Hey y'all so this is set a few episodes into season 3 just after lexa had killed the ice nation queen. I've changed some things from the storyline including the things with Pike so I hope that's ok!


"Wanheda. Come." Said the stone faced guard who had opened the door. Clarke sighed, to tired and drained from the day to argue or question the order for once. Watching Lexa come close to death on more than one occasion in her battle with Roan had been tough, seeing the contempt in Bellamy's face when she had refused to leave him was tough, not knowing what happened to the psychotic Night blood Ontari was tough and so she couldn't be bothered to waste her energy on questioning one of Lexa's guards.

"Commander" she said respectfully as she entered the room where Lexa sat on her throne, but stopped when she saw that she was not alone with the young woman.

"Roan?" she said in surprise, and the new King of Azgeda took a step away from where he had leant against the wall, his face almost twitching into a smirk as he inclined his head and said with the ever most tone of mocking


"Clarke, please we have much to discuss." Said Lexa and both turned to face the commander.

"I take it you both understand why Niah had to die today. As far as I am concerned what Azgeda has done under Niah's rule ends, right here, with you King Roan. Don't forget. I spared your life. I made you king. But I am still your Commander."

Roan bowed his head to Lexa before straightening and saying calmly

"All due respect Heda, I really doubt you brought the great Wanheda here just to witness your reminders to me. What do you want?"

Lexa narrowed her eyes at Roan's words, before saying firmly


"Peace?" said Roan raising an eyebrow.

"Yes. True peace. And I'm not alone in this. The other ambassadors are uneasy at the actions of Azgeda; a war between Azgeda and Skaikru cannot and will not happen. Not while I am Commander." Lexa said in a voice of gritty certainty "I've spoken with the other Ambassadors. They want a bond, between Azgeda and Skaikru, giving you a common cause."

Clarke saw Roan's entire posture change at these words, a tension appearing in his shoulders and his back straightening to alertness. She looked between the two leaders, brow furrowed and eyes confused, not understanding quite what Lexa was getting at.

"Lexa, you can't be ser-"

"Yes I can Roan. And I am. It's been voted on, the decision is out of my hands and I wouldn't change it if I wanted to."

"Does someone want to tell me what's going on?" Interrupted Clarke, slightly irritated. Lexa turned to face her, her face softening slightly as she took a step down from her throne.

"Clarke" she began but Roan cut her off.

"Marriage Wanheda. Skaikru with Azgeda. Our great Commander wants a wedding." He said bluntly, his voice mocking the last word.

"Marriage?" repeated Clarke blankly, taken a back at the Coalitions apparent solution to the issue at hand. She looked at Lexa for conformation and the Commander nodded gravely.

"Yes Clarke. A union between Skaikru and Azgeda would help to bring the peace and not just between your clans but among the others as well."

Clarke was still staring wide eyed at the Commander (causing Roan to smirk and mutter something about, Clarke finally being lost for words.) Lexa walked over to her and said earnestly

"Clarke, you know me. You know that I wouldn't be saying this unless I thought it would work." As she spoke, she rested a hand on Clarke's arm. The contact seemed to shake Clarke out of her surprise and she cleared her throat before saying in a business like voice.

"My people aren't going to like this."

"I'm afraid they don't have a choice." Lexa's Commander Mask was back in place once more, the moment of tenderness gone entirely. Clarke nodded at the words

"I know. I'll make the council understand. Kane, my mother they'll see the sense of it, I'll make sure they do."

Lexa nodded in agreement

"I don't doubt that" she said before turning to Roan "I take it that you're capable of keeping the ice nation officials on board?"

"More than capable Heda." Roan said self assuredly but with a hint of irritancy at the implication of his inability to control his people.

"We'll see." Was Lexa's only response.

Clarke was almost afraid of the answer to her next question but she gritted her teeth and asked anyway

"A union between whom?"

"That is for Skaikru to decide. It'll be up to- " Lexa said and Roan took a step forwards

"And not for Ice Nation?" he asked irately and a rare smirk crossed Lexa's face.

"No. You have no need to choose who will be part of this. It has been decided for Azgeda already." She said, head held high, her gaze unflinching from Roan as he walked right up to the smaller Commander.

"And who would that be?" He hissed at the Commander. Lexa held his glare for a moment before turning on her heel and walking back to her throne. She sat back down lounging back into the chair, and Clarke was reminded of how she had been sat the first time the two had met, reclined in her throne, total confidence, total control.

"Well, what would a king be without a queen?" Lexa said simply, the smirk that was not on her face, dancing behind her eyes.

Someones getting married!

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