Luna and Sam considered themselves to be a pretty rockin' couple. They often enjoyed the same music acts and even learned that they listened to different types of music groups that the other wouldn't normally fancy. Luna is still shocked to know how much Sam likes Hip-Hop. Their musical talent, in general, made them click even more since they would jam out as hard as they can, sometimes to the annoyance of the neighbors, mostly Mr. Grouse. The two were a match made in heaven and had themselves down packed.

Well, almost.

Luna and Sam both thought their relationship could reach a new volume. They both wanted to rock each other like a hurricane but the biggest problem was… they're not exactly experienced in the field of getting things started. The couple know how things are supposed to work in bed, they've done plenty of research on that, some of it normal, others more pleasurable. But they can't seem to find the proper time and place. It didn't help that one of them would chicken out at times as well.

Luna would often try to get things rolling but Sam would sometimes change the subject before it got too heavy or they would get interrupted by someone from the Loud clan barraging in on them during their makeout sessions. The latter being more common considering Luna and Sam mostly hang out in the Loud house.

Luan learned the hard way about making fun of Luna and Sam's interrupted sessions. Mr. Coconuts would forever be traumatized by almost being fed to a wood chipper.

Sam wasn't against getting down and dirty with Luna. She just didn't know if she felt as ready as her girlfriend.

Sam had many sessions to herself… many, many sessions… just thinking about having sex but something in her just made her cower before things went too far, much to the disappointment of Luna.

Sometimes they felt like their relationship could be in jeopardy but they didn't realize that they were just pent up and all they needed was some sexual healing.

It was one of the hottest days of summer as Sam had traveled over to the Loud residence with her guitar on her back, ready to have another jam session with her favorite Loud girl. She reached the door and almost rung the doorbell until she reeled her hand back. "Not getting me this time, heh heh." She sneered as she proceeded to use the door knocker.

It fell off on the first knock and came right in contact with her foot. "Ow!" She jumped up and down as she held her foot in pain. "You win again, you crap shack."

The door opened to reveal Rita Loud in her normal attire.

"Oh, Sam. I'm so sorry for that. You know this old house, always falling apart. Come on in." Rita invited the poor Sharp girl in. The two walked into the living room. Lily was inside her crib constantly scratching herself.

"It's no problem, Mrs. Loud. I thought I had it this time by using the knocker but this house proved me wrong. By the way, where is everyone? Luna and I were supposed to have a jam session today."

"Oh, she went to the store to pick up some cream for Lily's chickenpox. Lynn Sr took the other kids to the indoor swimming park and I'm staying here to take care of Lily. Luna would've went with them but the park banned her for trying to play her guitar while going down the water slides." Rita gave an unimpressed look.

"Yeah, that sounds about right." Sam assured.

"By the way, you've had chickenpox before, right?" Rita inquired.

"Yes, my mom actually took me to a chickenpox party to guarantee I get it." Sam said as she walked over to the sick infant. She looked down at Lily, who was still scratching herself mercilessly. "The poor thing. I remember when my little brother got it too. He used anything he could get his hands on to try and scratch himself. He almost used a cheese grater. Thankfully, my mom stopped him."

"Yeah, Lily's definitely tried to use a few crazy methods to scratch herself. She even tried breaking her rattle and using the broken bits before I took them away." Rita smirked at Lily, earning a raspberry from the infant. "You can wait up in Luna and Luan's room."

"Thanks, Mrs. Loud." Sam said as she made her way up the stairs.

Twenty minutes had passed before Luna finally came home with the medicine in a plastic bag. She was completely covered in sweat from the weather being scorching hot. She swore she left a trail of sweat behind her that lead all the way back to the store. She walked up the porch and got her keys out.

"Of all times for Lilster to get the pox, it had to be on the hottest day of summer. Jeez. I gotta get outta this heat. I-huh?" Luna looked down to see the door knocker on the floor. "This house just keeps falling apart. I'm still surprised it survived that hurricane." She shook her head as she unlocked the door.

She walked over to the crib and placed the medicinal cream on the table.

"I'm home. Got your meds for ya, Lilster. *sniff* Woo, smells like funk. I gotta get out of these clothes and into some fresh threads." She rushed upstairs and made her way to her shared bedroom, not paying attention to her mother shouting from the basement to her.

She entered her bedroom and immediately went to her closet. She ditched her boots and tossed aside her shirt and skirt. She scanned over her wardrobe as she stood in her purple bra and panties.

"Let's see what do I feel like wearing? Ah, here we go." She grabbed the same attire as before. "Can't beat a classic." She smiled as she turned around towards the bunk beds.

Luna's eyes went as wide as dinner plates the second she saw Sam sitting on Luan's bed with her guitar in her lap. Sam shared the same expression as the two stared at each in awkward silence.

They both turned away from each other with blushes planted all over their faces. Sam had laid her guitar down and placed her hands in her lap. Luna tried covering herself with her clothes but just settled on squatting towards the closet. They both were so nervous because they had never seen the other in their underwear before. The closest they've gotten was swimwear but, even then, it was mostly modest attire.

"I-I'm sorry, Luna. I-I wasn't trying to peep at you. I was j-just hanging in your room because your mom said I could wait for you here." Sam clumsily explained. Sam didn't want to seem like a pervert who would peep on her own girlfriend. She respected Luna's privacy and never would violate it.

"It's okay, dude, I…" Luna stopped until a thought came across her mind. "Wait… I could use this." She thought as a devilish smile spread across her face. This was an opportunity just sitting right in front of her and she knew she couldn't pass it up. She got up and faced Sam and dropped her clothes on the floor.

"Actually it's not okay. I think you did want a peep." Luna said in a seductive voice. Sam shot up in surprise.

"N-no, I'm mean it! I would never try to invade your privacy!" Sam argued as she kept looking away.

Luna slowly moved closer to Sam. "Don't worry about that, Sammy. Sometimes a little privacy invasion is fine." Luna got to Sam's ear. "Especially, if I get to invade yours." Luna seductively whispered.

"Huh-oof." Sam found herself being pressed down against the mattress as Luna pinned Sam's wrist. Luna then got on top of Sam in a straddling position. Sam tried to break free but something in her told her to sit still and just gaze at the figure before her. She got a good look of Luna's body and was amazed at how sexy it was. Sam never got to feel up Luna before but from the smoothness her skin looked, it had to be pretty soft to the touch. Sam was aching to get feel of that smooth skin on her fingertips. Just looking at Luna's scantily clad body set something off in Sam's lower region.

Luna looked down at her lover with lust fueled eyes. She took note of Sam's fragile expression, which set off a familiar hot and bothered feeling in her loins just as well.

"Don't think you get to run this time, luv." Luna spoke in that British accent that she knew would drive Sam wild. Which worked as she could feel Sam shudder beneath her. "You and I both know what's going to 'appen. I know you flick the bean thinking about it. Well, you don't have to fantasize about it anymore. I'm right here and you're all mine."

Sam gulped as she continued to look up at her temptress. What Luna said was one hundred percent true. She's been thinking of this for a long time. She's had many rough nights wanting this to happen but cursed herself for how much she chickened out those previous times. This time was different, this time Sam couldn't think of an excuse to stop it. In fact she didn't want to think of an excuse. She chose to give into her lust and let Luna have her way.

She took a glance at Luna's chest. Luna wasn't the most endowed of her sisters but Sam couldn't complain, her chest was just perfect. Luna noticed where Sam eyes laid and grew a smirk.

"I guess you like what you see, huh?" Luna inquired. Sam gave a slow nod as she continued to look on in awe. "Well then, you're gonna have to show me what you got." Luna leaned down and began sucking on Sam's neck. Sam's skin began to tingle as her neck was being teased. Luna kissed up and down her girlfriend's neck and even teased her with a few licks here and there. Luna even gave Sam's collarbone a bite, driving her insane with pleasure.

"Hnng, Luna!" Sam moaned as she found herself beginning to squirm under Luna, much to Luna's enjoyment. Sam soon started getting a feeling in her crotch. There was a clear dampness in her pants from an urge she was begging to given to. She broke her hands free as she grabbed Luna's face and brought their lips together.

Luna was caught off guard for a second but gave into gesture and went with the flow. Luna held Sam's head as their lips fought for dominance.

Sam made a bold move and inserted her tongue into Luna's mouth. The couple's tongue's wrestled with ferocity, exploring each other's mouths. So much so, that Luna was starting to have a little bit of dampness in her underwear as well. Their tongue's continued dancing in each other's mouths, tasting one another as much as possible. Their normal sessions didn't have as much action as this one. So this was all new territory for the two of them, one that they were happy to get lost in.

Usually, their makeout session would be just movement of there lips and nothing more but this time was different. This time their lust was in complete control and they loved every second of it.

Sam soon found her hands wanting to become pirates and quest for booty. She managed to find what she was looking for and grabbed both handfuls of Luna's behind. Luna moaned into Sam's mouth as she felt her butt being groped. Each squeeze sent shivers up Luna's spine. Sam normally isn't this handsy but she wasn't feeling like herself right now. Sam was so excited and just couldn't hide it, she was about to lose control and Luna definitely likes it.

"So, you're ready to go, huh? Okay then. I'm gonna see how much you want this." She thought to herself as she broke the makeout session with a single strand of saliva connecting their lips. She looked down at Sam with half lidded eyes and her mouth hanging open as Sam stared back with the same expression.

"Show me how much you want it." Luna commanded in her seductive voice. She leaned up and started undoing her bra from behind while biting her lip.

Sam, still hazy from the magical tongue session she had, woke up and realized what was happening. Her eyes went wide as she saw her lover in the beginning process of showing her what she considered the promised land.

Luna finished unhooking her bra and the constricting fabric just hung there, still covering up her mounds.

Sam continued to gaze in awe and soon started to sweat. Her mouth still hung open as she saw the bra just hanging there, ready to finally expose her girlfriend. She could start to feel blood wanting to spill out of her nose like Clyde when he sees Lori. Luna's chest was something she always dreamed about but here, the dream is becoming reality and Sam felt ready for it.

"It's all up to you if you want to see me naughty bits." Luna smirked as she looked down at her lust fueled girlfriend.

Sam gulped as her hands began to move on and approach with great anticipation. They inched closer and closer, ready to be given the best thing she never had.

The door suddenly open to reveal Rita barging in. "Hey, I was wondering if you tw-oh…" Rita gasped as she saw her daughter on top of Sam, lacking some clothing. She eyed Luna's bra being undone and Sam's hand reaching for that same bra.

The couple stared at Rita with their faces painted red. Rita stared back at them with an awkward look on her face. A devious smile soon found itself growing on Rita's face.

"Have fun you two. Hehe." Rita giggled as she started to leave. "Oh, and be sure to clean Luan's sheets when you're done." Rita finally closed the door.

Luna closed her eyes hung her head in shame. "My parents are too cool, even for me, dude." Luna started hooking her bra back up again.

"Yeah, by the way, *sniff* *sniff* you're smelling pretty gnarly there, Lunes." Sam held her nose.

"Oh, shut up, brah. *sigh* It's safe to say that killed the mood." Luna gave a disappointed look as she got off her girlfriend and stood up at the side of the bed.

"Agreed! Thank goodness your mom's cool. My parents would've killed both of us if they saw us like that." Sam commented as she got up too.

"Be happy it wasn't my dad. He would've completely freaked if he saw us. Granted, he'd still be okay with it, he just wouldn't be able to handle seeing one of his daughters naked. It was so funny when he ended up walking in on Lori and Leni when they were getting ready for school and he freaked out, hehe." Luna laughed at the memory. She started to walk when she noticed how moist her crotch was "Well, now I need a new change of underwear. So, I'll go get changed." Luna could feel the dampness from before. At first, it felt good but now it makes her feel sticky and gross.

"Yeah, I need to… uh… clean myself. I'll be in the bathroom." Sam said as she walked out of the room in an awkward manner from her own excitement in her pants.

Luna walked over to her dresser and pulled out a fresh pair of undies. "*sigh, Dammit. So close!" Luna said to the ceiling.

Yes, I have broken down and made a smut fic. I decided to do this since there's next to none out there for this couple. So, I've chosen to answer the beck and call for some Saluna smut. Now granted this chapter didn't have much in terms of pure smut, but don't worry, it's coming, (wink).

I originally was going to make it a one shot but I kept think about the characters relationship and how they would accomplish their goal of getting some hanky panky and what they mean to each other and ended up making it into a story with character development. Trust me, it'll get dirty, I just wanted to build up the characters first so when it happens you're more engaged.

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