Mina was tense the minute she awoke the next morning.

Understandably so.

Because Roan had moved during the night, whether consciously or unconsciously she didn't know. Now he was pressed up against her, an arm slung over her body, hand resting on her hip.

Her eyes widened even further than they already were when Roan shifted in his sleep once more and his other hand came to rest gently just under the swell of her breasts.

Slowly, nervously, Mina began to try and extract herself from his hold so that she could get out of the bed.

But she didn't get far.

She must have jostled him more than she realised because in a flash Roan was awake.

Awake but apparently not completely aware because the moment his eyes flashed open, he was upon her, pinning her beneath his body, with one had holding both her wrists above her head and the other hand holding a large blade at her throat.

Almost as soon as it happened, it stopped, and Roan removed his knife and rolled off of her as cool as anything, leaving Mina lying there trying to remember how to breathe.

"Are you alright?"

Finally her lungs seemed to work again and she inhaled and exhaled deeply and shakily.

"Yes" she lied.

Roan nodded, before pulling a shirt on over his bare torso.

"Don't wake me through close contact. I'll hurt you."

"Is that your version of an apology?"

As soon as she said it, Mina clapped a hand over her mouth, eyes wide and fearful of her... her husbands reaction.

There was a moment of silence before to her great relief, Roan let out a low chuckle.

"I apologise" he said, almost mockingly before turning to face her "get dressed. We leave today."

"Leave where?"

Roan paused like he was considering whether or not to answer before finally saying

"An Azgeda encampment just outside the city." A small smirk then came onto his face as he said "Time for the Queen to meet some off her people."

She supposed, in his own way, Roan was being kind.

He had allowed her to say goodbye to her friends, the one's who were still in Polis. That narrowed it down to Clarke, Bellamy and Monty.

Octavia it turned out, would be travelling with them. In truth, Mina thought, she shouldn't have been surprised. Lincoln was coming with the Ice Nation Delegation, it should have come as no shock that Octavia would stay by his side.

Clarke wished her well and hugged her with a motherly fierceless. Monty gave her a small smile, though his eyes darted nervously like he thought he wasn't going to see her again.

While Clarke spoke to Lincoln, Bellamy took Mina aside.

"Did he hurt you?" he asked bluntly and Mina shook her head.

"He didn't touch me at all." Mina said, choosing to leave out the incident that morning.

Bellamy looked a little surprised before nodding once.

"Take this" he muttered shoving a small bundle into her hands. Glancing over her shoulder, Mina then peeked inside the cloth to see the cold metal of a small handgun wrapped inside. She looked up at Bellamy like she was about to speak but Bellamy put a finger to his lips.

"Lincoln will keep you safe. You won't need it. I'd just feel a hell of a lot better knowing you can take care of yourself as well. You know what to do with it?"

Mina gave a weak smile.

"Point and shoot."

Bellamy almost cracked a smile at that before he put a hand on her shoulder.

"I'll see you soon kid. Okay?"

"Okay" her voice was barely above a whisper as Bellamy pulled her into a one armed hug. Bellamy felt beyond guilty. He had taken Mina under his wing after the dropship landed, her similarities to Octavia drawing him to her.

He hated what Abby, Kane and Clarke had made her do.

And he hated it even more as he watched her ride away, seated on the back of that psychopath's horse.

"Why are you so afraid of me?"

Roan hadn't said a word to her since they left Polis.

Not on the journey to the Ice Nation camp, not when they arrived and he strode off to talk to a general and left her with Lincoln and an Ice Nation soldier who led her to a really quite enormous tent and left her there. Not when he returned and they ate together.

For two days they had not exchanged a single word to each other.

No until this moment, when he was leaning against one of the pillars that was keeping the canopy up and Mina had just re-entered the tent from bathing, wearing a pair of soft trousers and an oversized shirt that wasn't always hers.

He spoke the moment she entered the tent and Mina froze.

"I can understand being afraid. New people, new place, new husband." He drawled the last word and Mina shifted uncomfortably as he continued on "But it's not just that. It's me. You are afraid of me, more afraid than you're letting on."

"Mina ducked her head and made to walk past him so that she could put her clothes down, saying as she did so

"I'm not-" but she didn't finish, as a second later her clothes were on the floor as Roan grabbed her by her wrists and pulled her flush against him, trapping her bent arms between their bodies.

"Don't lie. A wife shouldn't lie to her husband. And no one should lie to a King." He growled, before he too both her trapped wrists in one hand and moved his other to the hem of her shirt.

"Is it this that frightens you?" he said lowly in his gravelly voice, his wandering hand slipping beneath her shirt and tracing across her bare stomach and ribs.

Mina was deathly still.

Or she would have been if it weren't for the incessant trembling that wracked her entire body.

She tried to comfort herself with his words from their first night together

"Relax. Raping girls isn't really my thing."

But his actions now, made her wonder if his patience had run out to a point that those words were not so true anymore.

"Answer me"

A command.

Simple, yet so strong.

"Yes" she breathed out, her eyes closed.

And all at once… he let her go.



Mina watched as Roan sat on the edge of the pile of furs that acted as their bed. He didn't take his eyes off her, but she didn't answer.

"Laik yu a virgin?"

Mina didn't need to speak Trigedasleng to understand what he was asking. So she shook her head.

It was the truth after all.

She wasn't a virgin.

"Then why?"

Mina turned away from him, her arms wrapped protectively around herself.

"I… I don't want to talk about it." She murmured and she heard Roan stand up from the bed.

With a touch far gentler than when he had grabbed her before, he turned her to face him, taking her chin and tilting her face up towards his, searching her eyes with his own.

"Someone hurt you."

It wasn't a question, but a statement.

Mina nodded stiffly, closing her eyes for a brief moment before they snapped open again when Roan's voice said

"I won't."

She looked up at him, her big brown eyes meeting his almost black ones.

"Whatever kind of man you think I am, unthink it. I. Won't. Hurt. You." He spoke with such surety and strength that for some reason Mina relaxed slightly.

"Do you believe me?"


And she did.

When Mina asked, Roan told her that he didn't know how long it would be until they left for the Ice Nation lands.

Lexa had commanded that all leaders in the coalition stay close to Polis for the time being.

So, not knowing how long they would be camped outside the city, Roan and Mina fell into an odd sort of routine.

Roan, would leave early, and go hunting with his men, often leaving and returning so early that it was before Mina woke up.

He would then carry out whatever duties his role as leader commanded of him for that day, while Mina spent most of her time with Octavia or Lincoln.

After far less pleading than she expected to have to use, Mina had convinced Octavia to begin training her to defend herself, as the other girl's words still rang in her head from time to time.

"Grounders aren't weak."

So Mina would train with Octavia, before bathing, changing and then going back to hers and Roan's tent.

Roan, it turned out, liked to read.

He even had some ledgers and books and scriptures in English and so Min would spend the rest of her time, using that and his other papers to read, learn and teach herself more Trigedasleng.

She would do this until Roan returned, then they would eat and go to bed.

A few times now, Mina found herself awakening in the early hours of the morning to find herself wrapped in Roan's arms. Unlike the first time this happened, she no longer felt afraid when she found herself like this. In fact she would just go back to sleep.

It wasn't love, or even a true friendship yet.

But it was comfort. It was understanding. It was mutual respect.

It was something.



And so they carried on like this for over a week.

On the ninth day of their encampment, as they were eating a meal together in the evening, two Ice Nation warriors entered the room.

"chit ste em?" Roan asked.

"heda ste stedaunon." Answered on of the fierce looking men.

At these words, Roan got to his feet, a strange look on his face.

"What is it?" Mina asked, struggling to keep up with what was being said.

"The Commander is dead."

Mina let out a small gasp.



"How? What happened? I-Is Clarke-"#

But Roan silenced her with a hand held up in her direction as he said to his warriors in the language that she could understand.

"Bring me Ontari. We march to Polis tonight."

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