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Author's Note: I forget the name of it now, but I read a story on here where Emma helps Regina give birth to a surprise baby. It was a one shot, but it left me wanting more and inspired this story. Hope you enjoy it.

Sometimes the Smallest Gifts Are the Greatest


Lady Razeli

Chapter One


It had been three days since their return from Neverland, and Regina was sure she had picked up some awful disease there as she lay awake yet again. She had barely slept not even when Henry had been home in between. The one great thing that had occurred besides saving his life was that Emma and she had agreed to finally co-parent. Had realized that technically Emma had no right to take Henry, and Regina deserved respect as his mother. It helped that Emma was also finding it difficult to parent Henry alone, he did what he wanted too and still barely attended school. Her parents enabled him calling him the hero often and it was frustrating to her when Henry was never where he was supposed to be. Regina could relate to that feeling. So far, they were alternating days of where Henry slept, because Emma was too much of a chicken to tell her parents that she wanted Henry to stay at the mansion full time. She wasn't a fan of sharing a room with the kid, and housing had yet to open in storybrooke at least not without Gold finally fixing up the properties that were in ruin. Or Regina kicking out some of her own tenants.

Either way Regina was counting it as a win, but still things weren't perfect. Despite the Charmings giving her credit on their return on Neverland, the citizens and council had insisted that she had tried to murder them by even having the trigger and was not fit to be mayor. So there went her job. She was sure with King George leading the pack he would have liked to strip her of her wealth too, but unfortunately for them that just wasn't in the cards. Her wealth didn't just come from being major. She had made solid investments in the outside world as well as held a good portion of real estate in Storybrooke itself. She jumped out of bed quickly and ran into the bathroom, it was no longer surprising as she found herself vomiting into the toilet. This was now a regular occurrence for her, she hardly slept, but she was tired. She was always hungry, and yet found herself throwing up at all hours of the day, she was lucky to keep tea down and sweets. She loved sweets especially chocolate. Normally she could control herself with chocolate, but lately it seemed impossible, and yet her figure stayed in tack. She was sure all the progress she had made recently toning her abs, so you could see them would be gone by now, but she supposed it helped she was vomiting everything up.

When she was finished she flushed the toilet, washed her hands before brushing her teeth and rinsing her face. A thin coat of sweat often covered her brow and a bit of water always helped her feel like herself again. She turned the light off and returned to her bed snuggling down into the covers on her back. She rubbed her abdomen hoping to settle her stomach a bit more. A dull ache started in her lower back, but nothing too serious she couldn't handle. Perhaps she had spent too much time bent over the toilet. Being in a certain position, a lot was bound to cause problems.

"Okay Regina tomorrow just stick with your tea no eating for twenty-four hours and then maybe your stomach will reset itself. You don't have a fever or anything," Regina told herself. Aside from the vomiting she didn't feel particularly sick, but she would be damned if she went to see Dr. Whale. He was still angry and so far, she'd had no reason to need him. She probably should have gone before Neverland, but she'd come out fine, maybe her body was finally catching up to her now that all the danger had passed. One could only go on for so long before something occurred right? Sighing she finally closed her eyes and managed to fall into a light sleep for the rest of the night.

One great thing about not having a child in the house who needed to be at school or go to work was that Regina could sleep in, she was not a morning person, she never had been. But as a child she rose because her mother didn't tolerate laziness as she put it, and in the palace Snow and Leopold were morning people and she had to join her precious Stepdaughter every day without fail for breakfast. Which was why she was not happy to hear someone pounding on her door at eight in the morning. She hadn't planned on rising until half past nine at the earliest. Ten thirty if she thought she could push it before her knitting group arrived. And she did think she could push it because she had magic and fuck no longer using a part of her.

Grumbling she cracked an eye open at the clock and huffed when she saw it wasn't even eight it was seven. Sighing, she grudgingly crawled out of bed, already longing for the warmth before grabbing her robe and heading downstairs messy curls and all. Maybe if she looked tired enough she could still go back to sleep.

"Who is it?" Regina called roughly through the door. Citizens did not see her looking anything less than perfection.

"Regina open up, Henry left something for school, I tried calling you three times already. Regina smirked. She'd silenced her phone before the first ring even finished without thinking. Sighing she opened the door and allowed Emma inside and shut it quickly.

"Whoa you're not up and dressed yet, I so pegged you for a morning person," Emma commented.

"No job, no child, no reason to be out of bed this early Miss Swan," Regina grumbled. "So, find what you need and let yourself out, don't forget to lock the door, you can take my key." Regina motioned to her keys and went back upstairs without another word. Emma just stared after her trying not to look at the lacy panties peeking out from under Regina's silk nightie and robe. She grabbed Regina's house keys before she forgot and quickly followed her up the stairs but went straight to Henry's room. It really was fit for a little prince, and everything he deserved to have to help him feel loved as well as focus in school. She found his book report lying on his desk and gathered it quickly.

"Regina I'm leaving!" Emma called out. She received no answer. She went to Regina's room or what she thought was her room and ended up in the guest room at first, but then finally Regina's room. She knocked lightly and got no answer. She decided to just peak in and make sure she was okay. When she popped her head in Regina had sunk under her blankets and was fast asleep.

'God it should be a crime to be that gorgeous while sleeping,' Emma thought before she quietly left and shut the door behind her. She went downstairs and left the house making sure to lock the door behind her. She had a book report to deliver and it was time to talk to her parents who were unfortunately now her bosses. She rolled her eyes at the thought, ever since her mother had taken over, her father walked around even more so like he was Sheriff and not the Deputy. It seemed she was only Sheriff on paper to him.

"Today is going to be long."

Regina woke up again at ten thirty to her delight. She did her fifteen work out, enjoyed a nice shower, before finishing it all off with a round of vomiting. The last part she wasn't too juiced about. She dressed in slacks and white shirt with spaghetti straps that she tucked into her pants before deciding to cover it with a black and white cashmere sweater. Once her bed was made she moved downstairs to make herself some tea and prepare the living room for her group with her own knitting basket and embroidery basket as they were the same group of ladies anyway. Granny was leading the knitting portion, but since Regina had asked to join and Granny wasn't an embroiderer, and Regina was skilled. She would be leading that portion. She couldn't believe that with all the princesses in town they couldn't embroider, she had been convinced that it was a skill that princesses were born with. Apparently, that was just her. She made sure there was plenty of hot water for tea, glasses for the lemonade she had made last night, as well as tea sandwiches and cookies. As far as Regina was concerned they were having a royal get together and whatever they needed could and would be provided. She made sure the downstairs bathroom was well stocked as well. Everything was ready until she had craving for olives.

"No, no Regina we talked about this, no food today just tea." Regina tried to ignore it, but not even two minutes later she found herself quickly driving off to the grocery store and frantically on the inside, buying several jars of black olives. She hated olives. Once her purchase was complete, and she was back in her car she popped open the first jar and sighed in contentment as she ate one.

"Oh shit," Regina grumbled seeing the time. She started her car and hurried back home. Thankfully it was a quick drive and she made it in, put out a black olive dip to go with her crackers. The doorbell rang, and she straightened her clothes out before answering it. Granny was the first to arrive with her basket. She was surprised she was greeted with a hug, but then again, since the start of the curse there had never been any love lost between her and the old woman. Especially after she and Ruby had thanked her after the curse broke. Ruby had been so happy that she hadn't killed anyone in years as a werewolf and hadn't dealt with it. This of course changed as soon as Gold brought magic back, but Ruby was still grateful.

"Good Afternoon Eugenia, how's business today?" Regina asked.

"Great, better if Leroy didn't still come in at lunch to start his drinking now that there is no danger." Regina made a face.

"Perhaps you ought to put a sign up saying you won't serve hard liquor before five?" Regina quipped. Granny snorted.

"If only that were good enough!" Granny laughed. "He'd just order beers." Granny got settled and accepted an offered cup of tea before Regina letting in Ashley with her daughter Alex.

"Day care is closed today, I hope you don't mind," Ashley told her.

"Not at all, haven't you heard, I've got a soft spot for babies," Regina smiled. Ashley smiled back, but her baby girl was already eagerly reaching for Regina. Regina took her easily enough and soon she was giggling in her arms. Ashley got all set up without any problems and Regina set up Alex on her baby blanket with toys to occupy her and a mini table covered in mashed fruits which she actively enjoyed. Next to arrive was the widow granger with Belle. And of course, Tinkerbell had come, she didn't care to spend all her time at the abbey under Blue. Last to arrive was Ariel, Kathryn, Archie, and Anton. He was really enjoying things like knitting. Once everyone was settled they took out the booties they were making for a charity Regina often gave too. They had agreed to customize baby blankets with names, send booties, hats, and warm knitted socks. Although Regina was technically working on a baby blanket to start as she was the newest at this.

"Thanks again for hosting Regina, this is much better than the back room at the diner, no offense granny," Widow Granger commented.

"None taken, I could do without Leroy's pre-drunk grumblings," Granny told her. "This is supposed to be peaceful." They all nodded. Granny corrected any mistakes they had made in their process. Regina enjoyed learning why her mistakes were mistakes and correcting herself. She'd never done this before, but soon the tables were turned as they were about to practice embroidering.

"So, I want to take you through ten basic stitches to start and this will go a long way in helping you create designs in the future. Today we'll be using cotton to practice on as well as cotton threads. She passed out the materials and helped them set their hoops correctly before she showed them how to transfer their design onto the fabric with a special marker.

"Won't it show though?" Tink asked.

"No, you will embroider over it and then a little water will get rid of anything showing." Tink nodded impressed. Once everyone had several basic designs transferred onto the piece of cloth they would be practicing on. She started.

"So, our first stitch is called the running stitch, and this will give you several short straight lines with gaps in between." They nodded. She did it two times before they began working on their own. Next was the backstitch and then the split stitch. They were working on French knots and chain stitches for the few that had already mastered it when her front door opened.

"Regina?" Emma called.

"Sheriff to what do we owe the visit?" Regina asked. Emma came in looking worried and then embarrassed when she noticed the others.

"You didn't answer your cell, I thought…well it doesn't matter, I needed to return your keys anyway. So, what you all up too?"

"Knitting and Embroidery club, you should join Emma, it's really fun. Granny is great at knitting and Regina is just an amazing embroiderer," Ashley beamed. "And she's great with Alex, she's never gone so long without fussing." Alex was currently occupying Regina's lap as she created a picture of Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, she apparently loved it and had stuffed stitch.

"Ah yeah no, not my thing," Emma told them.

"You had a reason for calling?" Regina asked. "Although next time it would be sufficient to just call my house phone." Emma went red.

"I didn't even know you had a house phone," She muttered. Regina wasn't surprised but waved her off. "You know we can talk later when are you guys done?"

"We are about halfway done," Regina told her. Emma watched a bit fascinated as Regina went over the feather stitch, satin stitch, something called the lazy daisy to her amusement, and lastly the seed stitch. Once they all had done it. Regina gave them extra materials to practice on to get comfortable with the stitches until their next meeting. Alex loathe to go, but grudgingly waved goodbye to Regina before becoming fussy. Ashley was convinced Alex was under a spell for the duration, but she was glad to have gotten some knitting and stitching done.

"So, Ms. Swan what can I do for you?" Regina asked once everything was put away. She glanced at the clock it would be time to pick up Henry soon, but her lower back pain had turned onto full on cramps, she was wondering if she could just spend some time with him but let him sleepover with Emma again.

"I finally told my parents that Henry was moving back in here."

"Okay great," Regina said as she popped an olive in her mouth, it was the only comforting thing going for her and to her delight, no nausea in sight. Maybe things were finally looking up or a little bit down with the back pain, but she did garden a lot yesterday afternoon too. Maybe her older age was catching up to her, who knew with the curse. More tragic things had happened to her than getting old.

"Yeah and we had a huge fight about it," Emma sighed for the first time showing how upset she was. Regina didn't particularly care about strife in the Charming household, but now she was thinking that maybe she should care if they had made Emma go back on her word.

"So, what now you are changing your mind?" Regina asked her a hint of bitterness in her voice.

"No, no Regina, I stuck by my word, we are co-parenting and Henry belongs here, it's just that my parents basically said that you were unfit to be his mother full time and that I was also unfit and needed them to properly raise Henry." Regina's face contorted in anger.

"Coming from the assholes who put their minutes old newborn in a tree trunk to Gods knew where!" Regina shot back upset. "Hell, I didn't even know where we were going, but none of the children caught up in the curse were harmed. I made sure they would be safe and loved with whomever. Ask any child if they had bad parents under the curse."

"I know, surprisingly I know, Henry said he often got a lot of crap at school and still does about how if you were so bad why did they all have nice parents and he had such a mean one. It didn't make sense to them why, they wouldn't have bad parents."

"Glad someone tried to talk sense into the kid," Regina grumbled knowing sometimes children were much smarter than adults.

"Yeah so then I yelled that I was moving out and packed my stuff and Henry's stuff in my anger…." Emma trailed off hoping Regina would catch on. Regina was silent for a moment as she chewed on her olives and digested that bit of news.

"So where are you going to stay?" Regina asked. Emma gave a pained noise.

"So, I may have stated in my anger that I was moving in here." Regina choked on an olive.

"Come again?" Regina asked.

"I'm sorry, they were pissing me off and I just wanted to get to them, and I knew this would, and yeah now I am homeless again." Emma started crying. "You know I never thought that I would have parents and still be homeless." Regina glared at Emma and shook her head.

"Damn it Miss Swan."

"Please Regina what if I promise to make sure you can sleep in while you don't have a job, you don't strike me as someone to remain idle. So, I'll get Henry up, get him breakfast, and to school. You can sleep."

"A nutritious breakfast?" Regina asked tempted by the idea of sleeping in. Emma nodded her head vigorously.

"I'm not good with dinner stuff and lunch, but I can make eggs and toast and…and oatmeal." Regina nodded as she thought about it. Emma looked so pathetic and wide eyed with hope.

"Ugh stop it, you can have the guest room, Swan, no one should have to be homeless in this town."

"Thank you, thank you, Regina, you won't regret this, I'm a good roommate honest. I'll go unpack the car before Henry's home. He'll be ecstatic when he finds out." Regina nodded.

"Hmm…" Regina replied. She suddenly wasn't feeling so great anymore. While Emma raced out to unpack the car, Regina left to go vomit.

"You look pale, maybe I should pick up Henry?" Emma suggested. Regina shook her head.

"Nope, I promised him ice cream if he did well on his presentation today. I'm fine, you get settled. Oh, and come move your car, I'll park over a bit later, so you can get in and out." Emma nodded happily. She moved her bug out the way and Regina drove out, Emma drove back in making sure to park over enough that Regina had room to park her car again.

"Hi Mom!" Henry beamed as he hopped into the back of the Mercedes.

"Hi Sweetie, did you have a good day?" He nodded and eagerly showed her his marks on his presentation. He chatted about it as she drove off. She drove passed the Sheriff's station.

"Oh mom!" Henry exclaimed. "Can we show Emma, she helped me too, and I wanna tell her already even I know I won't see her before tomorrow." He looked a bit sad about that, but Regina knew he would be surprised to see her at home.

"She's not there right now it looks like. Why don't we grab our ice cream and some for her and see if she will meet us at the house. I bet she's patrolling." Henry nodded his head eagerly. They went to any given sundae got ice cream for all of them and then headed home. He squealed when he saw Emma's familiar yellow bug already there.

"Maybe she took a walk, I'm gonna see if I can already see her walking back," Henry told her as Regina took their ice cream inside. They were both chuckling at him and waiting in the kitchen for him as he came in sulking that he couldn't see her.

"Emma!" He exclaimed. "You snuck around me."

"Hey Kid, actually I was already inside bringing your things back, you're officially all moved back in here." Henry frowned.

"But why, what about when I'm with you, don't I need stuff over there?" Emma shook her head.

"Nope kid, you're going to live here now full time, you don't need to spend the night over there unless you want too." Henry looked really confused.

"I don't understand why I can't stay with you at all anymore?" Henry asked looking between his mother's.

"Because Henry, Ms. Swan… I mean Emma will be living here now as well," Regina told him. "She's taking over what was the guest room." The shock on his face was too much for them they started laughing until he fainted.

"Oh, shit kid, I didn't think it was that shocking." They both went to him and checked on him. Regina cradled him gently.

"Am I dead?" Henry asked. They gave a relieved laugh.

"No kid, you aren't dead, your mom and I decided this was best for you, if we're both around." He nodded as he sat up in Regina's arms.

"I'm glad I don't have to split time between you both then," Henry told them hugging them.

"Are you really okay my prince?" Regina asked him, checking his head. He nodded.

"Can we have that ice cream now?" Regina smiled at him and nodded. "Why don't we take it out to the garden it's a nice day." They took their ice cream outside and enjoyed the afternoon.

"Wait but Emma how did you get everything moved in so fast?" Henry asked.

"Oh, you hadn't really unpacked exactly or taken a lot and I only ever have three boxes of stuff. Everything in my Boston apartment were things that could be sold quickly and easily." She shrugged.

"Your whole life fits into three boxes?" Regina asked her sadly.

"One duffle bag really if I didn't take my Knick knacks from all the places I have been."

"Wow that amounts to what two pairs of skinny jeans, one pair of shoes, leather jacket, twenty tang tops, and your baby blanket?" Regina asked. Emma nodded licking her ice cream.

"There's a pair of heels and one dress. I never stayed anywhere very long you know," Emma replied.

"That is tragic, if you're going to live here, you can't move out in one duffle bag. If you live than this is home. El hogar es donde está el corazón, and Henry is your heart."

"What does that mean?" Emma asked.

"Home is where the heart is," Henry grinned his mouth covered in chocolate. Emma couldn't help but smile. "Mom does this mean we have to take Emma shopping?"

"It does Henry otherwise we'll have to make her too fat to fit through the door." Henry laughed as did Emma. "But putting down roots isn't just about things, it's about really making a space your own, and getting comfortable. So, we should also redecorate the guest room."

"But I like it the way it is," Emma told her. "Makes me feel sophisticated."

"I'm sure with my help we can make your style appear sophisticated. Besides don't you remember making your room your own as a child? Emma shook her head.

"The room was never mind, to do with what I pleased," Emma stated.

"Well now is the time," Regina assured her. The rest of the day was lovely, and dinner was a bit awkward, but they all settled in well. The next day for Regina was absolute hell as her abdomen as on fire or to be more correct, her uterus. She could feel her muscles contracting hard, but not enough to keep her from pausing more than the few seconds the pain lasted.

"Fuck," Regina breathed quietly as she stood in the fabric store. She was eager to make Alex a Lilo and Stitch quilt and she wanted the right materials. She hadn't made a quilt since she was in the Enchanted Forest. She thought back to the royal blue and gold quilt she had made for her own child. She had not wanted to have his child and it wouldn't have been his child. She had secretly rushed the wedding unbeknownst to even her mother. She hadn't wanted to marry him but after her failed escape and then realizing that she was carrying Daniel's child well there was nothing for it. She knew if her mother found out she'd kill it before the King found out and if the King found out well then it didn't matter. The wedding night had been horrible she had cried, screamed, and begged. Then called in a midwife that spoke her father's native tongue who was loyal to her father's family. Leopold had thought nothing of it as part of her wedding gifts she had wanted servants from her home country. She trusted them to take care of her when Leopold was at his worst. So,11 for a few brief months she was happy to still have a small piece of Daniel. And then the fairies had divined a prince. Citizens were overjoyed and there was talk of a proper heir, and then Leopold came to her.

"What is it my King, are you not happy to have a son?" Regina asked him as he approached her apple tree. She had come out to sit under the tree and silently tell Daniel he would have a son. Under an apple tree her child had likely been conceived.

"My Queen, we have a serious problem." Regina frowned and looked at him. "I cannot allow you to give birth to a son. I cannot allow your child to usurp my dear sweet Snow."

"No," Regina got out as she stood. She would hide out on the border of the Kingdom, but her baby was not dying. He was all she had left in this world that made her happy.

"Don't run, there are guards surrounding you," He told her. She saw them come forth and she gulped. Now she was wishing to every fairy possible to save her, but they didn't come. She wished for Rumpelstiltskin, but he didn't care to come either, probably to teach her a lesson, to remind her that she should have taken his help after she had disposed of her mother. And lastly, she wished for her mother because her mother would want her child to rule at least. Leopold grabbed her by the hair and dragged her up to her chambers. Inside she was held down by guards she would later torture to death with a flaying spell as he shoved a sharp object inside of her. She screamed in pain and anguish. Soon there was blood and her midwife were called. Her midwife was horrified but did as the King said. No one asked questions, but servants not belonging to her whispered that she had done it to herself and the King had found her. She gave birth to a little girl instead of a boy. Mother Superior had divined wrong, but her face was scarred by the cuts Leopold had made. It didn't matter she was still beautiful to Regina even covered in blood. And somehow after all that she still breathed.

"Eres fuerte, mi amor, you are going to be okay," Regina whispered to the baby in her arms as the wounds were taken care of. She saw she had her dark curls, but Daniel's eyes, she would look into those eyes forever.

"Smother her," Leopold ordered. "I will not have an ugly daughter."

"What no!" Regina cried as her child was snatched away by guards. She was held down and her midwife killed in front of her. Her child was smothered by Leopold and then dropped on a chair like trash.

"Remove the body and send someone to tend to the Queen." Regina went to her child and was sobbing in a corner covered in blood when her father was allowed near her as well as a new midwife and servants to clean her up.

"Hey there, you are, are you all right?" Emma asked standing over her. Regina realized she had fainted in the store. There were paramedics around as well waiting to check on her.

"I'm okay, sorry I scared everyone, I think I need to eat," Regina muttered trying to get up, but Emma kept her down until she at least allowed the paramedics to properly look her over. Once they convinced Emma she was indeed fine and didn't have a concussion from the fall Regina could get up.

"Shall I drive you home?" Emma asked. "Or maybe first to Granny's for a quick bite to eat." Regina nodded.

"First I want to get the materials I wanted." Regina picked up the items she had dropped, and they went to the register. She paid, and Emma carried it out to her car.

"I ran over, I can pick up the bug from the station later." Regina nodded and handed Emma the keys to her Mercedes. She suddenly didn't feel well enough to drive anymore. Emma drove them over to the diner where news had already spread, but thankfully it wasn't full as it was after lunch. Emma ordered her usual bacon cheeseburger and fries. She was surprised when Regina also opted for the bacon cheeseburger with extra pickles and sweet potato fries.

"I never thought I would see the day you not only ordered and ate a cheeseburger as well as a chocolate milkshake," Emma commented. Regina shrugged.

"Sometimes I like it," Regina told her before she put the burger down suddenly wanting nothing to do with it. "And now I don't." She was able to finish her milkshake and order another, but it was up to Emma to finish her burger too after she pulled off the pickles.

"Are you sure you are all right?" Emma asked as Regina gripped her milkshake glass hard through a wave of pain.

"Emma, I really need to get home now, can we please go." Emma nodded and left cash on the table with a nod to Ruby who was watching just how stiffly Regina exited the establishment.

"Should I head to the hospital?" Emma asked as they were driving, and Regina cried in pain as she leaded forward and gripped the dashboard.

"No, I just need to get home and into bed." Emma only nodded and tried to get there a bit faster. Once they were home she helped Regina inside using her new key to go in. They were barely to the stairs when Regina was doubling over in pain. Emma could see a clear sweat break out over her forehead. Once she had relaxed as much as she could Emma helped her up the stairs. Regina just curled up into a ball and kicked her shoes off.

"I'm going to find you something comfortable to wear." Regina just pointed towards her closet before burying her face into her comforter. Emma hurried into the closet and searched around before finding a pair of sweat pants and larger t-shirts, she had never seen Regina wear. She chose the t-shirt that said Sarcasm is my second language. If Regina weren't in so much pain, she would find it funny. She went back out to find Regina already stripping out of her suit as if it was constricting her. And Emma didn't blame her when she tossed the bra off too, the goal was to get comfortable. Regina took the shirt from her and just popped her head through when she gripped the edges tightly. Emma could see her stomach getting rock hard just before Regina bent forward and cried into comforter. Emma moved quickly forward and rubbed her back for a full minute it seemed before she gently pulled down the shirt and offered Regina pants, but she pushed those away. She crawled in bed and cried.

"Emma why is this happening?" Regina asked not even caring how it looked. She hated crying in front of others, but right now it didn't matter.

"I don't know, maybe I should have taken you to a hospital." Regina shook her head vigorously.

"No, I will not go to Whale!" Regina snapped. Emma nodded. "It just feels like really, really bad period cramps."

"Maybe it's your period…." Emma suggested.

"Emma, I haven't had a period in decades," Regina snapped. Emma huffed.

"Yeah well maybe now your body is regulating…."

"No, your grandfather saw to that," Regina said bitterly. She still remembered the potion he had forced her to drink, his deal with the Dark One allowed him free access to her. And while he thought the Dark One was fucking her, he was really teaching her dark magic. Regina still saw the many illegitimate children he produced with her maids to torture her. She still felt the pain from the potion it was as strong as the cramps were now, although she was sure the intensity was building. And she still remembered the way her blood had run down between her legs.

"Regina breath!" Emma shouted. Regina was startled back, and she realized she was amid, yet another pain attack and she had been holding her breath making it worse. She started to breath, but it was shallow, so Emma coached her in taking longer deeper breaths until it had passed.

"I am going to run you a hot bath, that always helps cramps, and I am going to make you tea."

"No, I don't want any tea," Regina told her. "Don't leave me." Emma nodded.

"Okay, that's fine, just let me run you a bath and I'll get Ruby to babysit Henry for a bit, so you don't have to worry about him." Regina nodded as she sniffed. Emma ran her a warm bath and as an afterthought lit the lavender bath candles, Regina did need to relax after all. She texted Ruby who immediately agreed to see to Henry no problem and have a little sleepover with him if necessary. With Henry taken care of, she got Regina into the large square bath.

"Wait a minute, Regina is…is this a hot tub?" Emma asked. Regina nodded as she pinned her hair up and sighed as she sank into the water. It was then Emma realized that the bathroom was potentially too big for the house.

"It used to be a undermount tub, but when magic came back I decided to upgrade the space," Regina shrugged.

"God damn when you are better I want this in my bathroom, I can't believe you were holding out."

"Is it really that hard to believe Ms.…. ah!" Regina immediately pulled her knees up to her chest as the pain came. Emma immediately reached in and rubbed her back. At some point Regina tried to bury her face in her neck and pulled her half into the tub.

"Regina please can I at least take my clothes off." After the pain subsided Regina nodded. Emma stripped down to her bra and panties. She climbed into the large tub, there was more than enough space for them both, but Regina just curled up in a ball in her arms. Emma coached her to breathe deeply when she felt her holding her breath or taking too shallow of breaths. They stayed in so long the water started to cool, but Emma didn't dare get Regina back to bed. Instead she replaced the colder water with warmer water, and that seemed to be the right choice as she felt Regina relax again once she was surrounded by warmer water.

"What time is it?" Regina whispered.

"Nearly dinner time, maybe I can get out and get you something to eat, you should eat." Regina shook her head.

"No, don't go." She pushed herself into Emma more. Emma merely nodded and kept her arms around Regina's form. If someone had told her, she'd have a stark-naked Regina in her arms one day, she'd have never believed them. This beautiful creature before her did not like her, like that, and was barely calling Emma friend.

Although she treats you more like family than your so-called parents.

"Emma?" Regina called. Emma blinked and looked down at Regina. It was hours later, she and Regina had practically cat napped in the water, but the pain never let them rest for long. "I'm so sorry I didn't mean to…" Emma looked confused and then they both saw blackness in the water.

"What the fuck?" Emma asked scared as the blackness disappeared like magic.

"I think it was the curse that was on me," Regina told her. "I thought I peed on you, but than it was so ice cold." Emma for the first time noted the lingering coldness.

"Okay questions aside from this curse until later, but does that mean the pain is over?" Emma asked. Regina shrugged but then blushed extremely hard when something very warm entered the water. Emma blushed as well.

"I'm so sorry…I didn't…I don't…." Regina stammered. Emma shook her head.

"It's okay, you were in a lot of pain down there, and the curse." Regina stood up needing to get away but as soon as she stood up she felt something drop in her abdomen. She didn't have time to comment as the pain started harder than ever. She practically screamed as she sat down so she was squatting.

"Um…question," Emma said after Regina had squeezed her hand to death.

"What?" Regina asked crying. It seemed the pain was not over, and it was just rolling over her now constantly as she tried hard to just keep breathing before she passed out.

"The curse, it was to do what exactly?" Emma asked.

"No babies," Regina grunted out from her squatted position.

"And this is like a period cramp times a thousand?" Emma asked.

"Worse!" Regina cried out. Emma nodded.

"Regina maybe it's time we consider you've been in labor all this time." Regina's head snapped up.

"What, but you have to have sex to get pregnant, I haven't had sex!" Regina cried out.

"Yeah, but maybe Graham and because of the curse it was all weird." Regina shook her head frantically.

"No, no definitely not, Graham and I never actually did that!" Regina cried. "Graham was my beard…Ah!" Regina was taking loud shallow breaths now. "Ah Emma I think you are right something is coming out of me!" Emma's eyes went wide as Regina sat back enough that she could get a look and sure enough there was a new set of curls coming out of Regina's waxed vagina, but as soon as she stopped pushing it disappeared again.

"HOLY SHIT!" Emma cried. Regina cried as she got back into squatting position, laying back was not working for her at all. It hadn't worked in the past either. "Okay, okay we can do this, we're two women right, women have been doing this since the beginning of time, and we've made it this far without help." Regina nodded as she leaned forward against Emma whimpering. "Okay on your next big contraction just push Regina, we are going to have this baby, and come out stronger women for it. Just think we'll claim we did it with no drugs, no doctors, no midwives, and at home just us. We will be amazing women then don't you want that, Mary Margaret couldn't do this."

"What are you saying we didn't have drugs in the Enchanted Forest, she gave birth to you no drugs, and at home."

"Exactly and don't you want to be better than her, because you are doing this in a world with hospitals that carry nice drugs. Or just throw out c-sections like they are going out of style." Regina gritted her teeth and pushed at the next contraction. Emma reached a hand down and she was able to tell that the baby was finally crowning when the head didn't disappear. She stood on her knees, so she could still see when the baby was fully out.

"It's almost here, the top of the head is out. You can do it Regina, you got this!" Emma encouraged. Regina pushed again with a contraction. Soon the head was completely out.

"Is it…is it out?" Regina asked looking into Emma's green eyes with her worried brown ones. Emma just guided Regina's hand to the top of the baby's head, while she managed to help rotate the shoulders out as Regina gave another push, not daring to remove her hand or otherwise her baby might disappear. Soon the baby was fully in the water and Regina was crying as she gently guided her baby up above the surface and cradled it as it gave a strong cry once its lungs had finally taken in air. And for a while there was nothing but the sound of its crying. She hardly noticed Emma getting a towel around her as she stood and took her to her bed. Emma had her dried off and sitting on towels, and at first, she gently wrapped her baby in a towel, a second towel now held the after birth.

"I can't believe…she's real." Regina had paused to check the sex of the baby who was now sucking fist and sleeping contently in her arms.

"I have so many questions, but they can wait," Emma said as she too stared at the baby. She didn't know how it was possible to fall in love so quickly with a child that wasn't hers, but at this point she figured she owed it to Regina who had fallen for Henry just as quickly.

"Emma she's so perfect," Regina told her crying.

"Yes, she is, I can't imagine a more perfect daughter for you," Emma told her smiling. Now the baby's hairs were blond and curly like she had seen Regina's, but now as she opened her eyes having been awakened by Regina's tears, Emma saw she sported her mother's brown eyes. "I should definitely call the hospital now."

"But Dr. Whale, if anyone hurts her, I…I don't think I can survive that Emma, not again," Regina whispered.

"I know, but I swear to you that, the baby does not leave my sight at any time and I will demand all checks be done in the room if possible. But we must make sure you are both going to be okay. And if you need any care after that I will drive you out of town myself to the nearest doctor." Regina nodded.

"You promise you won't let her out of your sight?" Regina asked to be sure.

"I promise." Regina nodded and allowed her to call just as the sun was beginning to rise. Regina managed to nurse her daughter a bit before Emma put her back in her large t-shirt and made her get into the sweats. She found a pair of flats for her before she changed clothes as well. Regina instructed her to grab a blue and gold quilt that she swaddled the baby in as much as possible since neither of them had cut the cord. Emma was true to her promise and kept a great eye on the little Princess and Regina was relieved to see Whale gentle with the baby even if he wasn't gentle with her sensitive parts. Regina had just swaddled her, and Emma was snapping pictures, when Ruby arrived with Henry. She had apparently also gotten a few at the house, but Regina had been too into the baby to notice. Dr. Whale agreed she could recover at home after a nurse mentioned a former midwife in town and said she would have her contact Emma right away. So, they were waiting for Henry and Ruby to arrive, so they could take her home as a family.

"Mom?" Henry asked worried as he saw her in the hospital bed smiling at a blue and gold bundle in her arms. "What's going on?"

"SURPRISE!" Emma exclaimed. The baby cried as she was startled.

"Emma," Regina gently scolded as she quieted her daughter again easily. Emma looked sheepish.

"Sorry," She muttered.

"You didn't tell me you were having a baby," Henry frowned.

"Oh, you see when I said surprise I meant like for all of us," Emma laughed. "Neither of us had any idea how or why she got here, but we're glad she did."

"Is it okay Henry, that you're a big brother now?" Regina asked him worried.

"As long as you don't plan on returning me to the adoption agency, I'm very happy to be a big brother."

"Never kid!" Emma cried. "Your life isn't my life, Regina would never do that to you."

"Yeah the return policy expired when you were a year old," Regina joked. Henry laughed.

"Oh Regina," Emma groaned. Regina laughed with Henry as he came closer to get a look at his baby sister.

"She looks just like you mom, except she's blond like Emma," Henry chuckled.

"Hopefully not too blond like Emma," Regina muttered. Emma chuckled.

"I caught that jab madam mayor," Emma teased.

"You four are so cute," Ruby sighed having been snapping her own pictures. "Now someone please introduce the new princess to her favorite wolf." They chuckled.

"Ruby, Henry, Emma this is Darien Emma Mills." Emma gasped and looked at Regina.

"Really?" Emma asked as tears pooled in her eyes.

"Emma if it weren't for you, I really don't think that she or I would be here right now. And you were so supportive and caring when we didn't know what was wrong. You are a true friend and I always want her to know that she is here because of you."

"Regi…. I…I don't know what to say," Emma cried.

"Thank you will suffice," Regina told her. "And I hope you will consider being her Godmother." That was too much for Emma as she hugged Regina tight around the baby.

"Okay, okay that's too much emotion Swan rein it in." Ruby, Henry, and Emma chuckled as she finally pulled back.

"You hear that Demi, I'm your Godmother," Emma told her taking her from Regina. Regina realized if anyone else had done that, she'd have fire balled them, but in Emma's arms, she knew her baby was safe.

"Demi?" Regina asked.

"Yeah Darien Emma Mills, Demi," Emma replied.

"Trust that you would already have a nickname down," Regina grumbled.

"So, do you need me to keep Hen, a bit longer?" Ruby asked ruffling the boy's hair even as she looked at Darien in Emma's arms. "When are you able to head home."

"Now actually," Emma commented. "We just wanted to wait for Henry."

"Then I'll go tell the nurse you're ready to be discharged," Ruby beamed.

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