092. Haunted



"Hey, it's me again…"

Static feed eclipses the recorded video, for another moment or two, slicing audio, fuzzing.

"We lost the baby. Um…"

Faye's expression strains with her thinning smile.

"That's not something I prepared for. The emergency care doctor I saw said it wasn't unusual at this stage for your body to…"

A deliberate, turbulent pause. Spike restlessly pushes his hand over the bridge of his nose, taking another gulping sip on his lukewarm beer. He just needs to hear her voice… just needs to… …

"But then, they said they found something else. I'm going back tomorrow for more med-scans… I wanna say that if you are me watching this… I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Tell Spike that it wasn't his fault either. You shouldn't feel like you need to…"

Spike's forefinger presses down harshly on a keyboard button. He scrolls through the directory, picking another video. Faye's expression, more cheerful, her dimples popping as she waves.

"Love you…"



Cowboy Bebop isn't mine. Never tried for this fandom before! But this was my ship! Woo! Kinda really sad though! Any comments/thoughts appreciated!