Michael leaned against the fence with his hands in his pockets and looked out over the yard. He should be happy, absolutely thrilled with the latest news. But Michael was too occupied with what this would lead to, what was coming next.

Veronica and Nick managed to prove the videotape was a fake. With the tape being the key evidence and the case being a top profile one, the judge called for a quick retrial. The jury found Lincoln innocent and today he was gonna be released from prison.

Of course Michael was happy that Lincoln was exonerated and would be free, that was the purpose of Michael's plan. But now when it wasn't necessary to break Lincoln out of prison, Michael wasn't sure he wanted to go through with the plan. He didn't want to put real criminals like murderers out on the streets just to save his own skin. Unfortunately there were many cons that were expecting him to break them out, too many then Michael's original plan. Some of those cons you don't want to cross.

Michael was wondering when someone would press him to come up with another plan. It has been almost two weeks since their attempt failed. When someone discovered the hole in the drain and replaced it with that surprise steel pipe, that put an efficient end to the escape. They did let him deal with Lincoln's execution without bothering him, but now when that was out of the picture, it wouldn't be long before they wanted to know the next move.

What would he say then? That he changed his mind. That wouldn't be received too well. Would they believe if he was to lie and say he couldn't think of another way to the infirmary, that it was impossible? Either answer would probably mean a beaten up party. What would they do after that, if he still would refuse to continue the escape? Kill him or would they be satisfied blowing the whistle and tell Pope he was trying to escape.

It would be very hard to explain why he has a hole in the wall behind the toilet in his cell. God knows how many years Pope would add to his ticket for attempting to escape. Everything they could do to him, if they didn't kill him that is, he should be able to handle.

The thing that will hurt more is if he would lose Sara's respect, lose their beginning friendship, their friendly banter. His daily appointment to the infirmary for his shot is the highlight of the day. He gets to spend 15 minutes with Sara, talking and laughing.

If she finds out he isn't a diabetic, that he don't need insulin shots, it would be bad. She will have to report that to Pope and then he will not have any more appointments. Not only will he lose the access to the infirmary, which is part of the plan if he do need it, but he will lose seeing Sara anymore. Lose those brief moments when he can pretend he isn't in prison.

And if Sara hears the infirmary is the breakout point, she may put things together and come to the solution that their time together was all planned. Thinking Michael pretended to be interested in her, that it all was an act. It's not true, it may have started like that. His plan was to flirt with her, to get her feeling friendly towards him.

But now it's so much more. He is attracted to her, really attracted. She is funny, kind, smart and beautiful. She is the most perfect woman Michael ever met and that of course happens at the worst moment. Why couldn't he met her in a bar or at the firms Christmas party or something of the like.

He doesn't want to hurt her or lose what are between them. He felt there was something when they looked into each other eyes after the riot, when they had climbed down from the roof. And that moment when Sara put her hand on his shoulder when she was listening to his heart. Judging by the tone in nurse Katie's voice when she popped her head in the infirmary, they seemed to have a lot to do and still Sara decided to take time to listen to his heart that morning without him complaining he felt anything strange with it.

If it was up to Michael, he could do his time now that Lincoln was going to be free. He rather stay in prison for 5 years than break out T-Bag, Abruzzi and the others now when it wasn't necessary. He thinks he could endure the extended prison experience if he only get to see Sara everyday, get more moments with her. Get to know her better, explore whatever is between them, see where it will take them.


A lot of noise and movements in the yard woke Michael up from his wondering thoughts. The inmates were both cheering and booing. It was hard to tell what side was in the majority. The attention of all this commotion was Lincoln being escorted out by two guards.

That's why Michael is standing here, he was hoping to have a few words with Lincoln. Pope denied his request to say goodbye to his brother. Michael grabbed hold on the fence and watched as Lincoln walked closer.


Lincoln looked at all people that had been gathered by the fence. He spotted Michael up ahead.

"Michael!" Lincoln took a few steps towards Michael.

"Hold it, Burrows." One of the guards said.

"Come on, Stolte. Give me a few minutes with my brother."

"Very well. Make it fast."

Lincoln walked to the fence. "Michael."


Lincoln looked over his shoulder and lowered his voice a bit. "Will you continue with the plan?"

"I don't think I will get the choice to chose that by myself. The others expect me to hold my promises. But I'm not certain I want to anymore."

"What will you do next, Michael?"

"I will have to think of a new plan. Could you talk to Veronica and say that I would very much appreciate her help now. I will listen to her now."

"Okay, will do."

"Burrows. That's enough time. Move it."

"Right. Take care of yourself, Michael. Look out for you know who. They will not like it if you changed your mind."

"I will do my best. And you stay out of trouble yourself now, I don't want to see you back in here."

"I'm not setting my foot in here again, besides from when I'm coming to visit you, but that will be on the right side of the bars."

Michael laughed. "Do keep that promise."


Sara saw Michael through the infirmary windows walking down the hall coming for his usual appointment. Michael is a good looking man. She isn't supposed to say, feel or admit that, but she does. Working in a men penitentiary, you should ignore how the inmates look, don't pay any attention to flirtation or them being friendly and don't trust them..

From the first day she has thought it was something special about Michael, not only he was very gorgeous. Even Katie said he was cute that first day. Now he was smiling, such a big and genuine smile that made him even more handsome.

Michael sat down in the chair rolled up his sleeve and smiled up at her. Now when his attention was on her, that smile and those blue eyes focused on her, she felt her heart skip a beat. Her thoughts wondered to how it would be nice to see that smile every day, spend more time with him, like on a date.

"You are in a very good mood, you are practically beaming."

"Lincoln is a free man. He got released today."

"Ah, yes of course. I heard that he was. Then it's quite understandable why you are happy."

"It's a great day. Lincoln got exonerated. I have waited a long time for that, too bad it didn't happen before I ..." Michael interrupted himself. What was going on? He had never been close to relieve any information, not even when Abruzzi cut off his toes and here he was almost spilling the beans without any threat or even hard questions.

"Before what?" Sara asked when Michael went quiet.

"Nothing important."

"Before you did what? Before you robbed that bank and got caught? Or maybe you wanted to get caught, so you could be near your brother on his last days." Sara saw how his smile disappeared.

"I beg your pardon." His eyes had lost the warmth that was there just a moment ago.

"That's why, isn't it? You deliberately got caught so you could spend some time with Lincoln?"

"No, absolutely not. Why would I do such a thing?"

"Why would you rob a bank? You don't strike me as someone that would need money. In your file it's says you are unemployed, but the rumour says you worked as a structural engineer. I don't know much about that field of work, but I would guess it's a high paid job. I don't think you was struggling to pay rent. So what was your plan?"

Sara turned around in that moment to get the syringe, so she missed the short glimmer of panic look on Michael's face. When Michael went quiet again, Sara turned around and looked at him. She rephrased the question. "What was you gonna do for the money, if you hadn't got caught? You must have a plan for it?"

Michael looked so serious now, the quite opposite to the man that walked in just a few minutes ago. Sara regretted she made him lose his good mood, but she sensed she was on to something here. The opportunity to ask these questions would not come up again. She tried to lighten the mood. "What was on the top of your list of things to buy? A ferrari? A yacht? Your very own island?"

That put a little smile back on Michael's face. "I told you of Baja before, didn't I? You know, sand, water, cold beers. Just relaxing, no work."

"So you robbed a bank to become a beach bum, to drink cheap beer and not have to work anymore? Somehow I can't picture you lying on the beach for more than a week at the time. I'm sure you could afford as many vacations you wanted to. You know, you could have taken a sabbatical, it would been a better plan than this."

"Well, I was thinking it would be nice to have a boat to go out with sometimes."

"No, I'm sure it hasn't anything to do with money and I'm pretty sure you will not tell me the real reason, so let's drop it. Let's talk about something else, a more safe subject. How about Lincoln? What do you think is the first thing Lincoln will do as a free man? Or doing right now? When was he released? What time?"

Lincoln is definitely not a safe subject, Michael thought to himself. On the contrary, Lincoln is the source to all the secrecy. Why he has to pretend and lie to everyone, including Sara. He doesn't like that, but don't have any other choice at the moment. His admiration for Sara increased even more, not only is she smart enough to realize that he doesn't want to talk about it, she is kind to let it go also. He sensed she wanted to ask more questions, even when she didn't get any answers to those she did ask.

"Having some beers. Lincoln is probably drunk at the moment. He was released at 10.00 a.m this morning. And then probably hook up with some woman."

Sara laughed. "Is that what you are gonna do too, when you get out? Get drunk and get laid?"

"No, I'm not like my brother in that way, so no. I know what I want to do, but I'm not sure it would be welcomed."

"You don't think your wife will forgive you or take you back?"

"My wife? I don't have a wife..." Michael interrupted himself, as he was saying the words, it hit him that he did have a wife. Legally he was married, but to him it was just a part of the plan. A business deal, she got herself a green card and he got his fake credit card smuggled into prison. He didn't have any romantic feelings or thoughts about Nika, haven't kissed her or other intimacy. Michael hasn't thought much about marriage, but figure if he ever would marry someone, it would be with someone he was so in love with that he would like to spend every minute, every day with her. Someone he could laugh with, talk to. Someone that would understand him. Definitely not Nika, more someone like Sara.

"But you do. I saw you, Michael. Coming out of the conjugal room. Bellick checked it out, you are legally married." Sara frowned. Was he gonna deny it, she wondered.

"Well, it's not a real marriage. What Bellick said a few weeks ago here in the infirmary is true. I only married Nika so she could get her green card. I have never slept with her. There is nothing between us. I barely know her."

"Why was she visiting you then?"

Michael looked at the guard in the hall, he was closer now than he was before and the door was open. Michael lowered his voice. "It's the best way to get things from the outside in. Open visitation is a bit risky, but in the conjugal room you are allowed privacy. Please don't ask what it is. I can't tell you that, but I promise it isn't anything dangerous, no weapon or drugs."

The guard was almost at the door now. Michael whispered quickly. "Back to what I want to do when I get out, I want to ask someone out to dinner." Michael looked intensely into her eyes and hoped she understood what he didn't say out loud, that he meant her. It's too soon to tell her how he feels.

"Scofield. Time is up. Let's go." The guard said.

Michael got up and followed the guard back to A-wing. Sara looked after him. What did he mean by that? Did he mean her? She thought she saw something in his eyes, a special look. Whatever it was, it was intense.


Michael stood leaned against the wall in his cell, looked out through the bars to the inner court. What was he going to do? Was there a way to stop the escape without telling Pope? A way that he could avoid more time on his ticket. He was certain Veronica could reduce his sentence or have him transferred to another prison if it has to come to that, if he only allowed her to work on it. That's why he refused her help at the trial. He wanted to end up in Fox River, any other prison was not an option.

He could do his time now that Lincoln was free. To save himself from the others, he could just tell Pope about the toe accident and that they threaten to kill him. Then Pope would have no choice to put him in Ad Seg. He would be very bored, but safe.

But what about Sucre? How would Sucre take it if he said he didn't want to continue the escape anymore? How mad would he be? Sucre and Westmoreland are those two that he is closest to, maybe even could call friends. They are maybe not the scariests or dangerous inmates, but they are still inmates and he did promise both of them a ticket out of here. So they will probably be pissed at him, but would they do anything besides yell and be disgruntled with him?

He wasn't really worried about them, but the other was a different matter. If they do tell Pope, Sucre would be seen as an accomplice. No matter how much he would deny knowing anything about it, or how much Michael would swear he was working alone. Nobody would believe someone could dig a hole in a 2x3 cell without the cellmate hearing or knowing anything. Sucre didn't deserve to do more time, he got too much already in Michael's opinion. He should never been sent to Fox River in the first place. Sucre was a decent man, he just wanted to be with his girl. What could he do to make sure both of them are off the hook and safe?

"Papi? What are you staring at? You have been standing there for almost 20 minutes now."

Michael turned around slowly and looked at Sucre, who was hanging down from his bunk with one arm and his head. "Nothing. I'm just thinking about how you will react to something I have to tell you."


"Something you probably don't like to hear."


"Something that will make you angry."

"What Papi? You are scaring me. Just tell me."

"What would you say, if I said I don't want to escape anymore?"

"What!?" Sucre yelled and quickly sat up in his bunk.

"That I'm thinking more of a way to cover my tracks, then a new plan to break out."

"What!? You can't do that. You promised. What about Maricruz? If I don't get out of here, she will marry Hector."

"I know, Sucre..."

"She is pregnant, you know. With my child...mine. There is no way I will let another man raise my child, especially Hector. He is my primo, he is family, but he is a jackass."

"Yard time ladies, 30 minutes." Captain Bellick's voice echoed in the cell block. The metallic sound of the cell doors opened up followed.

"Que te Jodan!." Sucre said angrily and stormed out.

"Sucre, wait. Sucre..." Michael had no idea what Sucre just said, but he could bet it wasn't anything good.

Michael lost sight of Sucre on the way out to the yard. Too many people in the way. He spent like 20 minutes searching for Sucre all over the yard without any luck. After that Michael gave up and sat down on the ground, leaning his back against the fence.