]


"Ahh... this is life..." Urd said.

Ranma face faulted. Whatever trust he felt went down... very deep down as he watched the goddess drink a bottle of sake like it was water.

"Great... I get a teacher who is drunk and old..."


"What did you say?" Urd asked Ranma, who was just punched in the ground.

"NOTHING!" Ranma said. "I think you are a wonderful young vibrant woman..."

Urd shook her head. "First lesson kiddo. Learn to put your foot in that mouth of yours..."

Ranma winced. What did he do to have such a fate?

=Time Gates=

Somewhere deep in the motion of space, a lone figure stood. She felt it, and she felt the cold dread sweep up to her.

(Saiyan...) she thought. She fought one before, but never defeated it. She looked at the Time Gates. She sighed. Crystal Tokyo is still there.

"I must find it..." she said.

=Washu's lab=

Washu was jumping up and down. The energy spike a few moments ago made her very excited.

(A Saiyan! I never studied one!) she began typing. (I must find it!)

She continued typing, and she remembered something.

(Juraians hate Saiyans... Whatever I must do, Ayeka must not find out...)

=Hong Kong=

Ranma went a fit of sneezes.

Whatever fate Ranma Saotome will have, it seems he has more girls chasing him then anyone in his life...

To be continued...

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NEXT: Urd brings Ranma to her home... ^-^ Chapter 2: Mallets and Saiyans don't mix...

Author's note: yup... I know, it's short. But don't worry! I'll make the coming chapters longer than this!

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