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Buds is going to get a visit from someone he never expected...

[Scene Bathroom]

Skuld stood there floating in the in the tub of warm water, looking left and right. She raised her hand and looked at her watch. There was a beeping sound.

"Hmm... according to my scanners, he is somewhere near here..." Skuld said.

"Hey..." Buds said nervously. The goddess robes she wore were flowing and Buds was surprised to see that Skuld grew up to a hot chick...

Skuld looked down, and realized that Buds was naked in the tub. She didn't close her eyes. Instead, it traveled downwards... lower... lower...

"AAAAAHHH!" she screamed, pretended to cover her eyes, leaving a few holes in her hand to peak. Buds gave her a funny look. Skuld jumped away, and went towards the door, slamming it shut.

[Scene Ends]

Skuld's mission was to exterminate Omega X, but her feelings for him were too strong. She just sent him to another dimension... Buds now found himself another adventure...

[Scenery is white]

"Queen Serenity," a woman said. Buds tried to focus his eyes. "Please meet my son, Xander Ryu..."

Buds looked at the woman who spoke. She had what looked like Royal Clothes, had a crown on her head, and had blue hair. Buds focused on the other woman. She had long blonde hair and looked like...

(Wait a minute... Queen Serenity?) Pause... "NO THE FUCK I AIN'T!"


"Xander! Watch you're mouth!"

[Scene Ends]

Buds gets to be the Sailor Mercury's brother, and his adventure begins... Unfortunately, when Beryl attacks, Buds, or now known as Xander Ryu, was able to stop Unit First Strike, but drowned in the parts of China. A few thousand years after that, another person drowns, and the two souls were never released from the pool. After A thousand and five hundred years later, guess who falls in the spring?


Unknown to Ranma, the Pool carried two souls, and his transformation by turning to female, since the drowned girl was the latest. Unknown to him, another soul resided which waited for the longest time before he could manifest himself...

[Scene of Ranma in the Tendo Dojo, after Jusendo]

Ranma was looking around him. Everything was white.

"Where am I?" Ranma asked.

Everything was white, and then, changed to something different. Everything seemed to by crystal like now, and he saw a woman sitting in what looked like a throne.

Footsteps came in and Ranma saw a boy, about his age with Soldier's clothes. He had a few medals in his chest, had short hair done into spikes. He approached the woman and went on to one knee.

"Yes my Queen?" the boy asked.

"Xander, I'm nervous..." the Queen said. "The enemy approaches fast, and you predicted that my kingdom will fall..."

The boy named Xander stood up. "Please trust me on this, my Queen. Yes, you're kingdom will fall now, but it can be rebuilt. All we need is you using the Imperium Crystal to revive the Senshi in the future."

"To reincarnate them..." the Queen said frowning.

"I understand if the Queen won't trust what I say. Even Pluto thinks I'm mad, but I know what I'm saying," he said. "You will see, in the last few moments, Beryl will attack again and she will succeed."

There was a pause before the Queen sighed. "Very well. Do be careful, General Xander."

"I will, my Queen. Unit First Strike is a dangerous unit. They are targeting the Moon directly hoping to blow it into pieces," Xander said. "We have to delay or destroy Unit First Strike or else, we lose the war."

"Very well, Xander... How is 'she'?" the Queen asked.

Xander smiled. "She's nervous, but I lied saying that we will be together. Maybe in another lifetime we will be."

With a final bow, he walked away. Ranma gasped again as the surroundings changed to white.

"So, Ranma, we meet..." a voice said behind him. Ranma turned around and gasped. It was Xander.

"Who are you? What are you doing here? Where am I?" Ranma asked.

"I'm called Xander Ryu, sister of the Senshi of Mercury, and we are here in you're mind..." he paused. "I drowned in the pool, thousands of years ago, and then, a girl drowned in the same pool. Our souls mingled with each other until the fateful day where you arrive and get cursed..."

"But I turn to a girl! Why didn't I just get transformed to you?" Ranma asked.

"Yes... It was actually very convenient for me. The Pools of Sorrow never meant to have two souls," Xander said. "When it did, one would lose all memories and be a transformational energy matrix in which cold water will trigger it, and the other would have all his memories, to await for something. As for the question you asked a while ago, I'm here to do something no one ever did for you before."

"What is it?" Ranma asked.

"I'm giving you a choice," Xander said. "I'm willing to combine my soul with yours, give you my memories, my experiences. You'd still be Ranma Saotome, but you would also be Xander Ryu."

"Why are you offering me this? Why should I even accept?" Ranma asked.

"Something is coming Ranma," Xander said. "I fought something very powerful before, and I sealed 'her'. The problem is, the seal would likely be broken now, and she would once again emerge to do what she wanted to do."

"What is it?"

"Destroy everything..."

[Scene Ends]

Now, the Ranma's life would take a more chaotic term as he combines with Xander. He meets with old friends...


"Are you really Xander?" the girl with spiky red hair asked.

"Yup, but call me Ranma, Washu," Ranma replied, smiling.

"And call me Washu-chan..."

[Scene Ends]

Old loves...



"I was used to be called like that," Ranma said. "It's good to see you again, Hotaru. Damn you're cute..."

"Xander?! You're really Xander?!"

"Yup!" Ranma smiled. "So, how..."


Ranma stood dumbly as Hotaru had her palm whap his face. He looked confused. The slap didn't hurt, but Ranma never really expected something like that from an old loved one. "What did I do?"

[Scene Ends]

Old enemies...


"So, Xander was also reborn..." the woman said. "How nice."

"So, Ursula, how's the tricks?" Ranma said.

"Very well, actually. So, shall we begin?"

"Yes. I shall destroy you for the last time!" Ranma said, and the two figures charged at each other.

[Scene Ends]

Old friends, old loves, old enemies. Ranma has now more to do than defend the world. He has to convince Hotaru that he is not a Casanova, and believe me, that is very difficult.

Project III: Legend of the Wild Horse.

Coming in the nearest FanFiction site near you...

Another Ranma/Sailor Moon/Tenchi Muyo crossover.

Brought to you by Omega X.

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Author's Notes:

There were some people who suggested Trigun/Ranma for Project III. Sorry, but I don't know the Trigun series.

Others suggested that Ranma to have the Orochi bloodline. Sorry. The only characters of the King of Fighters I know are the Fatal Fury Team. If anyone has the time, email me about them. It's nice to have more info about anime. Anyway, next time! Ja ne!

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