Author's Note

Hey, so this story has long been completed and I haven't written anything for Fanfiction in a while but every time I looked back at this over the last couple of years, especially the early chapters, a deep sense of mortification filled me at the complete lack of care I took while writing it. That said, I'm currently rewriting quite a few of the early chapters to fix all the awkwardness in prose and grammatical mistakes I've made (hopefully!). So far I've done the prologue and the first chapter. It will pretty much be the same story but meatier, and I may get inspired to change a few scenes that were annoying me in the middle few chapters.

I'd appreciate it if you'd give this story a chance anyways, as it's still my baby and I really enjoyed writing it. If you've read it before, I'd be interested to know whether you noticed the changes and whether you liked (or how much you hated) them!

Thanks to everyone who's read and reviewed and for all the constructive critiques.